Tuesday News: Computational literacy, Diana Norman’s daughter finishes mother’s book, cool bookstores, and Dear Author gets love at BEA

Tuesday News: Computational literacy, Diana Norman’s daughter finishes mother’s book, cool...

But let’s back up a step: What if learning to code weren’t actually the most important thing? It turns out that rather than increasing the number of kids who can crank out thousands of lines of JavaScript, we first need to boost the number who understand what code can do. As the cities that have hosted Code for America teams will tell you, the greatest contribution the young programmers bring isn’t the software they write. It’s the way they think. It’s a principle called “computational thinking,” and knowing all of the Java syntax in the world won’t help if you can’t think of good ways to apply it. –Mother Jones

Because instead of grieving for her as desperately as I would have done otherwise, I was able to continue a dialogue with her — coming to terms with her physical loss by climbing inside her head; thinking her thoughts and writing with her voice, which, to me anyway, still sounded so strong.

I even adopted her writing regime, and would sit from 9am until 5pm at my computer at home in London, tapping away; and then, in the evenings, re-reading her books to make sure I had her style.

When news of what I was doing spread, I was contacted by many of her friends and fellow writers, offering their support — which I found enormously comforting. After eight months, the manuscript had to be delivered. Mum never missed a deadline, so I couldn’t be late. –The Daily Mail

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend BookExpo America (BEA), the largest annual publishing event in North America. The event, held this year in New York City, was attended by over 750 authors and 1,000 exhibitors from the publishing industry. In addition to author events and exhibitions, the BEA Bloggers Conference took place. We found out about some great new blogs while attending BEA and decided to share some of our favorites. –Book Vibe Blog