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Attention: New Commenting Policy for Dear Author

Attention: New Commenting Policy for Dear Author

Updated: the new commenting policy is explicitly stated above the comment box and an elaboration can be found here.  The comments to this post are closed. If you have concerns or isssues with the commenting policy, please address them on the new Commeting Policy page this way the concerns and issues can be centralized in one location for ease of future reference.

Comment Policy

Last year in March I made an announcement regarding comments because we had an increase in sock puppetry.  This year, it seems like we have had an increase in incivility.  I’ve always tried to operate that the best cure for uncivil speech is more speech per Justice Brandeis in his concurring opinion in Whitney v. California, a 1927 US Supreme Court case.

 “To courageous, self-reliant men, with confidence in the power of free and fearless reasoning applied through the processes of popular government, no danger flowing from speech can be deemed clear and present unless the incidence of the evil apprehended is so imminent that it may befall before there is opportunity for full discussion. If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence. Only an emergency can justify repression.”

But on some days, even I, the blog owner, hate reading the comments here because it is full of vituperative statements.  I want robust debate here but I want us to respect each other as well.  Unfortunately, there is distinct lack of respect going on that is chilling honest discussion.    Therefore, so that I can enjoy reading all the comments at my own site and others won’t be afraid to come here, I’m instituting a new policy.  If your comment is deemed unrespectful it will be “Shushed”.

As a human myself, I am bound to make mistakes. I will miss comments that should be marked and mark comments that shouldn’t.  My own frailties as a person is why I never wanted to be much of a moderator but in order that Dear Author is a fun and lively place for everyone and not just the tiny few who don’t mind slinging arrows at each other, I’m donning the role.

Please feel free to help me out by emailing me whenever you might see a comment that is objectionable. I’m not going to catch them all.

Dear Author Changes for 2013

Dear Author Changes for 2013

Dear Author sideways strip


All the news today is about Dear Author and what you can look forward to in 2013. We also want to hear from you what you would like to read more about.

Dear Author Promotes Retail Diversity

As of January 1, 2013, we will no longer review books that are not available in at least two digital platforms: Kindle and ePub.  The reason for this is twofold.  First, many of our readers here do not own Kindles and do not want to own Kindles.  If we review a book and the reader is unable to purchase it in their desired format that is frustrating for them.

Second, we believe in promoting healthy competition.  Amazon as the sole provider of digital books hurts readers because without competition there is no real impetus for Amazon to keep prices low or constantly innovate.

Dear Author Book Club

We’ve had some fits and starts in reviving the Dear Author book club but nothing has really stuck. I operate on schedules and deadlines so we are going to run Book Club slightly different in 2013. I have a schedule of books that we are going to read/review/discuss and beat into the ground on the 15th of every month. This way readers can anticipate what books will be the focus of the 2013 bookclub months in advance.  This is our tentative book club schedule. The January through March books are set and will not be changed.

January 15 - One Small Thing by O’Shea, M.J., Vaughn, Piper ( A | BN | K | S )
Feb 15 – The One That Got Away by Kelly Hunter ( A | BN | K | S )
Mar 15 – Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun ( A | BN | K | S )
Apr 15 – Love Irresistibly by Julie James / Wrecked by Shiloh Walker (I liked the excerpt I read at the Amazon site)
May 15 – Meljean Brook’s last in the Guardian series
June 15  – Nalini Singh’s untitled book
July 15 – Cecilia Grant’s release

Dear Author Monthly Device Giveaway

In 2011, we gave away a device a month and for some reason I didn’t implement that in 2012.  In 2013, however, we are bringing it back.  On the first Sunday of every month, we’ll launch a Rafflecopter widget for you to enter the giveaway. You can enter once a day.  At the end of the month, we’ll announce the winner.

Dear Author Slight Redesign

In February or so we will be implementing a landing page so that new people that come to Dear Author can get quick exposure to all of our features.  A landing page is a static page but we’ll have a link to the blog so you can enjoy Dear Author in the same way you do now.  You may have to change your bookmark but navigation will be essentially the same.

Dear Author Essays / Letters of Opinion

We’ve posted these every Tuesday for probably five years and you may have noticed that in 2012, my essay writing declined. I was pretty tapped out.  We would welcome contributions from our readership.  We had a lovely post about prosthetics by author Inez Kelley, a guest list of “If You Like” stories about disabled protagonists from Ridley and a fantastic series about fan fiction from a variety of posters.  If you have a passion about a topic that dovetails with romance books, drop me an email.  More variety in voices on the blog always makes for interesting reading.


We are always trying to think of new ways to improve Dear Author.  Please let us know if there is something you think we should change, could do better or love.  You can leave a comment or contact me directly [email protected]