Wednesday News: Google+ wants your Gmail address; Barnes & Noble is hiring; a new argument for funding the arts; DBW data on digital platforms; and a cool language map

Wednesday News: Google+ wants your Gmail address; Barnes & Noble is...

“If you are added to someone’s Google+ “circle” of contacts on the social network, that person will be able to send you a Gmail message by simply entering your name — regardless of whether you follow them on the service. Your email address is hidden until you respond to the message. Google says the change should make it easier for people to reach those they already know.” Wall Street Journal

“No, I think the reason the so-called creative class is learning to depend on food stamps is because more and more, art and writing are among those livelihoods that don’t benefit from any supposed trickle-down effect of the wealth that circulates at the top, among art dealers and media corporations. Creative skills are in high demand and the work is steady, but the income is not.” The Guardian

“What this data point implies is that the vast majority of ebook retail activity in the U.S. is happening in so-called “walled gardens” — digital content ecosystems run by companies like Amazon and Apple that keep consumers searching, discovering, buying and consuming all or most of their ebooks, songs and movies in one place. If a reader has an Amazon account and has bought Kindle ebooks, they are very likely to continue doing just that. “ Digital Book World