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Thursday News: The changing marketplace for goods is eliminating the line separating brick and mortar and online stores

Thursday News: The changing marketplace for goods is eliminating the line...

First, tomorrow is our Book Club discussion of The Last Hour of Gann by R Lee Smith. I asked the author some hard questions and she took them on. I think it was one of the more interesting and provoking author interviews partly because I’m a pretty inept interviewer but mostly because Ms. Smith really gave us some no holds barred answers. Hope you join us.


I liked this book and so did Kati so I agreed to post the new cover for Lick by Kylie Scott. I think the cover reveal was supposed to be yesterday but there are all these rules (time to post etc) so today’s the day at Dear Author! This will be Momentum’s first international publication and will be in stores May 2014.

lick kylie scott

Local retailers without a large presence are feeling this so keenly they are taking punitive action. Target, for example, is threatening to blacklist vendors (and I’ve heard that they are becoming to publishers what Walmart was in the 90s). For smaller retailers, the recommendation is to hook yourself to a distributor like eBay that is presenting same day delivery or move into products that render themselves to in person shopping. Knowledge@Wharton

Thursday news: Outlander books coming to Starz;  Indigo Books to expand abroad; Fungal infection forcing  relocation of prison inmates

Thursday news: Outlander books coming to Starz; Indigo Books to...


Reader Tamar shared this tidbit with me from a the Chief of the Brimfield Police Dept:

Brimfield Police Department
Chief’s Rant…..on “asking for it.”

Boy, did Serena Williams step in it. Williams is a pro tennis player. She recently did an interview and somehow the Steubenville rape incident came up. If you aren’t familiar with it, do a web search. I posted about it before and won’t go through it all again.

Williams offered some opinions on the case, including this little snippet of wisdom….”Obviously, I don’t know, maybe she wasn’t a virgin, but she shouldn’t have put herself in that position….”

I am beyond frustrated over that line of thinking. Wow. Williams immediately backpedaled the statement; however, it’s hard to un-ring that bell. There is nothing a victim can do; no situation a female can “put herself in” which should result in rape. None. A woman can be engaged in prostitution and still reserve the right to say no.

We are a social bunch of citizens. People go out. They go to parties. They dance, they drink….that is not an invitation for unwanted and/or forceful assault….it’s drinking and dancing. It is not an open door for violence. Rape is not about the act…it is about control and dominance. In the modern age we live in I cannot fathom a female, particularly one with the visibility of a professional athlete, having the attitude and expressing the belief that another female can “put herself” in situation to be raped.

That is giving credence to the rapist….who is a vile criminal.

I don’t care how a person acts, dresses, talks, walks or dances…. Sex is always consensual. There is NEVER and excuse or a situation that results in blame being assigned to the victim.

Those who believe excuses and situations exist need to get their heads out of their posteriors.

Chief Oliver…..out.