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Daily Deals: Amazon deals, historical romance, and suspense

Daily Deals: Amazon deals, historical romance, and suspense

I’m offering up a few Amazon only deals because the books that Amazon is discounting usually sell for $9.99 or more and I know a bunch of the readers here use Amazon deals. I have to tell you that it is so frustrating to search for deals that are at more than one retailer. Right now so many of the deals are repeats and I hate bringing you repeats.

Motorcycle books are all the rage and it doesn’t seem to have escaped the Inspirational fiction market (which Amazon has been promoting like no one’s business). This trilogy by Nancy Rue starts off with The Reluctant Prophet which is priced at $9.99 while the next two featured below are .99c. The protagonist is moved by the Lord to buy a Harley and it leads her into a new world filled with prostitutes, drug addicts, and criminals. There she apparently spreads the Gospel and changes their lives.

Amazon is having a big sale on books for $1.99. Many of them are non fiction ones that looked interesting and one was an Anne Stuart novel.

Finally, Monuments Men is $2.99. The movie looks intriguing but generally the book is almost always better.

Head To Head by Linda LaddHead To Head by Linda Ladd. $ 1.99

From the Jacket Copy:

With Every Turn In The Case. . .
After moving from Los Angeles to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, homicide detective Claire Morgan has at last adjusted to the peaceful rhythms of rural life. Until a grisly celebrity murder at an ultra-exclusive “wellness” resort shatters a quiet summer morning. . .

With Every Twist Of The Mind. . .
One of Dr. Nicholas Black’s high-profile clients, a beautiful young soap opera star, has been found dead, taped to a chair at a fully set table. . .submerged in the lake. Back in L.A., Claire investigated the rich, famous, and the deadly–but she never expected the problems of the privileged to follow her to this sleepy small town. Just as she never imagined crossing the line with her prime suspect. . .

With Every Beat Of The Heart. . .
Immersed in the case, Claire finds herself drawn to the charismatic doctor, spending more and more time in his company–and in his bed. Now, to catch a killer, Claire will have to enter the darkest recesses of the human mind. But is Black leading her there to help her. . .or luring her ever deeper into a madman’s grip?

Head To Head

PW writes “Though Ladd saddles Morgan with an all-purpose tragic past and occasional logic-deficient reasoning, she’s a smart, strong character capable enough to avoid the woman-in-distress scenarios her genre colleagues so typically fall into. Despite a propensity for caustic rambling, her tough-girl voice keeps the story moving toward a satisfying denouement with plenty of suspense and surprises.”

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My Steadfast Heart (The Thorne Brothers Trilogy, Book 1) y Jo GoodmanMy Steadfast Heart (The Thorne Brothers Trilogy, Book 1) by Ko Goodman. $ .99

From the Jacket Copy:

Colin Thorne finds his way out of a London workhouse but at the cost of losing his two younger brothers. With an uncertain future ahead of him, Colin makes seafaring his life until the inexorable pull of revenge draws him back to London. The debt owed to him by the Earl of Weybourne will be paid.

Weybourne Park has been Mercedes Leydon’s home her entire life. Now serving as the estate’s manager and caretaker of her uncle’s two children, Mercedes knows the earl’s frequent absences are what make Weybourne Park a home.

But the earl’s gaming has taken its toll and she and her young cousins are faced with losing everything to a devil-of-a-stranger calling in a debt that can’t be paid.

Casting caution aside, Mercedes will make a new bargain with this devil. If it’s her soul he wants—or her body—she will give it to him and stake her own claim on his steadfast heart.

I believe I featured this series before. It’s a very good series so for historical readers who haven’t discovered Goodman this be good start.

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First Page: Second Hand Jane

First Page: Second Hand Jane

Welcome to First Page Saturday. Individual authors anonymously send a first page read and critiqued by the Dear Author community of authors, readers and industry others. Anyone is welcome to comment. You may comment anonymously. You can submit your own First Page using this form.

Chapter One
“Oi nice slippers love!” A broad Dublin twang shouted down from the heavens.

A lack of privacy was the downside of apartment living, Jess thought as her gaze shot upwards to scan the myriad of windows overlooking the courtyard. She was rewarded by the sight of a lad with a crew cut who looked far too young to be the proud owner of such a bulbous drinker’s nose. His purpose judging by the plume of smoke he had just exhaled through his nostrils, for hanging out the window on a Saturday morning was not to spy on other residents but to have a sly smoke.

Having been there and done that Jess shrugged. Each to their own was her motto because she, better than most knew what it felt like to always have someone else sticking their ten cents worth in. As her mother’s face floated before her she gave Puff the Magic Dragon a little curtsey and got an excited wolf-whistle in return before opening the door to her block and disappearing inside.

It was true she mused as she waited for the lift, that along with a sagging bottom and boobs, age almost as though it were compensation bought confidence. There was a time when she would have blushed a shade of beetroot upon being whistled at like that. That was back in the days when men were still allowed to down tools on building sites in order to harass the young women hurrying past. Funny too how when you were a nubile, barely post teen strutting your stuff around Auckland’s CBD, you took those whistles for granted – almost as your due and then when you reached a certain age you became pathetically grateful for them.

Jess knew that before the morning was out she’d be texting her best pals with the exciting news that she had received a wolf whistle and…wait for it… she was wearing her elephant suit as her friends liked to refer to her Penney’s tracksuit ensemble.

Her apartment was housed on the second floor of the Sandbank Wing of the Riverside complex. Although she often joked that by the state of the Liffey when the tide were out perhaps the ‘Smelly Mud Flat Apartments’ or ‘Abandoned Shopping Trolleys Apartments’ might have been more apt names. Being on the second floor was something that made her feel happier when she spied the diehard smokers like ole randy, big nose boy – her reasoning being that if there was a fire at least she had the option of jumping.

This cheery trail of thought was interrupted as the lift door opened and disgorged Gemma from across the hall. She looked to be a woman on a mission judging by the water bottle in hand and the amount of skin-tight black spandex on display.

“Morning Jess!” Chirruped the svelte red-head with the bouncy pony-tail and perky everything else. “Glad to see you’re up and at it.” She gave Jess’s track pants and slippers the once over. “Well kind of anyway.”

“We can’t all be gym bunnies like you Gem. Besides you’ll do yourself an injury on that cross-trainer one of these days. Just you mark my words.” Pushing past her, she stepped inside the lift, “Besides my old bones have a good ten years on yours.”

Gemma laughed, “Listen to you – you sound like my Gran and she at least does Aqua-Aerobics twice a week! You really should come with me you know.” She winked conspiratorially, “There’s lots of hotties there.”

“Yeah-yeah I’ll think about it.” Jess muttered hitting number two. She had no intention of breaking the golden rule by which she lived her life. No man would ever see her in spandex nor would she get hot and sweaty in front of the opposite sex unless there was something fun in it for her!

“You’ve been saying that since Easter and we’re into September already so why don’t you put your money where…” Gemma’s voice trailed off as the doors slid shut in her face.
Gemma was right she supposed. She did sound like a Granny even though she had only just turned thirty-four which in this day and age of forty being the new thirty meant that technically she was twenty-four. Cheering up at that thought, Jess let herself into her apartment.