Tuesday News: Marvel gets rights to Star Wars; Zola buys Bookish; Qui Xialong’s Shanghai detective fiction; non-standard English; Macmillan buys Cookstr

Tuesday News: Marvel gets rights to Star Wars; Zola buys Bookish;...

“‘It is ironic that this announcement comes at a time when Dark Horse is experiencing its most successful year ever,’ he said. ‘For obvious reasons, we have prepared for this eventuality by finding new and exciting projects to place on our schedule for 2015 and beyond . . . In the meantime, 2014 may be our last year at the helm of the Star Wars comics franchise, but we plan to make it a memorable one. We know that fans of the franchise will expect no less. The Force is with us still.’” Rolling Stone Magazine

“Zola promotes itself as a bookseller, recommendation engine and social networking site in one. It recently received a $5.1 million round of funding from private investors, and has offered its customers noteworthy exclusives, including the e-book version of Joan Didion’s “Slouching Towards Bethlehem.”” New York Times

“Enigma is Qiu’s eighth Inspector Chen novel. The books are set in his hometown of Shanghai, but few people here have ever read them. Because the plot of Enigma focuses so closely on corruption inside the Communist Party, Qiu says Chinese censors would never have accepted it.” NPR

“Non-standard English is linguistically the equal of the standard version – in fact, dialects tend to be more sophisticated grammatically than standard (as in the plural “youse” of many non-standard dialects where standard has just one confusing form). Yet standard continues – even now – to be prized as the “correct” form, and any deviation is considered to be wrong, lazy, corrupt or ignorant.” The Guardian

“In a statement, Macmillan CEO John Sargent calls Schwalbe “one of the great talents in publishing,” and that Cookstr will provide Macmillan cookbook authors with “a platform to reach recipe fans directly, and will give them new ways to grow their audience.”” Publishers Weekly