Thursday News: DA offline on Friday, Shakespeare the scientist, art and failure, sensory books, a love like P&P, and B&N YA exclusives

Thursday News: DA offline on Friday, Shakespeare the scientist, art and...

“The genius from Stratford-upon-Avon has worn many hats over the years, with imaginative scholars casting him as a closet Catholic, a mainstream Protestant, an ardent capitalist, a Marxist, a misogynist, a feminist, a homosexual, a legal clerk and a cannabis dealer – yet the words “Shakespeare” and “science” are rarely uttered in the same breath.” The Telegraph

“What is it that an art student is learning when she learns to use her own blindness or ignorance as a tool? That blindness can lead to insight is something I was never taught as a philosophy major, and I suspect I would not have learned it if I’d studied chemistry, history or French either. In medicine, the fledgling doctor needn’t learn how to be a patient. In none of these fields is it normally considered necessary for students to learn by systematically pulling the rug out from under their feet. That risk is peculiar to contemporary art.” The Nation

“Dubbed “sensory fiction”, the idea was developed by Felix Heibeck, Alexis Hope and Julie Legault at MIT’s media lab. The prototype story used was James Tiptree Jr’s Hugo award-winning novella The Girl Who Was Plugged in, in which the protagonist P Burke – who is deformed by pituitary dystrophy and herself experiences life through an avatar – feels “both deep love and ultimate despair, the freedom of Barcelona sunshine and the captivity of a dark damp cellar”, said the researchers.” The Guardian

“B&N has published close to 50 teen and tween exclusives. Extra material is intended to extend the storyline, add insight by providing more details about the backstory, and answer earlier readers’ questions. What’s changed recently is not so much the packaging – the books often resemble the original publications, but with a sticker indicating that they are an “exclusive” – but the way they are published. B&N has begun giving them a full-fledged marketing and publicity campaign in addition to in-store signage and placement.” Publishers Weekly