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Tuesday News: BDSM prosecution worries advocates; Google & Amazon financial arms; Spotify model failing

Tuesday News: BDSM prosecution worries advocates; Google & Amazon financial arms;...

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Tuesday News Roundup: Sony & iRex Out With 3G Wireless Readers

Sony announced that along with the PRS 300 (the 5″ screen at $199) and the PRS 600 (the 6″ touchscreen at $299) it will release Sony Daily Edition at $399.   Sony Daily Edition comes equipped with 3G wireless capabilities, a 7″ touchscreen, and is powered by the ATT Network.   You can see pictures of the weird looking device here.   I’m tempted but would need to see one in person.   I would want to be able to access my Calibre folder and if it is possible to do that, then I would be interested in the Sony 3G.

In other eReading news, iRex and Barnes and Noble have partnered to bring a touchscreen wireless device to the US (and possibly others).   iRex has been in the eink business from the beginning and my guess is that the device that is coming out will be excellent given its long learning curve.   It will be tethered to the BN store, however, and despite BN’s claims otherwise, it is still lacking in selection.   I am guessing that the iRex device will be aimed toward the consumer reading crowd and the Plastic Logic device that will be directed at the business crowd.

NetGalley has announced that its egalleys can now be downloaded onto the Sony Reader.

Jane Friedman, the former CEO of HarperCollins who saw the publisher to 10 years of record profit and then got shown the door, has been raising money for a new venture.   It looks like Friedman’s project will be to find books and turn them into movies.

We consumers are buying less and being more sensitive to prices of books.   Given this it seems strange that companies like Pocket, EOS books, St. Martin’s Press continue to try to sell their ebooks at premium prices.

In blogging news, an anonymous blogger called a model a skank and the model got Google to divulge the information of the anonymous blogger.   The anon blogger is now suing Google for violating her privacy.

Apple’s 5th Avenue store brings in approximately $35,000 per square foot making it possibly the highest grossing retail space on 5th Avenue.

If you or a loved one is addicted to the internet, rehab is now available at the low low cost of $14,500.