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Dear Author

REVIEW: Sucks to be You by Sahara Kelly

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Sucks to Be YouWhat a great title! I had gotten this book last year just because of it and my review of Changeling Press made me want to pull it out, or rather pull it up on the computer, and finally read it. I’m so glad I did.

Toni and her best friend Mercedes are having a girls’ night complete with pink coconut sponge cakes, mead, a Ouija board, a scrying bowl and an incantation. It’s when they’re trashed off their asses that Drago shows up, summoned across time and space. Toni thinks he’s a figment of her wishful imagination and she’s happy to find that her made up dream guy is one hell of a f*ck. Except at the end, when the orgasms are flying, the asshole bites her! what could possibly happen next?

Dear Author

REVIEW: Blunder Woman by Dakota Cassidy

Dear Ms. Cassidy,

Blunder Woman I needed to pick a Changeling Press book for my epublisher review and yours caught my eye. I’m still not quite sure about the cover art (what happened to the heroine’s head?) but the book is great fun. Kind of “The Incredibles” crossed with a romance book.

Kennedy Smith isn’t quite sure what to make of this guy who’s telling her she’s some long distant relative of an Egyptian goddess and that she’s been picked to join OOMPH. The Organization of Magnificent Paranormal Heroes needs her as a positive spin-meister type, kinda person. what could possibly happen next?