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Monday Midday Links: More YA Whitewashing?

Monday Midday Links: More YA Whitewashing?

First up is the non controversial good stuff. New Releases. We have the Coming Soon picture catalog ready for viewing.

The author promo thread and reader open thread are up and running.

Recent commentsWe brought back the “recent comments” feature. We took it down because it seemed to be slowing down the site so let us know if you see any difference.


Forner books suggests that Google is filtering out the search results for torrents.

No Torrent and no RapidShare! And every related search I tried, including my name and other titles yielded the same result. Unless all of the individuals searching on Google have stopped using Torrent and RapidShare in queries, Google has decided to filter those results from the outcome. I welcome the change if it's permanent, though I'm sure some others will scream censorship. While most of the results relating to "free" or "download" will still lead to piracy sites, at least they aren't being presented as a "trusted brand" option.

When I do book links, I search by title and author and often the first page would show a few popular download sites. Now, I don’t see them even by going to pages 4 and 5 of the search results. I don’t really have a problem with this. These torrents and websites still show up by a keyword search of the file sharing website name but not if you search for a book title.


acrosstheuniversecomparisonPhoebe over at ?Interrobangs! notes the cover changes on Across the Universe by Beth Revis, a book about interracial relationships at the YA level. The initial ARC had a person of color depicted but the final copy had all the distinctive features filed off.

As Courtney Milan noted in the comments at The Book Smugglers blog, it wasn’t just the photoshopping, but the race assumptions made by the choice of stock cover art:

Now that I've read the book, which by the way is amazing, what upsets me about this cover is that when told the protagonist is Not White, they reached for a stock photo of a black man.

Which Elder clearly is not.

He's brown, yes-a combination of a lot of races from Asian to black to white-but he's not black. There's even a point in the book when he does see a black woman, and he thinks to himself that she looks different: darker skin, kinky hair.

HELLO. There are, like, billions of people in this world who are neither black nor white. Some of them even have more than one race! Setting aside for now the problematic photoshopping (and I do that only because others have talked about the troubling implications), the choice of stock implies that all people of color can be lumped into one monolithic group. There's White, and there's Other.


Christina Dodd has some musings about being a published author for twenty years. A few of them include admonishing readers to not write mean reviews and not letting professional envy inhibit you:

From my vantage point, everyone in publishing is doing better than I am. From everyone else's vantage point, I'm doing better than they are. The truth is somewhere in between -’ and an author who's published is not going to get any sympathy at all from an unpublished author who's written for ten years, finished three manuscripts and has twenty-five rejection letters. Believe me. I know. I was that author.


COVERFAIL: The “Come Hither”

COVERFAIL: The “Come Hither”

I thought the title of this book perfectly matched the cover but probably not for the reasons that the publisher intended. Does this not look like the Regency version of a man in a car asking a little girl if she wants a piece of candy?

Never Trust a Rogue

In working on the new releases catalog, I found the old cover for a backlist title to be released by Avon in 2011 and it was the perfect match for the Olivia Drake cover.
The Bewitched Viking

I think these covers serve as a cautionary tale for using the come hither gesture, particularly from the man.