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Tuesday Midday Links: Kobo Delves into Self Publishing, Great Stop Motion Video of Hemingway Classic

Tuesday Midday Links: Kobo Delves into Self Publishing, Great Stop Motion...


From Reader Lana:

Your midday link about Amazon being evil really got me thinking. See, I live in Canada, you know that place just North of the USA. Really close by in fact. Now, it seems a few authors that I have been reading for years are deciding to only sell their books with Amazon from their backlist. I have asked some of these authors about perhaps listing with KOBO, as that is what is mainly supported up here in Canada. Most authors are more than willing to try this, but within the past few weeks, one author has said, no she wants Amazon Kindle exclusives only. In fact, she just released a new book there as well. This has made me decide that I will no longer be supporting this author at all. Am I alone in this? Are there authors that others have stopped supporting because they are sticking to exclusivity?

Have other readers stopped supporting an author? After all, if she goes exclusive, is she really supporting you the reader?

the old man and the sea from Marcel Schindler on Vimeo.

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Loretta Chase backlist titles on sale

  • Isabella by Loretta Chase * $2.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • English Witch by Loretta Chase * $2.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase * $3.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Captives of the Night by Loretta Chase * $3.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • The Last Hellion by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Last Night’s Scandal by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Don’t Tempt Me by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
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Monday Midday News Roundup: RomCon Reader Crown Finalists Announced

Wendy, the Superlibrarian, had a great post about the money v. no money trailers and which have a greater effect. Based on the comments on her blog and that on the SmartBitches, Tessa Dare’s charming homemade trailer seems the clear winner.


Funnel Inc made an awesome graphical chart of how a book actually gets made.   It’s more complicated than you might think.   via Io9.


Laptop Magazine did a speed test for eReaders.   The speed that the magazine was testing was how fast the page turns (or the screen refreshes).   Kindle, Sony Daily Edition, and IRex are the clear winners.   When we were testing the devices at RT, we noticed that it seemed the Kindle was twice as fast as the Kobo and the Nook but that the Kobo and Nook seemed to refresh at about the same speed.


One tiny digital publisher’s success and the adoption of lines by mainstream publishing has led one major media outlet (MSN) to declare that erotica is saving publishing. I was surprised by the quote given by Kensington due to the fact that the Aphrodisia line is limping along on fumes, having been reduced by at least half.   Possibly it is erotica and not erotic romance, though, that will save publishing.


In Amazon news, it is keeping track of what you highlight (and probably your notes) which makes me highly uncomfortable although kind of interested in the idea that there are similar passages being highlighted by a number of people.   Would kind of love to see what passages others highlight in my favorite (and not so favorite romances).

Amazon has also announced that you can earn affiliate fees on Kindle books. This wasn’t the case in the past.

Amazon is excited to announce that effective May 1, 2010, you can earn advertising fees on Kindle books. With over 500,000 books, including 105 of 112 New York Times ® Best Sellers, Kindle books represent another great way to earn money advertising Amazon products. Advertising fees range from 4 to 8.5%.

Link directly to the Kindle books page using the following link format, replacing "YOUR_ID_HERE-20" with your Associates ID:


RomCon announced its Reader Crown finalists:

(is it just me or is that site really hard to navigate?)

Best First

  • Anne Marsh   ~ The Hunt ~ Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Time Travel
  • Margaret Mallory ~ Knight of Desire   ~ Long Historical
  • Mary Sullivan ~ No Ordinary Cowboy   ~ Short Contemporary
  • Susan Gee Heino ~ Mistress by Mistake ~ Long Historical
  • Vanessa Kelly   ~ Mastering the Marquess ~ Long Historical

I’ve never heard of Sullivan or Kelly. May have to check those two out.


  • Joey W. Hill   ~ Beloved Vampire
  • Livia Dare   ~ In the Flesh
  • Maya Banks ~ Into the Lair
  • Maya Banks   ~ Sweet Persuasion
  • Sunny ~ Mona Lisa Darkening

Love Joey Hill. I like the Sweet series, but have varying responses to each of them.   Sunny is very meh for me. I find her so derivative of other authors.   Livia Dare…I want to say I’ve read her but I just can’t recall.

