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Thursday News: Emily Giffin stirs up a sh!storm; US Navy SEAL...

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Forgive me, but I feel a bit irritable and thus my commentary on today’s news might have a slight edge.  First up, we have Emily Giffin — pretty, successful, happily married Emily Giffin.  Ms. Giffin, allegedly the nicest person ever per her fans, chortled over the fact that her husband called a reader “psycho” on Amazon and then encouraged, via Facebook and Twitter, her fans to go forth and engage in the same behavior.  Well, bullshit. Nice people don’t call random readers psycho for an entirely mild review.  Let’s take a look at the review:

This book was so disappointing. I have read all of Emily Giffin’s books, and have found that her last few books are getting worse and worse. Where We Belong had the ability to be a great story. However, telling the story from two points of view, Marianne and Kirby, led there to be little depth to either character. Also I found both characters to be very unlikable. The story was trite and unbelievable. I also found that Giffin put a very negative spin on adoption. Giffin’s last books have been a disappointment and this one was no different.

This reader did not like the book and all the comments are directed to the book.   The reader in question a) read and liked previous Giffin books and b) ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE BOOK from Amazon (as noted by the Amazon Verified Purchase badge on her review). This review enrages Giffin’s husband and he leaves the following comment:

Really? An “avid reader” that has written one review in their entire existence on amazon. Beware people. Psycho alert. (screencap)

Giffin giggles about it on Facebook and Twitter.   More fans go to attack readers/reviewers, leaving negative diatribes on every negative review for Giffin’s latest release.  Worse? Now Giffin is claiming that the reviewer insulted her husband first and he just responded.  More bullshit. When you delete a comment on Amazon, it leaves a trail. FOR EXAMPLE, Amazon deleted her husband’s comment, which was the very first comment to the review.

deleted comment

or by a fan of Giffin who finally came to her senses and deleted her ragey rants to a 1 star review:

deleted by author Amazon comment

COME ON! Emily Giffin, your book was #2 on the NYT list.  You had a movie made out of one of your books.  Your books receive tons of accolades. You have hundreds of thousands of fans (your facebook page is liked 115,327 times!!).  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? ARE YOU THAT INSECURE? No need to answer.  The evidence makes the response obvious.  Just, no.  Stop and no. Do not bait your fans into going over to Amazon and attacking the tiny few who did not like your book.  Do not act like a giggly fool when your husband calls a reader a psycho.  Do not try to pretend like you had nothing to do with the drama at Amazon.  You called out the dogs. You made this a *thing*.  That *is* bullying behavior.  Just go and stroke your hardcovers and bask in all the hundreds of adulatory comments your facebook posts receive and leave readers alone.

The next thing that  me uncomfortable was the report that a now retired Navy Sea who was involved in the Bin Laden raid is putting out a book next month that details a first hand account of the raid.  The author is supposedly anonymous but he’ll be doing a slew of interviews on TV and in print about his book. The Pentagon has not seen it yet to vet the book so who knows what types of information is in it that could put our current soldiers in danger.  This guy’s identity will be outed within the week.  There are sufficient details including his first deployment, his retirement date, that he was born in Alaska and grew up there, that will out him.  This is 2012. There are no anonymous people left but perhaps he is hoping for that? It just doesn’t sit right for me.

As for the author in question, he never even replied. I know he got the email, I submitted it through his website and received confirmation it’d been received sent to my own email, but he has blatantly ignored it. Not only has he ignored my request, but he has continued using it. He has since posted several new chapters, each illustrated with my cover art. Who Needs Neverland?

“FutureBook yesterday featured a piece on an experiment in the UK between Osprey publishing imprint Angry Robot and independent bookshop Mostly Books to bundle a free electronic edition of an Angry Robot novel with each print copy of it sold. (We’ve previously mentioned Angry Robot’s e-book store and e-book subscription plan.) After just two weeks, Osprey’s CEO revealed that the bundling initiative had tripled the publisher’s sales at that store, and plans are in the offing to expand it to other independent bookstores.” The Digital Reader

“So all in all, it seems unlikely that Boose signed a contract such as was described in the New York Magazine article. In fact, as someone who’s serious about being a professional ghostwriter (and editor and writing coach) he probably worked out a standard ghostwriter agreement. And he probably didn’t have any illusions (as Hughes reportedly did) that writing these books would help him sell his own, non-ghostwritten work.” i09

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