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Open Thread for Authors (Author Promo) for October 2011

Welcome to the October Promotional Thread for Authors. What’s this you say? I read quite a few blogs outside the romance blogosphere and many of the big ones have a daily open thread where the commenters drive the bus.

The rules for Author Promo Night Open Thread are as follows:

The book has to be released in that month (i.e., anything released during the last week of September would be an October release)
You can post for yourself or you can have a friend post for you if the idea of posting about your book paralyzes you .
No self published authors unless you write romance. No, I am not a POD hater, I am just thinking about the manageability of the thread.
Think about the readership. I.e., does your non fiction book about psoriasis really fit?
This one is more of a guideline than a rule, but be smart about your comment because if it is just a link to your website and the title of your book, I doubt you are going to get any interest.
DA reserves the right to delete the post if it promotes objectionable content (i.e., no daddy/daughter incest recommends are going to be allowed. Sorry.)
That’s it. Post away.

Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 15 years ago. She enjoys historical romance/fiction best, likes contemporaries, action- adventure and mysteries, will read suspense if there's no TSTL characters and is currently reading very few paranormals.


  1. Dee Carney
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 15:26:06

    Intimate Whispers , an Interracial, Paranormal Romance

    Whispers from the dead are everywhere because their greatest desire is to be heard.

    Sabrina Turner has found only one way to stop the curse she was born with—allowing an incubus to worship her body in exchange for halting the voices drowning her sanity. Every time she succumbs, it’s still an act of desperation. Yet she’s not sure if she wants to be rid of the bittersweet release.

    All Jason Raines wants in this world is to communicate one last time with his deceased brother. When he discovers his seductive neighbor speaks to the dead, it’s another reason to get close to her. Visions and cryptic dreams Sabrina experiences are messages for him, he’s sure of it. Whatever her price, he’ll pay it. When a reluctant Sabrina opens the doorway to the other side, though, he discovers the cost may be higher than he first thought.

    Her urgent search for freedom. His crucial need for absolution. A burning love between them offers their only hope in salvation from intimate whispers.

    Available 10.7.2011 from Ellora’s Cave:

  2. Jennifer Estep
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 16:14:14

    SPIDER’S REVENGE, the fifth book in my Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series, will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Here’s the description:

    Old habits die hard. And I plan on murdering someone before the night is through.

    Killing used to be my regular gig, after all. Gin Blanco, aka the Spider, assassin-for-hire. And I was very good at it. Now, I’m ready to make the one hit that truly matters: Mab Monroe, the dangerous Fire elemental who murdered my family when I was thirteen. Oh, I don’t think the mission will be easy, but turns out it’s a bit more problematic than expected. The bitch knows I’m coming for her. So now I’m up against the army of lethal bounty hunters she hired to track me down. She also put a price on my baby sister’s head. Keeping Bria safe is my first priority. Taking Mab out is a close second. Good thing I’ve got my powerful Stone and Ice magic — and my irresistible lover Owen Grayson — to watch my back. This battle has been years in the making, and there’s a chance I won’t survive. But if I’m going down, then Mab’s coming with me — no matter what I have to do to make that happen.

    You can read the first chapter of SPIDER’S REVENGE on the Excerpts page of my website. There are also several free short stories there. Here’s the link:

    Happy reading, everyone!

  3. Lynne Connolly
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 17:06:07

    In an odd pattern this year, most of my books are coming out in the last few months.
    September has a novella I had a lot of fun writing.

    “Temporary Spy” from Total Ebound is out next week.

    Lover to spy to lover

    When Beth goes to work for millionaire architect Finlay Scott, she has an ulterior motive. She’s a spy. But she’s a spy at Finlay’s request. They have history that neither have forgotten, but instead of ending their relationship, they rekindle it.

    Unable to resist the sheer magnetic pull, Beth and Finlay plunge into a torrid after hours affair, but Beth is still determined to walk away at the end of the assignment. Can Finlay persuade her otherwise?

