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Friday Midday Links: Crowdsourcing a Digital Bundle

DA Industry NewsI almost spelled Friday with two “ds”. It is just that kind of morning. I’m cleaning out my inbox and I see I have failed to post a number of relevant stories.

First we have an Australian article about the lack of digitized Australian books. (Thanks Sarah Mayberry). Australia lags behind the US by about 12 months in terms of ebook adoption. At the posting of the article (March 24, 2010), five of the big six refused to talk about their digital publishing plans for Australia. About two weeks later, Random House has announced:

Most of the titles Random House Australia distributes are already available as ePub ebooks via international ebook resellers such as Overdrive and Gardners. A wide range of specifically Australian titles will be available through these same channels within weeks. RHA is also working with a number of local retailers in Australia to provide them with titles as and when they are ready to start selling ebooks

Hopefully this will mean greater selection and lower price for Aussies.


Samhain’s Giveaways for April are as follows, free to nook and Kindle owners.

4/1/2010 – 4/14/2010, One Night in Boston by Allie Boniface
4/15/2010 – 4/28/2010, Regina in the Sun: Children of the Goddess Book 1 by R. G. Alexander


Sony eBookstore had a few Elizabeth Peters books for $1.99. I have no idea how long that sale will last. Sony sells epub version. You’ll need to strip the epub to get it on your iPhone or Kindle. I won’t link to it, but you can google for inept scripts. You’ll need python and pycrypto.


You can listen to the entirety of RWA President Michelle Monkou’s Q&A on blogtalkradio here. I will provide summary notes on the interview this weekend for those hearing impaired or who don’t want to listen to the interview. Much time was devoted to talking up the RITA and GoldenHearts which gave the impression that was the raison d’être for the RWA. When asked what RWA was doing in regards to raising the profile of RITA books within the stores (i.e., sending out stickers to be placed on stock and the like), Monkou wasn’t sure what they did beyond sending out posters of the winners and press releases.

When asked about the Agency (aka Apple Model) and whether RWA would be providing guidance for royalty rates, Monkou replied that RWA would not be touching the issue of price, that they are not a union, and that they only provide information from which authors make their own decisions. Cathy Maxwell, who was the host of the show, told listeners to go read Stephanie Fry’s journal account of Digital Book World. Given that there was no talk about the Apple Model of pricing at DBW, I’m not certain how that is very helpful.


Harlequin wants to do another set of blogger bundles for release in July and beyond. I asked, and Harlequin agreed, that it would be fun to crowdsource a bundle. This is how we will do it. I will have a space here on Dear Author for you to recommend and then rate a suggestion. Each recommendation will have to be accompanied by a brief reason why you recommend it and it must be from 1998 and later (first printing or reissue). We’ll have more details next week. I think this will be fun.


The following is a sort of press release and I am just reposting it in its entirety because I am too lazy to retype it.

Authors Invite Readers to May 1 Women's Fiction Day Fun Fest

Have tea with your best friends, learn how to mix exotic cocktails, play Bingo Jane Austen style, meet 400 authors at a three-hour book fair and learn how to use the new e-readers. That's what's in store for those who sign up for Women's Fiction Day, May 1, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 350 H. High St., in Columbus, Ohio.

New York Times bestselling authors Sabrina Jeffries and Sherryl Woods, new foodie fiction author Louisa Edwards and literary agent/author Deidre Knight are the celebrities who will entertain during the 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. event the first Saturday in May.

Women's Fiction Day is a new feature of the RT Book Reviews Booklovers Convention, which will bring more than 1,500 readers, authors, editors, agents, booksellers, librarians and romance cover models to Columbus for five days of book-related events. Those who wish to attend Women's Fiction Day only may register by calling Convention Coordinator Jo Carol Jones at (281) 471-1077. The fee is $95. There is no extra charge for those who register for the full convention for $485 on

For more information regarding Women's Fiction Day, go to or contact Stephanie Bond, [email protected]