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Monday News: Airport bookstores, mobile shoppers, blockbuster movies, Sherlock Holmes, and languages other than English

Monday News: Airport bookstores, mobile shoppers, blockbuster movies, Sherlock Holmes, and...

“Airport bookstores account for 10 percent of all physical bookstores in the country, or about 2 percent of the entire industry book sales, including online sales,” he said.

Hinckley said the Hudson Group has seen an increase in sales recently – up mostly because of popular books like “50 Shades of Grey” and The Hunger Games series.” Deseret News

“‘Blockbuster films are not really films,’ says Charles Acland, a professor of communication studies at Concordia University in Montreal, and author of the book Screen Traffic. ‘They are in fact very elaborate ‘tent-pole’ business models that connect all sorts of different commodities in all sorts of different industries.’” BBC News

“Mr. Klinger said he planned to go ahead with “In the Company of Sherlock Holmes,” which he said carefully avoided any post-1923 elements. And he praised the ruling for opening the way for other creators, many of whom had previously paid fees to the estate but had rallied to Mr. Klinger’s cause under the Twitter hashtag #FreeSherlock.” New York Times

Dear Author

Tuesday News: Aldiko hits 15 million downloads; YA author Malinda Lo...

For those of you unfamiliar with this admittedly academic subfield, reception studies emerged from a few related academic subjects including cultural studies, reader response theory, and media studies. I first encountered reception studies during my grad school years in cultural anthropology. The point of reception/media/cultural studies in this case is: Study the audience (of a TV show, movie, etc.), not the creator of the media.

Lo unfortunately quotes Radway’s study as saying that romance text cannot be read objectively but rather the true inquiry is how women engage in it. Out of Radway’s study came the idea that the female characters were placeholders for the female readers.  Malinda Lo