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Thursday News: Tos;DR, Fair Use rulings, and poor B&N nook sales

“According to iSuppli’s analysts, B&N sold only 459 thousand Enhanced ereaders last quarter, and they sold around 614 thousand in Q1 2012. In contrast, Amazon is estimated to have sold over a million Kindle Fires each quarter.”The Digital Reader

“Making the fine print easy to understand…Each data point will be assigned a weight in the rating of the website in question as soon as there is a rough consensus in the mailing list thread. So the classification of each website simply depends on how many positive and negative data points we have posted about it on the mailing list.”Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

“Quantity was key. De Graff knew that if he could print 100,000 paperbound books, production costs would plummet to 10 cents per copy. But it would be impossible for Pocket Books to turn a profit if it couldn’t reach hundreds of thousands of readers. And that would never happen as long as de Graff relied solely on bookstores for distribution. So de Graff devised a plan to get his books into places where books weren’t traditionally sold. His twist? Using magazine distributors to place Pocket Books in newsstands, subway stations, drugstores, and other outlets to reach the underserved suburban and rural populace. But if Pocket Books were going to sell, they couldn’t just stick to the highbrow. De Graff avoided the stately, color-coded covers of European paperbacks, which lacked graphics other than the publishers’ logos, and splashed colorful, eye-catching drawings on his books.”Mental Floss

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  1. sandy l
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 06:54:28

    Is the Kindle Fire really better than the Nook tablet? I have a Nook tablet and love it as an ereader, but have been frustrated with it as a tablet. I’ve seriously considered switching to the iPad, but will probably wait to see if and when they develop a newer tablet with Microsoft.

  2. Brian
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 07:43:52

    @sandy l: Hardware wise the Fire and Nook Tab are comparable, it’s content where Amazon is much better. Amazon’s Kindle store has more books and more deals, Amazon sells MP3, has Audible and has a large and growing video service (Nook relies on Netflix & Hulu+ among others which the Fire also has access to). Amazon’s appstore, which works on pretty much any Android device and has tons of apps vs. B&N’s which works on only the two Nook’s (Color & Tab) has very few apps and generally higher prices (or did last I checked). The Fire is less ‘locked’ and allows you to sideload apps from other sources, the Nook Tab did this initially and B&N took the ability away in an “update” (I’m still a bit sore about that). A 7″ tablet works best IMO as a consumption device and the Fire is far superior to the Nook due to the volume of what can be consumed. The Nook isn’t BAD, at least not as a reader, you just can’t do anywhere near as much as with a Fire or a regular Android Tab like the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab 2.

  3. Avery Flynn
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 10:01:19

    “Diddly to Squat” oh that made me laugh.

    When Flynn kids No. 1 and No. 2 were combining their life savings to buy a tablet this summer they were looking at the Nook and the Kindle Fire. They came down on the side of the Fire because of the apps. When a 9 and 6 years old are looking at things that way, you have to figure the grown up population is doing so even more.

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