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Thursday News: New SF imprint, convicted murderer wins writing contest, Peter Pan proposal, funny book PSA, and new Sylvia Day series sells for eight figures

Thursday News: New SF imprint, convicted murderer wins writing contest, Peter...

“Weinman says that she was drawn to his story after receiving a galley copy of the book and noticing that Hunt’s bio said he “is currently serving a life sentence.” In an email to NPR, she writes, ‘I knew there had to be so much more to the story.’ Asked about the ethics of Hunt profiting from his writing, Weinman says that, ‘I thought about the ethical issues a lot while reporting out the piece, and I don’t believe there are easy answers — nor should there be.’” NPR

“Ms. Day, in a telephone interview, rejected the suggestion that her success was primarily attributable to the enormous sales of “Fifty Shades” and the widespread interest in romance in 2012. ‘The majority of readers say that they don’t believe they’re reading romance novels,’ she said of her books. ‘For them it’s just a story.’” New York Times

Daily Deals: Investigators, Archeologists, and Kings

Daily Deals: Investigators, Archeologists, and Kings

These two books are 99c and there are several Susan Kearney  books on sale.

This is free at Amazon:

Isn't She Lovely by Lauren LayneIsn’t She Lovely by Lauren Layne. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

The rules are clear—until they’re broken. Lauren Layne puts a New Adult spin on Pygmalion, also the inspiration for Pretty Woman, and gives the classic love story its edgiest twist yet.

“Who knew that pretending you’re not falling for someone would be so much more difficult than pretending that you are?”

Stephanie Kendrick gave up her whole summer to ace her NYU film school screenwriting course, so she’s pissed to be stuck with a preppy, spoiled frat boy as her writing partner. Then again, with her piercings, black-rimmed eyes, and Goth wardrobe, Stephanie isn’t exactly Ethan Price’s type, either. He’s probably got his eye on some leggy blonde with a trust fund . . . or does he?

As the summer scene kicks off in the Hamptons, Ethan is desperate to make his snobbish mother forget the pedigreed girl who broke his heart. While Stephanie’s a stretch as a decoy, the right makeover and a pastel cardigan just might do the trick. She may not love the idea of playing Ethan’s brainless Barbie girlfriend, but the free rent and luxurious digs make a tempting offer. So does the promise of a ready-made screenplay idea inspired by their charade.

But when Stephanie steps into Ethan’s privileged world, the “acting” begins to feel all too real. The kissing and touching that were intended to fool the Hamptons crowd wind up manipulating them. And Stephanie faces a question she’s too afraid to ask: Is Ethan falling for the real her or for the dolled-up princess he wants to see?

The one star review says that this book is fantastic. No, I am serious. Here’s the link.

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Tie Me Down: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance by Tracy WolffTie Me Down by Tracy Wolff. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

For fans of Sylvia Day, E. L. James, and J. Kenner, the author of the edgy and erotic Full Exposure delivers another explosive tale of seduction and suspense.

As the only woman on her homicide squad, star investigator Genevieve Delacroix maintains a tough-as-nails attitude that keeps men at arm’s length. She never gives in to her secret fantasies—until she meets a mysterious stranger who teaches her how little control she really has over her mind or her body.

Cole Adams arrives in New Orleans believing Genevieve is his last hope for solving the murder of his younger sister. He just doesn’t expect the hard-bitten detective to look like a blond bombshell. Once he breaks through her inhibitions, he soon finds an unexpected obsession driving Genevieve right to the edge of desire . . . and beyond. But when the serial killer who has been terrorizing the streets of the French Quarter sets his sights on Genevieve, they realize that they both have let down their guard. And losing control can have fatal consequences.

The one star for this book did not say it was fabulous but it would have been hilarious if it did. This book’s one star review was disappointed with the heroine. Really disappointment.

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Whisper of Jasmine by Deanna RaybournWhisper of Jasmine by Deanna Raybourn. $ Free

From the Jacket Copy:

New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn transports readers to a magical New Year’s Eve party in 1914, where two guests will discover the passion of a lifetime in this prequel novella…

Notorious socialite Delilah Drummond won’t be deterred by the war. Instead, she decides to throw the event of the year, and she’s handing out invitations with an eye for wanton fun and wild abandon.

There is the dashing explorer and archaeologist Gabriel Stark, a man at a crossroads in his life. Brilliant and restless, he’s just committed to a secret enterprise that forces him to play a public role very different from the man he truly is.

And then there is the charming if flighty Evangeline Merriweather. Evie has dreamed her whole life of adventure. Little does she know, she’s about to get more than she bargained for. Especially after her vivacious Aunt Dove acts as fairy godmother, if a saucy one, providing a scandalous gown and a whisper of jasmine on her skin….

Evie will shake cool Gabriel to his core, but just how far are they willing to take love at first sight?

One seductive night will change Evie forever. Watch for her next adventure, in the City of Jasmine.

Thanks Kim for sending me the heads up for this deal!

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The Burning Land (Saxon Tales #5) by Bernard CornwellThe Burning Land by Bernard Cornwell. $ 1.99.

From the Jacket Copy:

In a clash of heroes, the kingdom is born.

At the end of the ninth century, with King Alfred of Wessex in ill health and his heir still an untested youth, it falls to Alfred’s reluctant warlord Uhtred to outwit and outbattle the invading enemy Danes, led by the sword of savage warrior Harald Bloodhair. But the sweetness of Uhtred’s victory is soured by tragedy, forcing him to break with the Saxon king. Joining the Vikings, allied with his old friend Ragnar—and his old foe Haesten—Uhtred devises a strategy to invade and conquer Wessex itself. But fate has very different plans.

Bernard Cornwell’s The Burning Land is an irresistible new chapter in his epic story of the birth of England and the legendary king who made it possible.

There are a number of books in this series that are on sale for $1.99.

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