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Wednesday News: digital lending, self-publishing, live-tweeting, novel-writing, and bad sex

“A courageous nonlibrarian named Nelson Wolff set up the BiblioTech project so the all-digital library could loan out hundreds of devices capable of reading e-books. Likewise Judge Wolff, the leading official in the county government, cared about BiblioTech providing technical support to patrons, and his head librarian, Ashley Eklof, is excited about the possibilities of librarians spending more time on patron contact and community outreach. No need for shelving of paper books and related chores. From afar, this strikes me as good old-fashioned librarianship reinvented in the spirit of the Five Laws of Library Science. Books are for use. Not just paper books. Books, period. And the same for other library content and services, including the facilitation of connections between members of the local communities—for example, a virtual book club. “Outreach,” as I see it, can cover a lot, both online and offline.” LibraryCity

“For cover design, developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, print design/formatting, and e-book formatting, I paid approximately $2,500 total,” Mulry says. “At list price of $14.99 (print), I make $4.14 per book via Amazon and $1.14 everywhere else. At list price of $3.99 (digital), I make about $2.80 per unit. I have also retained my literary agency to handle all publicity and marketing, as well as foreign rights and subsidiary rights, so there’s an additional percentage that will be taken off net for them. Therefore, in terms of units, I need to sell close to 1,000 copies before I start earning a profit.” CNN

“Yes, readers often infer that there is symbolism in my work, which I do not intend. My reaction is sometimes annoyance. It is sometimes humorous. It is sometimes even pleasant, indicating that the reader’s mind has collaborated in a creative way with what I have written.” Mental Floss

“Suri wrote: “Surely supernovas explode that instant, somewhere, in some galaxy. The hut vanishes, and with it the sea and the sands – only Karuns body, locked with mine, remains. We streak like superheroes past suns and solar systems, we dive through shoals of quarks and atomic nuclei. In celebration of our breakthrough fourth star, statisticians the world over rejoice.”” The Guardian

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  1. mari
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 05:57:50

    Wish you’d stop saying DA is non-political. “Women’s health” is euphemism for abortion. “Multicultural education” is euphemism for “garbage we throw at kids to pretend they learn” and “death penalty” is what some families of murder victims refer to as
    ” justice.”
    I suppose Texas should be grateful you feel they are being “progressive.” Please stop with the liberal sucker punches and report on the news.Or at the very least stop claiming this site is non-political. It is very obvious where you stand and constantly being smacked in the face with it, when you claim to be non political is obnoxious. I read this site for news about authors, publishing, and reviews. In none of those areas do I expect gratuitous editorializing. When I get it, its infuriating. Either say you are editorializing, so I know what to expect and ignore it as needed, or be aware of what you are doing and stop it. I ignore most of the grad school cultural marxist essays here because at least I know from the title and tags they are opinions and likely to make me roll my eyes. You might want to warn readers of your MSNBC type reporting in the tags, so the half of readership that disagrees with the leftist slant you always put on thing, can ignore it. You might not know it from these comments, but I really love this site. Liberals are the ones who participate
    and produce most of the artistic content in this country, so I imagine the liberal slant in this content is not obvious to them. If one wants to participate in artistic discourse, one has no choice but to deal with the overwhelming leftist philosophical bent. Can’t
    help wishing there were sites in Romancelandia with a less “progressive” bent,or at least sites which were honest and more up front about it

  2. Alison
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 06:32:29

    Hi, re the Naval and Military Club in London – the story behind the nickname is sadly rather banal (although hosting the Bad Sex awards at the In and Out club must have been a dream come true for the marketing guys). There are separate entrance and exit gates at the front of the club appropriately marked “in” and “out” – since these are the first thing people see, rather than the name of the club, it came to be called the in and out club.

  3. Lori
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 07:21:10

    @mari: Might I suggest switching to decaf?

  4. Helen
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 07:40:54

    It will be interesting if Mulry posts when she breaks even and what her eventual profit ends up being on the book at various points in the books life cycle.

  5. DS
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 08:59:05

    I don’t know if the bad sex passage was intended to be humorous but I laughed at it instead of squirming with embarrassment as I did at the last sex scene I read (in a British police procedural that would have done better to leave the scene to the reader’s imagination).

  6. Ridley
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 09:05:41

    @mari: Happy Holidays.

