Dear Author

Dear Author Comment Issues

Dear Author is the target of a huge amount of comment and link spam. It may be because of our high Google Page Rank or because we’ve got great content or it might just be serendipitous. Whatever the reason, it’s causing us to have huge traffic server problems.

WPEngine has basically told us that we need to get it under control or we’ll have to be charged up to $3000 a month for server fees. DA just could not weather a cost like that. We’ve hired a developer to help us solve this problem.

One of the fixes is to install Cloud Flare and then mark certain IP addresses (or ranges of IP addresses) as problematic. This has resulted in many legitimate commenters being marked as spam.

We still have your comment, but it’s in the spam folder so if you are marked as spam, Tweet me or email me [email protected] and let me know. I’ll fish it out right away.

I’m sorry that comments are being eaten and we are trying our best to resolve this ┬áproblem (hence the Captcha) but right now we’re using a fairly aggressive spam filter to try to reduce the back end traffic load. Thanks for being patient with us.