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Wednesday News: Its all about the benjamins

For these authors, high volume and hard core marketing can result in a profitable career in writing. No one knows right now for how long, but the market is there for the author entrepreneur. Sramana Mitra

Traditional stationary book stores are facing major changes, and competition with online retailers is fierce. Those who survive will be determined by the added value a local bookseller can offer, said Skipis. Culture | DW.DE

Women war workers were all demobbed by the spring of 1919, and they undoubtedly found life had changed for themselves and for British society after four years of chaos, carnage, and courage. Though their contributions to the war were often marginalized in the interwar period, the inroads the ambulance drivers–and munitionettes, nurses, surgeons, farmers, WRNS, etc–made during WWI laid the foundation for an even greater contribution for women during WWII. Edwardian Promenade