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Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 15 years ago. She enjoys historical romance/fiction best, likes contemporaries, action- adventure and mysteries, will read suspense if there's no TSTL characters and is currently reading very few paranormals.


  1. Rosie
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 18:14:23

    I know there’s a lot of Patricia Gaffney fans who visit this blog. I saw on Amazon that To Have and to Hold, To Love and to Cherish and Forever and Ever are being released as ebooks on June 18. Mark your calendars.

  2. Merrian
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 19:25:16

    Looking forward to the new Diana Pharaoh Francis Horngate book ‘Blood Winter’ which releases this week. I like this magical apocalypse dystopian series very much. Max as Shdowblade leader is no longer human and I love how that has been explored in the series. I also love how the good guys are tough and crazy and maybe a little sociopathic but that is the skill set for surviving in this scary, new world. I also like how Max is the heart of the community and her friendships and compassion set it’s ethical tone even when she isn’t the Big Boss.

    I was also thrilled to read the third book in Martha Wells ‘Raksura Trilogy’ which released this month. I loved how ‘Siren Depths’ wrapped up Moon’s journey across the three books from isolation to home and family and a Queen to love, and how is idiosyncrasies are his strengths and I loved his penchant for whacking opponents with kettles in a fight. The Raksura are sort of dragony/fae-ish/shapeshifters and live in complex colonies run by Queens who are bigger and meaner than any of the guys. The world building and sociology are wonderful.

  3. cleo
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 07:50:49

    Looking forward to Heidi Cullinan’s latest, Dirty Laundry, which is coming out late Jan.

  4. Jennifer Estep
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 08:16:09

    I’m looking forward to Scent of Magic by Maria Snyder. I also want to whittle down my TBR pile over the holiday break. Happy reading and happy holidays, everyone!

  5. Darlynne
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 11:59:57

    @Jennifer Estep: I feel the same about my TBR pile. The embarrassment of riches that is my Nook reader completely paralyzes me when it’s time to select the next book. This one, that one? Some of those must-have-now titles may have to be excavated and carbon-dated because I have forgotten their existence.

    And I am grateful for every one of them.

  6. Jennifer Estep
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 12:33:32

    @Darlynne: I need to whittle down my TBR pile … to make room for new/more books. LOL.

  7. Shelley
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 11:00:59

    Reading “Grease Monkey Jive” by Ainslie Paton which I am loving. Read “Hiding Hollywood” first but did not care for it at all. Could have been a good book but was so much info dump, I wanted to pull my hair out. I’m a big “Strictly Ballroom” fan so I pretty much knew I would like GMJ just for that but the characters are so likable and real. HH may have not resonated with me cuz I get really tired of the gossip, etc.

    Also trying to get my TBR pile down but not having much luck. Too many ebooks, paperbacks, yada, yada, yada…bought a bunch of ebooks from Kobo with 40% off coupon so need to work on those. Don’t know when… :O)

  8. leslie
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 11:43:12

    Has anyone seen the new Overdrive library page? I hate it. For the moment it’s only on the LAPL e-media site, but coming next month to all public libraries. Change is not always good unless it’s on the sidewalk.

  9. Shelley
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 12:03:52

    @leslie: I’ve never really liked Overdrive anyway but this may turn me off completely. Too bad. :O(

  10. Nikki
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 14:54:44

    Does anyone ever feel like their relationship with an author/series is like an addiction? You know that they keep doing things that annoy or anger you, but you can’t help but go back because you think maybe this time he/she will change or how can you abandon the characters? Or that could just be me. I was thinking about it as we approach the end of the year since there are several authors I will need to break up with in 2013 and I am somewhat ambivalent about it.

    Otherwise, I am missing Borders a lot because they would pretty much put books out whenever . Mostly because Battle by Michelle West is out Monday. But Amazon and B&N are being strict about shipping and putting it on shelves. This is where a excerpt can be unhealthy in terms of increasing anticipation, especially when you have exhausted all reading options.

  11. Sherry Thomas
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 13:23:19

    World War Z.

    I didn’t have time to read much in 2012, but even if I had, this book would still have stood out as one of the very best.

  12. Dabney
    Dec 29, 2012 @ 13:29:40

    @Rosie: Woo Hoo!

  13. cleo
    Jan 09, 2013 @ 11:09:09


    Does anyone ever feel like their relationship with an author/series is like an addiction? You know that they keep doing things that annoy or anger you, but you can’t help but go back because you think maybe this time he/she will change or how can you abandon the characters?

    Sometimes I totally feel like I’m in a bad relationship with an author or a series. I think I’ve finally broken up with JAK’s Arcane Society. It wasn’t a splashy break up, more a drifting away – from auto-buy to library wishlist to “huh, there’s a new one out?, maybe I’ll read it someday.”

  14. Lada
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 07:49:16

    @Nikki: Oh, absolutely. JR Ward is probably like that for many readers. I hung with her well past when I should have let go (which I finally have).

    Just read and thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Mayberry’s “Her Best Worst Mistake” over the holidays. She made what could have been a very melodramtic and dicey situation believable and very satisfying. I’m happy to have “The Other Side of Us” tbr! She’s definitely a contemporary author I know I can count on and I wish there were many more like her!

    I’m sort of interested in “Grease Monkey Jive” but am nervous about the quality/editing. Jane mentions a couple of mistakes in passing but unlike her, I don’t read past mistakes very well. A few wouldn’t bother me but consistent errors would. Could someone let me know if there are really only a few editing/grammar errors? I haven’t ever been a dance show fan but I enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook more than I thought I would and it made me think I might like this book.

  15. Shelley
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 12:40:32


    I’m sort of interested in “Grease Monkey Jive” but am nervous about the quality/editing.

    I cried when I read SM’s Her Best Worst Mistake, it was so good. Am currently glomming on the rest of her titles. Another book I just finished is Emmie Dark’s In His Eyes and I really liked it! Kind of dark in nature but it’s the first I’ve read by her and I don’t know if this is her usual style. Emmie Dark is Australian and the setting is also in Australia.

    I’m finishing up Grease Monkey Jive now and am really liking it. Main characters are likable and believable and yes, I have cried at times. Didn’t notice too many mistakes. If I start to find too many I start making notes on my Kindle. I read Hiding Hollywood by same author and OMG! Notes galore, mostly because of really, really contrived situations, unbelievable plot, and other general WTFery. Ainslie Paton has improved much!

  16. Lada
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 11:53:19

    @Shelley: Thank you, Shelley! I’ve never heard of Emmie Dark and am going to give her a try so thanks for the rec.

    Looks like I should also give GMJ a chance. I’ve been feeling a need to expand my roster of authors but it’s getting harder to navigate the influx, even with review sites like DA. I appreciate the feedback!

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