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Monday News: Art & originality, sensory marketing, narrating different perspectives, and Bambi parody

Monday News: Art & originality, sensory marketing, narrating different perspectives, and...

Borrowing, appropriating and stealing as old as art itself – An interesting article, written in response to the recent jury verdict against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for the similarities between “Blurred Lines” and Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it… more


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Dear Author delivers two reviews each weekday and one review on each weekend of hidden gems, old favorites, and up and coming authors to watch. Every morning we provide a summary of the publishing news and every afternoon a curated list of deals for your ebook device. On Sundays we talk technology and reading. Every day there is new, fresh content. Click to read more about Dear Author.

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Here is our monthly Open Thread.Open Thread is like open mike night. Come and talk about everything and anything. Exchange recommendations with other Dear Author readers. Promote your own book (in the Author thread) Tell us how you feel about current trends or current books. Take it over. It's your space.

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Dear Author is a community geared toward readers and we welcome authors with their reader hat on. Come on in and join the conversation. When it comes to a review, however, we gently encourage authors to remember that comments should be provided to encourage, not stifle, discussion. 

We do offer promotional threads once a month as well as an opportunity to have your first page of an unpublished manuscript critiqued.  Read more about what Dear Author offers to authors including why we write our reviews as a letter!

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