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Tuesday News: Harper Collins funds booksellers, Tor for higher ed, Apple’s education, and Penguin gets wiggy

Tuesday News: Harper Collins funds booksellers, Tor for higher ed, Apple’s...

“We highly value the growing channel of Independent booksellers and recognize them as trusted partners in helping us connect our authors with their readers,” said Josh Marwell, president of sales for HC. “We know that Indies play a huge but sometimes under-valued role in local communities, and we want to support their extraordinary efforts in building buzz around books.” The fund is not limited to indie stores, but HC said it believes this program presents a great opportunity to support the types of marketing and promotion that work best for the Indies. –Publishers Weekly

Setting up a Tor node on campus can be a vital and exciting learning opportunity. It helps those who are new to Tor shift away from the demonization of a freedom-enhancing technology, and move towards an understanding rooted in reality. –Electronic Frontier Foundation

In a version of the class taught last year, Mr. Nelson showed a slide of “The Bull,” a series of 11 lithographs of a bull that Picasso created over about a month, starting in late 1945. In the early stages, the bull has a snout, shoulder shanks and hooves, but over the iterations, those details vanish. The last image is a curvy stick figure that is still unmistakably a bull.

“You go through more iterations until you can simply deliver your message in a very concise way, and that is true to the Apple brand and everything we do,” recalled one person who took the course. –New York Times

Friday News: The Gap fights back against racist graffiti; CreateSpace offers matte covers; Rebecca Tushnet on fan fiction and mash-ups

Friday News: The Gap fights back against racist graffiti; CreateSpace offers...

“This whole story just proves that we do not live in a post-racial America yet when South Asians and those perceived to be Muslims cannot even grace fashion advertisements without racial epithets being directed their way.” Huffington Post

“Plots and standard characters aren’t protected. To the extent that James took some basic tropes (older accomplished man with a dark past, young inexperienced woman to whom he’s drawn and who eventually captures his heart), those are free for everyone. Many successful novelists start with slightly tweaked versions of their own favorite characters; as long as the expression is sufficiently different, they’re just participating in a genre, not infringing copyright. “ io9

“The month isnt even over yet, but NaNoWriMo has already received close to a million dollars in donations, with writers in Antarctica, Tanzania, Ukraine, Pakistan, Jerusalem, Brazil, Germany, and in regions all over the U.S. In Texas, some 10,000 writers are participating, including Rebecca Atman, a student at Tarrant County College Southeast Campus in Arlington.” NPR