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Sandy James
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 18:26:01

    I’m thrilled to announce that the fifth book in my award-winning Damaged Heroes series will release from BookStrand on Tuesday, October 25th. A buy link will be on my website soon.

    Here’s the blurb:

    What happens when happily ever after meets reality? Susan and James Williams are drifting apart. After a devastating loss, their lives are thrown into further turmoil when a mysterious stone at a museum hurtles them back to the Old West. Their supernatural experience only intensifies the chasm between them, and when James realizes where they are, in a moment of anger, he pronounces that they were never married.

    They go their separate ways, unsure of what this new world holds in store. James settles into a job as bartender. Befriended by local rancher Daniel Miller, Susan soon develops feelings for him. She’s torn between starting a new life in a new time and healing her marriage and returning to the twenty-first century.

    Will the miraculous journey back in time help Susan and James reconcile, or has destiny set new roads for them to travel that lead them away from each other?

  5. Anitra Lynn McLeod
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 18:49:32

    Dirty Cowboy

    Not every day does cowboy Everett Henry come across a buck naked man in need, but Dalton Hicks compels his compassion. They share a warm fire and an even hotter bedroll, but Dalton’s odd behavior and clouded memory have Everett wondering if they have what it takes to stay together for the long haul.

    Available for pre-order now!

  6. Anitra Lynn McLeod
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 19:11:18

    Now available in print!

    Thief, Book 1, Fringe Series

    Warning: Contains a celibate ship captain who can’t abide swearing, a kick-ass woman with a marshmallow heart, a motley crew of misfits, interstellar battles, thwarted groping, sensual seduction, and a total bastard who owns his own planet.

  7. Gretchen Galway
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 20:25:15

    Thanks to Jayne and all of DA for this thread. Coming out in ebook in October:

    The Supermodel’s Best Friend is for anyone curious to see two overlooked sidekicks of the rich and beautiful get their happily-ever-after.

    When her long-term fiancé dumps her, 34-year-old Lucy Hathcoat is determined to replace him as efficiently as possible. Her supermodel best friend is getting married to a billionaire – what better place than their week-long wedding to find a new man? Lucy isn’t picky; she just wants a decent guy who’s eager to start a family. Someone as logical, responsible, and practical as she is.

    Definitely not the six-foot-five, fun-loving Miles Girard. Being totally hot and charming is not important. She doesn’t need a man who makes her laugh. A man who makes her jump in his lap and kiss him. A man who is wary of marriage and thinks she needs him more than she needs a husband.

    Then again, why does she feel like maybe, just maybe, she can’t live without him?

    The Supermodel’s Best Friend will be available in early October. More info on my website, including the saga of the cover design and a few excerpts, at my blog.

  8. Janet Mullany
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 21:24:02

    The second book in my series about Jane Austen as a vampire, JANE AUSTEN: BLOOD PERSUASION, releases October 4, 2011.

    It is 1810, and the Damned are out of favor—banished from polite society. Jane Austen’s old undead friends have become new neighbors, raising hell in her tranquil village just in time to interrupt Jane’s work on what will be her masterpiece. Suddenly Jane’s niece is flirting dangerously with vampires, and a formerly respectable spinster friend has discovered the forbidden joys of intimate congress with the Damned (and is borrowing Jane’s precious silk stockings for her assignations). Writing is simply impossible now, with murderous creatures prowling the village’s once-peaceful lanes. And with the return of her vampire characteristics, a civil war looming between factions of the Damned, and a former lover who intends to spend eternity blaming her for his broken heart, Jane is facing a very busy year indeed.

    Read an excerpt here.

    I’m also a contributor to an amazing anthology of short stories inspired by Jane Austen, edited by Laurel Ann Nattress of, JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT.

    If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, on October 14, you’re invited to attend the book launch party of JANE AUSTEN: BLOOD PERSUASION, JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT, and Carrie Bebris’s latest Austen mystery, THE DECEPTION AT LYME.


