Tuesday News: Racism on the internet; CIA spying; and other self fulfilling things

Tuesday News: Racism on the internet; CIA spying; and other self...

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It is also a hotbed of misogyny, homophobia, and racism. Original posters are often called faggots. Defenders of a woman’s right not to be molested in public are referred to as white knighters that are trying too hard. If reddit were a bar, you wouldn’t want to be walking there at night. William Shatner has suggested to the moderators that perhaps the hands off approach was not only fostering negative behaviors, but encouraging it. The response by one redditor was to suggest that Shatner change his front page settings, but changing one’s settings doesn’t address the problems that reddit has. Every day that I visit Reddit, I’m hit with the dual emotions of sick loathing and delighted appreciation. In other words, don’t visit Reddit without a friend. Or five. Pando Daily and Reddit

“Today the International CES® announced that DISH’s Hopper™ with Sling® Whole-Home HD DVR is joining the Razer Edge gaming tablet as co-winners of “Best of Show” under the “Best of CES” awards program for the 2013 International CES. The Best of CES awards program is produced by CNET under contract with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ®, the producer of the International CES. CNET editors originally selected the Hopper with Sling as Best of Show before CNET’s corporate parent, CBS Corp. forced them to remove the Hopper from consideration due to ongoing litigation between CBS Corp. and DISH over specific features of the Hopper. After the Hopper was removed from consideration and a revote by the editors, CNET awarded The Razer Edge as Best of Show.”