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Dear Author Is Six!

Dear Author Is Six!

Dear Author is Six

We actually turned six on April 3.  Jayne and I started the blog on April 3, 2006, and we had a few friends who came and read the blog. Now we have a few more friends. Seriously we have the best community of readers here at Dear Author and we want to celebrate our readership by giving away a few items because what is a birthday without presents?  Our presents to the readership includes the following:

  • Kindle Fire (x2)
  • Nook Simple Touch
  • Kobo Touch
  • Kindle Touch (w special offers)
  • 4 $25 GC to the Bookstore of your choice

Leave us a comment to enter.  You can share a favorite time here at Dear Author.  You can tell us what we are doing well. We would even love to hear about what you would like to see changed in the future.  We can’t get better unless we hear from you.  Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win.

This giveaway will be closed on Tuesday 11PM CDT.

Wednesday News: Ways to Contribute to DA

Wednesday News: Ways to Contribute to DA

There are a couple of ways that you can contribute to DA.  We will also be developing a reader interview questionnaire. I would love some help on developing that interview sheet.  (Note that these links will always be in the sidebar)

  1. Write a guest review. From time to time, we post guest reviews of books that people have loved or hated. Submit your guest review here.
  2. If you are an unpublished author, you can submit a first page post.  These are posted on Saturday AM.
  3. If you are a debut print author, you can fill out this questionnaire here.  These post on Wednesdays at 10 AM so long as we have the content.  We are taking late 2011 publications and forward.
  4. If you are a reader, recommend a mini excerpt from an author. Submit your recommendation here.  These recommendations will be posted on Saturday at noon with the excerpt provided by the author.  We’ll be posting one of these on Saturday.  The idea behind this is that we will be helping readers discover new books.

If you have other ideas on contributing, email jane @

Corporations don’t actually need SOPA or PIPA, two internet bills that were killed by Congress after an enormous outcry by the public. The bills allowed individuals and corporations to shut down internet sites based on unverified complaints of infringement and piracy. But according to Demand Progress, SOPA and PIPA are taking place without bills but with the cooperation of ISPs.

The details are fuzzy, but the head of the Recording Industry Association of America’s bragged this week that ISPs will start policing copyright by July of this year. Here’s RT’s take:

Some of the biggest Internet service providers in America plan to adopt policies that will punish customers for copyright infringement, and one of the top trade groups in the music biz announced this week that it could begin as soon as this summer….

RIAA CEO Cary Sherman was one of the guest speakers among a New York panel this week and he confirmed that, at this rate, some of the most powerful Internet providers in America should have their new policies on the books by July 12, 2012.

I can’t wait until Disney gets Etsy and Ebay taken down for the unauthorized sale of unlicensed goods.

The majority of the buyers of the nook are women between the ages of 25 and 40.

She noted that at the moment “over 70 percent” of buyers of the Nook tablet are women aged between 25 and 45. They live within 15 minutes of a B&N store and often have kids. “When you go in, you can see kids running around loose in the store,” she said, adding that the stores have special, short tables for those little ones to try out apps.

Still, nook sales are lagging behind accounting for 3.5% of the tablet market as compared to the 16.8% owned by Kindle Fire and nearly 60% occupied by the iPad. Frankly I am surprised that the iPad isn’t 80%.

There is not much other news in publishing these days other than THAT book so we’ll just close for the day. Cheers