  7. Laura
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 09:21:55

    @Mari: As a Texan, I heartily agree with Janet’s post.

  8. LeeF
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 09:30:10

    Bexar County, not Brexar.

  9. Amanda
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 10:00:22

    I am okay with people tweeting something bizarre they happen to overhear someone say but actually tweeting their private conversations is creepy. I am also guessing that if people are soon allowed to talk on cell phones throughout flights we will be seeing more instants of people tweeting others private conversations.

  10. leslie
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 10:44:26

    @mari: Thanks for the reminder! I need to put my yearly donation to Planned Parenthood in the mail today. Healthy New Year!

  11. Rose
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 10:49:46

    Re the tweeting article, if someone has a conversation loudly, in a public space, I’m not sure why there should be the same expectation of privacy as there is if you’re somewhere that is clearly private. How is it different from photography in public spaces?

    The Elan Gale thing looked like a hoax from the start. A misogynistic hoax.


    Can’t help wishing there were sites in Romancelandia with a less “progressive” bent

    Why not start one of your own? DA shouldn’t be expected to cater to your beliefs, but if you feel they are underrepresented, do something about it instead of complaining in the comments every time your liberal agenda detector goes off.

    Women’s health is about a lot more than abortion, BTW, and multicultural education doesn’t mean what you’ve decided it means.

  12. Darlynne
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 10:50:13

    I am not a betting woman, but I would have put down a bazillion dollars on who, and what, the first poster would be and say. I am rich! And sadder for it.

    In other news, my hat is off to Texas and the digital library.

  13. P. Kirby
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 10:52:26

    @Laura: “@Mari: As a Texan, I heartily agree with Janet’s post.”

    This Texan seconds that agreement.

  14. Mara
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 11:14:15


    When you’ve finished complaining about the way other people do things, start your own romance review blog. Surely you’d rather be productive than waste time whining about a blog no one’s forcing you to read.

    Besides, Janet’s assessment is dead-on. I’ve lived in Texas thirty-nine years and have seen and heard things that would make even a (genuine and not tea party) conservative’s skin crawl. That we’re moving forward in *any* regard is a situation worthy of notice and one to be applauded.

  15. Isobel Carr
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 11:47:36

    Mulray’s numbers look about right to me. Exclusive covers that I think match the quality of my NY covers are running right around $700 to complete. Edits are $600-$1100 (depending on if I use beta readers or a professional developmental editor, and assuming a second round copy edit). I’m doing my own layouts (mostly because I’m a control freak). So I estimate I’ll need to sell around 600 copies of a $3.99 novel to break even (2500 copies of a 99-cent novella).

  16. Janet
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 12:55:28

    Okay, so just to clarify, I’ve taken over the daily news posting, and there will be some editorializing (the “reporting” is in, well, reporting the story via link and providing a brief summary). Read — or not — at your own risk. Also, I’m very aware of my liberal perspective (and I am only speaking for myself, not for the diverse group of bloggers who make up Dear Author). However, since we are *all* political beings, and people of all political positions and persuasions obviously read and comment here freely, I don’t feel the need to disguise my own perspective, especially when people can read the actual stories for themselves and comment accordingly.

    @Alison: What a happy coincidence, then, for whoever handles the Bad Sex Award PR.

    @LeeF: Thank you.

    @Amanda: The thing is, people don’t have a legal expectation of privacy in public places. What community standards are/should be around reporting those conversations is a whole other discussion, though.

    @Rose: As I noted to Amanda, people don’t have a legal expectation of privacy. I tend to view these things on a case by case basis, but in Elan Gale’s case, the whole thing struck me as so overtly and extremely misogynistic, that I was more caught up in the waves of approval he was getting for telling a stranger to “eat my dick,” than in the question of whether he should be tweeting the conversation at all. However, that question of ethics in the retelling does factor in, because the collective energy was pretty strongly directed at further humiliating someone who was already being described and characterized in the most insulting terms.

  17. Toni
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 12:58:24


    Or you could start your own blog and say whatever you want.

  18. azteclady
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 13:01:36

    Thank you for keeping us updated with the news, and I for one, love the commentary.

  19. Lindsay
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 14:03:02

    I love DA’s daily news, it’s the highlight of my day, and both the authors and community are things I cherish. Even those who I don’t agree with. I’m pretty sure the commenting policy is clear that we discuss this sort of thing and are going to have our own views.

