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Thursday News: Digital fiction may reach 50% for trade fiction in 2014; Ann Rule sues reviewer for defamation; Samsung overtaking Apple

Thursday News: Digital fiction may reach 50% for trade fiction in...

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Rule claims she is also offended at being called a sloppy storyteller.  I’m guessing Rule loses on this.  


According to the Fox, the Hopper automatically records eight days’ worth of prime time programming on the four major networks that subscribers can play back on request. Beginning a few hours after the broadcast, viewers can choose to watch a program without ads…In November 2012, the district refused to enjoin Dish’s operation. The court found that (1) Dish can’t be held directly liable for the conduct of its customers (according to the volitional conduct doctrine, the person who causes the copy to be made is the direct infringer, not the service that merely facilitates it); and (2) Dish can’t be held indirectly either because time-shifting is a protected fair use and the networks can’t challenge commercial skipping because they don’t have a copyright interest in the commercials. EFF

According to its “Understanding the E-Book Consumer” July report, Nielsen estimates that for next year e-book sales of fiction will amount to 47m units, some 300,000 ahead of the paperback figure and 48% of total fiction sales. However, because the average selling price of an e-book is less than £3, compared to £5.50 for a paperback, the value of e-book sales in 2014 will be only 32% of the fiction total. According to Nielsen, lower revenues from e-books are not the only worry for publishers. Print revenues are declining too. “We predict the value of the overall fiction market will fall 16% this year, and by a further 4% in 2014. Sales of hardback and paperback novels are falling faster than sales of fiction e-books are rising,” Nielsen said.” The Bookseller

Wednesday News:

Wednesday News:

Copyright reform is necessary and like Pamela, I’m not sure what the answers are. It would be great to get a large group of people in a room with various points of view and interests to hash out what would be a workable framework that would both protect individual content creators yet avoid imposing such huge fines that relatively innocent content sharers have the opportunity to remedy the wrong without being pushed off the internet. Hubspot

When the late author, the alter ego of Theodor Seuss Geisel, was penning his beloved Beginner Books for Random House in the 1960s, he’d have his editor in chief, Michael Frith, over to his house, where they’d work until the wee hours. And when they’d get stuck, according to “Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel” by Judith and Neil Morgan, Geisel would open a secret door to a closet filled with hundreds of hats. Then, he and Frith would each pick a different hat, perhaps a fez, or a sombrero, or maybe an authentic Baroque Czech helmet or a plastic toy viking helmet with horns. They’d sit on the floor and stare at each other in these until the right words came to them.”Collectors Weekly

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I’ve spent the past couple of weeks working on a visual art piece that celebrates my love of romance novels. My work is pair of high heels that have been decoupaged with romance novel covers (both old skool and recent releases). They are entirely functional and I have plans to wear them … pretty much everywhere . Essentially, they were for an assignment and will be in a small exhibition/showing that was organised by my tutorial tomorrow night (part of the assignment criteria included distributing the work) but I’d actually rather share them with romance readers because I know they’d have a deeper appreciation for them. And did I mention the title of the work? I’ve called them “The Sole of a Romantic”.