dabwaha iconIt’s DABWAHA time! When we tweet and vote monger and compete for prizes and silly fun as we celebrate some of the very best romances of 2013.


The nomination slate is ready and seven out of eight books have been listed at the DABWAHA site.

Seven books? Why is one missing? Because it’s time for you to nominate the book you think should be included that isn’t listed right now.

Which book were we wrong to leave off? Fire up your browser and head on over to fill out the form to enter your nominations.

The book nominated can be digital or print, but please, wherever possible, use the ISBN number for the PRINT edition to minimize duplicate entries.

PLEASE NOTE! The book MUST have a publication date of 2013. No exceptions, no reprints. No paperback version of 2012 hardcovers.



Want to see the complete schedule? Here it is!



Yes, of course there are prizes! There are prizes for each round of the tournament – whomever has the most perfect bracket after each round wins a prize. If there are multiple perfect brackets, a winner will be selected at random. There are also prizes for the Second Chance Tournament, which opens on 23 March 2014.

Then, at the end, we award random bracket prizes to many different excellent random brackets, plus the much-coveted Wooden Spoon prize for the worst bracket of the entire tournament.

The winning bracket and the author of the winning book each will receive a 16gb WiFi iPad, from the TBR LLC, a joint venture of Smart Bitches Trashy Books LLC, and Dear Author Media Network, LLC. Awww yeah.

Would you like to contribute a prize to the tournament? Awesome! Please contact Sarah and let her know what you’d like to offer!


Most Important! Most Important! Most Important!

It is pronounced dah-BWAH-ha.