    That said, this place is an absolute haven when it comes to knowing the whole world isn’t full of hate and other people really do have problems with a lot of the things going on in it. So thank you, Janet and everyone.

    (Also, specifically, the livetweeting was creepy indeed — people may not have expectations of privacy, but you generally have the expectation of not having your details up on the internet and the internet hate machine aimed directly at you… they may have said it was a prank this time, but look at the people who went out of their way to go after folks OVERHEARD in the “Livetweeting of a break-up on the rooftop” to make the woman pay for being… a woman. It’s terrifying.)

  20. Susan
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 16:05:50

    I didn’t think it was possible for Elan Gale to be a bigger DB, but he outdid himself.

    We all run across people who behave inappropriately in public (and, sadly, sometimes it’s even us). My mother used to tell me to not let it aggravate me because you just never know what someone else is going through in their private lives and that you should kill them with kindness. I’ll never be the saint my mom was, so I’m not always successful in putting her words into practice, but I try to keep them in mind. Gale’s response to “Diane” was OTT antagonistic and nasty. He wasn’t trying to calm the situation, he was trying to inflame it–for cheap laughs. And telling some strange woman to “eat my d**k” three separate times took the incident to an entirely different level of unacceptability. The picture of Gale’s mother giving the finger to “Diane” afterwards was just icing on the cake. Classy family all around.

    When I saw that the whole thing was a hoax, I wasn’t entirely surprised. I wonder if he intended to come clean from the outset, or if he realized he needed to after the thing went viral and someone else outed him as a liar. No matter, he got the attention and notoriety he craved, with lots of new followers for his future witty antics. I’m sure his new pal Alec Baldwin will appreciate him.

    And, yeah, I probably let this bother me more that it should have, so I’m going to put it, and that pissant Gale, out of my mind now.

  21. Jamie Beck
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 16:17:19

    I have to agree with Ms. Chittal and you about tweeting other people’s private conversations (for so many reasons). First, I’ll admit to being biased against Twitter in general because I just don’t really get the “fun” of it. I’m not knocking it for those who enjoy it, only stating that, for me, it’s not really something I spend time following. This article is a perfect example of why. I do like when I see a link to an interesting article, or writing tips, book deals, etc. But I don’t really care about reading a lot of the other stuff people seem to enjoy sharing…and some stranger’s private conversation would rank up there as a real waste of my time!

    And I’d feel rather ashamed to tweet someone’s private conversations, not proud. I’d hope people who care about Twitter popularity would try to build a following by posting thought-provoking, funny, ORIGINAL material instead of taking cheap shots at the mistakes or stupidity of others. Of course, that’s just my opinion…and who the hell am I to judge anyone anyway…LOL.

  22. txvoodoo
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 16:55:51

    @mari: Obviously, this is not the place for you. As a Texan woman of non-childbearing years, I know fully that “womans’ health” is not a euphemism for abortion. The anti-abortionists have, in their quest to reduce Texan’s access to legal abortion, limited women’s access to basic healthcare for many Texan women, including things like breast and cervical cancer screenings, diagnosis and treatment for heart disease, diabetes, and urgent care.

    Besides which, who are you to tell DA how and what to report on? As others have succinctly said, start your own blog.

    I did want to thank you for this, however, as it made me chuckle:

    “Liberals are the ones who participate and produce most of the artistic content in this country,”

    Artistic content, yes. Fiction? Nope.

  23. batgrl
    Dec 06, 2013 @ 22:21:23

    As a former Texas resident moving back to the state next year I was happy to hear about that library news from my folks – and to see it reported here. While all of Texas (and the more loud folk) may not like to realize it, there are quite a few liberal types living in the state, particularly living in the capitol of Austin, which is just down the road an hour or so from San Antonio (Bexar County). If you’re not familiar with it, feel free to google “keep Austin weird.” Most all of Texas cities are similarly diverse. Automatically thinking you can turn to state residents for a knee jerk reaction in any one political direction is a mistake.

    Oh and I also have Planned Parenthood to thank for checking out the lump in my breast when I didn’t have insurance and then help me find a local doctor and system to get a mammogram. Sometimes women’s health isn’t a euphemism.

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