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Dear Author

Meeting with Megan Records Kensington

Megan Records is an Associate Editor at Kensington. She is the editor for the RITA nominated Rebel by Zoe Archer. She also edits Mary Jo Putney and Cynthia Eden among others.

Zoe Archer’s new series is called the Hellraisers. The main characters have literally sold their soul to the devil in exchange for various powers. Redemption stories. The first book comes out in December 2011. The second one will be May 2012.

Cynthia Eden’s new series begins with Angel of Darkness to be published in December of 2011. All the heroes are fallen angels who have seen a lot but are not experienced. Yes, it is a series featuring an entire cadre of virgin heroes.

Megan is also excited about a Kteen book she acquired by Marni Bates. The title is Awkward and someone takes a video of the protagonist which goes viral. Awkward comes out in January.


Megan acquire for Brava, Zebra, and KTeen. Her list is currently balanced and so she is very open to new ideas. For example, Megan is not a fan of talking animals but she loved Lexi George’s Demon Hunting in Dixie which features a talking dog. She wants to blown away by a submission.

She doesn’t recommend writing toward trends.

She is moved to buy a book when she reads a submission and it makes her want to read every book in the author’s backlist. Through the process, Megan will read a book at least four times and so she really has to love it to spend that much time on it.

In terms of direction of books, BN has indicated that YA paranormal is glutted. It’s harder to stand out if you are writing one of those books.

She hopes that younger contemporaries make a come back and is looking for fun and flirty contemporaries.

75% of her submissions are historicals for Zebras so a historical submitted has to really stand out. When someone submits to her, she is mentally comparing them to someone on her list so the submission has to meet or exceed the quality and draw of the existing authors on her list.

Dear Author

Publishing News from RWA: Berkley & NAL to Acquire for Digital...

Berkley and NAL are currently looking to acquire works that are 55,000 words of original fiction to be published digitally. These works will be published in print on a case by case basis either in a collection or individually later at some undetermined time.

Shorter works are considered to be part of their existing “especial” books which, like Orbit, is primarily for their existing authors. While many of the “especials” were repurposed, there will be original digital fiction in the future.

The digital first books will be published globally in the English language and should be found at all major ebook retailers.

The submission*, editorial and production teams will be the same as the traditionally published print first books. These books will be marketed by the existing marketing team as well.

*This does mean that they accept both agented and unagented submissions.

Berkley has invited me to acquire for them in a vein similar to the Agony Ecstasy anthology.

The initial focus will be on romance oriented books but they are open to any strong story.

The books will be DRM and Agency priced although the pricing is unknown at this point.


In all this talk about digital, some print readers are feeling left behind. Some readers have only been able to find ways to contact the author via twitter or Facebook instead of regular old email. Authors who don’t have a contact me link or have hidden their email address on an about page or a media page are frustrating readers.


Maya Banks has started where readers can buy both print books and, in the future, digital books. International readers have had a hard time finding her books and this bookstore is, in part, a response to that demand. Additionally, Banks will be releasing her first self published title in the fall. This ebook will be available via her site and all other ebook retailers. The story is called “A Colter Christmas”. Banks has hired an editor, copyeditor, and proofreader, as well as a technical expert to code the books. Freelance artwork was obtained through Millennium Promotions.


Dystel & Goderich is offering publishing services. They will assist authors in seeking out new platforms for a 15% fee. It’s a different and probably safer take on agent publishing.

Word is thick on the ground at RWA that other agents and agenting firms are offering these publishing services or actually publishing themselves.