REVIEW:  Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake

REVIEW: Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake

Dear Ms. Blake:

Tempt Me TonightPerhaps it was a case of missed expectations but Tempt Me Tonight was like a rice cake: bland, airy, but not very sexy.

The story opens with 18 year old Trish not giving up her virginity to Joe. Joe then goes on to cheat on her and Trish vows never to love anyone again. Prologue over. Then comes the first chapter where Trish returns home to help her parents ready their small town business for sale. Trish is a big time defense lawyer in Indy (whose law practice is like none I’ve ever had the pleasure with which to be acquainted) and she's surprised to see how little her home town has changed. For some reason it is not explained why Trish never came home in the past fifteen years to see her parents. They were not estranged and it’s not like she lives sooo far away (like in another country) that visiting was prohibitive.

Trish and Joe see each other in a bar the night of Trish’s return and they still have strong feelings for one another. Trish decides to get revenge for Joe’s 15 year old cheating episode by having sex with Joe and then leaving him. I can tell you that is some real punishment there. Unfortunately, Trish’s cold shoulder lasts less then a day and they continue to have sex. I guess the erotic portion of the romance is that Trish and Joe’s escapades take place in different locations, like the couch, the dresser, a hay barn and a car. I’m not sure whether the love scenes were actually tepid or simply seemed tepid because I couldn’t connect with the main characters. I was surprised that there were a couple of closed door sex scenes – in an erotic romance no less – that I felt were indicative of the overall feel of the story.

This is a slow moving story with little heat. Adverbs were generously sprinkled with “deeply” being the favored one:

  • His eyes fell shut as he suckled her deeply, deeply . . .
  • . . . then his tongue sliced so deeply ouch! sounds painful
  • His lips, suckling slowly, his tongue, tasting deeply . . .
  • The blatant sight combined with being so smoothly, deeply . . .

There is some plot filler here with Joe’s concern over his sister marrying a mobster (totally unrelated to Trish and Joe’s developing relationship) and Trish’s growing unhappiness with her job in the evil big city.

I can’t really say that this is a good erotic romance because there wasn’t much erotic in the book. It’s a serviceable romance story but take out the extra subplots and there’s not much left to the development of the story other than a reading waiting for Trish and Joe to grow up. C-

Best regards,