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Top Romances of 2009 by Janet

We will be posting our Top 10 of 2009 this entire week. Today’s list is from Janet (aka Robin). The list is unranked. You can find more of her reviews here.


I hesitated about making a list this year, since my reading was largely dictated by what I volunteered to review. Consequently, there are many, many wonderful books I haven’t yet read and some books I did love that I didn’t put on this list, either because they were not straight Romance (Sinful Life of Lucy Burns, Dead and Gone), because they just didn’t stick with me with way other books did, or because I wanted to make room for a book that I think might be otherwise overlooked. So rather than my “Top Romances of 2009,” this list is more “10 Memorable Romances I Read in 2009″ — and they’re books I heartily recommend to the DA readership.