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Wednesday News: Sony Reader releases its iOS App; Britney Spears fiction; Amazon Prime goes monthly; EU to end Agency

Wednesday News: Sony Reader releases its iOS App; Britney Spears fiction;...

Sony Reader iOS App

1) Existing agency contracts with Apple will be terminated.

2) Apple will allow any other “major international ebook publisher” to terminate its agency agreement immediately. If the publishers take no action, Apple is to terminate the agreement.

3) The publishers will offer each retailer the option to terminate the agency agreement if the agreement restricts the retailer’s ability to change the price or if the agreement contains an MFN clause. If the retailer does not respond, the publisher must terminate the agreement.

4) For two years, the publishers agree to not restrict the pricing of ebooks by retailers.

5) The aggregate value of the price discounts or promotions offered by any retailer should not exceed the aggregate amount equal to the total commissions the publisher pays to that retailer over a 12-month period in connection with the sale of its e-books to consumers.

There is no monetary rebates mentioned in the Proposed Agreement (PDF).  The Hachette and S&S agency pricing the US should end any day now.

“Kevin Federline’s aunt Diane Story has written an erotic novel “inspired” by the former dancer’s ill-fated marriage to Britney is exclusively reporting.”

Dear Author

Wednesday Late Nite Links of Fisting?

  • Audible is offering a free download of almost any of the 50,000 titles in its catalog. You know that Audible is the only one not stripping its DRM from the offerings in iTunes.
  • Alloy Entertainment is a packager and backed the popular Gossip Girl and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. They now want to make a name for itself in women’s fiction, young adult, middle grade and chapter books. They will acquire 12 books a year paying low five-figure advances. Authors will get a revenue split after they earn back their advance. (Kind of like traditional publishing?). According to the PW article, it looks like they will accept unagented manuscripts.
  • Rumor is that Britney Spears is being paid $14 Million for her autobiography. How much does the ghost writer get paid? Unless it contains more crazy than is published at TMZ, I don’t know who will buy it.
  • For those heroines that constantly want to serve as bait to catch the bad guys much to the mortification of the hero, you can now outfit your beloved in bulletproof clothing, like Obama reportedly was wearing yesterday.
  • Speaking of the Obamas and what they did yesterday, a talk show host in Detroit tried to be funny in talking about the Obama’s fist bump and the potential of presidential nookie ended up creating an internet embarrassment for herself because apparently they show their love by “fisting” one another. Bwahahaha.