Long Contemporary

  • Carly Phillips ~ Lucky Break
  • Erin McCarthy ~ Hard and Fast
  • Jill Shalvis ~ Double Play
  • Julie James ~ Practice Makes Perfect
  • Susan Mallery ~ Sunset Bay

This is a pretty stellar list given that McCarthy, Shalvis and James have all been part of our “Save the Contemporary” campaign.

Long Historical

  • Anna Campbell   ~   Captive of Sin
  • Deeanne Gist   ~ A Bride in the Bargain
  • Elizabeth Hoyt ~ To Desire a Devil
  • Jennifer Ashley ~ The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
  • Jodi Thomas ~ The Lone Texan

I haven’t read Gist or Thomas before.    Still surprised by the lack of Duran or Thomas here.

Long Romantic Suspense

  • Bella Andre   ~   Wild Heat
  • Catherine Mann   ~ Defender
  • Cindy Gerard ~ Whisper No Lies
  • Julia Harper ~ For the Love of Pete
  • Susan Crandall   ~ Seeing Red

Hmmm. For the Love of Pete, really?   Everyone but me must have loved that book.


  • Courtney Milan   ~ This Wicked Gift in The Heart of Christmas anthology
  • Emily Bryan    ~   My Lady Below Stairs in A Christmas Ball anthology
  • Erin McCarthy   ~   Undead Man’s Hand in Out of the Light, Into the Shadows anthology
  • Jade Lee   ~ Weekend Tigress in the Winter Heat anthology
  • Sophia Nash ~ Catch of the Century in the Four Dukes and Devil anthology

I haven’t read but one of these.


  • Carolyn Jewel   ~   My Forbidden Desire
  • Jory Strong   ~   Ghostland
  • Keena Kincaid   ~   Ties That Bind
  • Shannon K. Butcher ~ Burning Alive
  • Shannon K. Butcher   ~ Finding the Lost

I think its neat that Ghostland finaled because it has great and strong worldbuilding but WHERE THE FUCK IS NALINI’S BOOK????

Anne Marsh   ~ The Hunt
Jess Granger   ~ Beyond the Rain
Melissa Mayhue    ~   A Highlander of Her Own
Sandra Hill    ~   Viking Heat
Veronica Wolff   ~   Lord of the Highlands

I read Jess Granger’s book and liked it.   I’m not a huge time travel fan, but apparently the people love the Scottish time travels.

Short Contemporary
Abby Gaines   ~   Her So-Called Fiance
Abby Gaines   ~   The Groom Came Back
Holly Jacobs ~ Unexpected Gifts
Linda Warren   ~ The Sheriff of Horseshoe, Texas
Mary Sullivan   ~   No Ordinary Cowboy

I have Gaines on my TBR list.

Short Historical
Blythe Gifford   ~   In the Master’s Bed
Bronwyn Scott   ~ The Viscount Claims His Bride
Robyn DeHart   ~   Seduce Me
Terri Brisbin   ~   A Storm of Passion
Terri Brisbin    ~   The Conqueror’s Lady

I think I tried to read Seduce Me…

Short Romantic Suspense
Carol Snow    ~   Here Today, Gone to Maui
Delores Fossen ~   Christmas Guardian
Kay Thomas   ~   Better Than Bulletproof
K.M. Daughters   ~    Beyond the Code of Conduct
Sheri Whitefeather   ~ Protecting Their Baby

Haven’t read one of these.

Urban Fantasy with Romantic Elements
Anya Bast   ~   Witch Fury
Jenna Maclaine ~   Bound by Sin
Julie Kenner    ~   Tainted
Lori Devoti    ~   Amazon Ink
S. J. Day      ~    Eve of Darkness

Hmmm. Is all I can say.