  9. Kate McMurray
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 21:46:14

    I have an m/m book coming out October 11! It will be available from Loose Id here: Across the East River Bridge. Here’s the blurb:

    When Finn’s boss sends him to a museum in Brooklyn, the last person he expects to see is his old rival, Troy. Finn still blames Troy for sending his career off the rails, but Troy has research Finn needs. Troy also has an intriguing story; the museum he curates is haunted by the ghosts of two men who died under mysterious circumstances in 1878. Troy strikes a deal: he’ll help Finn if Finn helps him find out what happened to the men who died.

    From diaries, police reports, and newspaper articles, Finn and Troy piece together the lives of the two dead men—and the romance that bloomed between them—and it becomes clear that the men were murdered. It also becomes clear that the ghosts are real and are capable of manipulating the dreams, thoughts, and actions of the living. When Finn and Troy start falling for each other, Finn worries that it’s all an illusion concocted by the ghosts to keep them working together to solve the mystery, but Troy is convinced the love between them is real. But how can he get rid of a couple of ghosts and prove it?

  10. Lori
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 00:58:25

    The Trials and Tribulations of a West Coast Southern Belle by C. L. McCullough, my significantly non-significant other, releases from Lyrical Press on October 3.

    T.L. Everly is a California girl who is haunted by a world of Southern belles led by her mother, all of whom know what’s best for the recently unemployed T.L.

    A weekend in Vegas becomes the beginning of a whole mess of trouble, T.L. tries to get back on her feet while dancing around the Belles machinations, casino boss Rafe McBride’s temper and interest and the sudden loss of her top on the Vegas stage.

    Getting fired, getting fired up and finally getting down with the sexy Rafe are all things that happen in Vegas but don’t necessarily stay there.

    This book is a joy and I’m so proud of Carolyn for writing such a heart felt and heart full novel. Carolyn might be a new to you writer but after giving this novel a try, she’s sure to become a must read writer.

  11. Nell Dixon
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 02:36:53

    Renovation, Renovation, Renovation published by Myrmidon is released on 30th September/1st October with the paperback to follow March 5th 2012. This is the new novel by multi-award winning author, Nell Dixon.
    After renovating twelve houses in seven years Kate wanted a ring on her finger and the forever house.
    Instead of her dream home and her dream man, she lands house number thirteen, Myrtle Cottage. A crumbling seventeenth century money pit.
    Trapped by the credit crunch on yet another renovation project with her now very ex boyfriend, Steve, will she ever find the forever love she’s after or will it just be more renovation, renovation, renovation? Romance with Heart.

  12. Madelynne Ellis
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 03:39:19

    My contemporary mmf menage set in Yorkshire is now available in print from Samhain.


    Once trouble moves in, it can throw a kink in your plans.

    Evie’s future finally looks as tidy as the Yorkshire house she shares with Ross, her serious boyfriend. Until she comes home and sneaks into his after-work shower and discovers she’s just jumped a naked stranger with mysterious, deep-running ties to Ross’s past.

    Fresh from a bartending stint in Japan, Kit plans to move into his newly inherited house as soon as it gets a roof. Meanwhile, his old friend Ross has offered him a spare room. How better entertain himself than by pushing Evie’s buttons and her boundaries?

    Risk isn’t Ross’s style–at least, not anymore–but then again, he was never able to say no to Kit. Memories of their wild adventures still spice his sexual fantasies. Fantasies that could cost him Evie’s love, if she knew.

    Captured by Kit’s bad-boy charm, Evie finds her vision of domestic bliss rapidly fading in the growing intensity of Kit’s dark sexuality. Kit knows he’s playing fast and loose with Ross and Evie’s relationship, but he’s certain he can win them over and have what he’s always wanted. A three-way romance.

    Even if his last attempt ended in a disaster that comes back to haunt them all.

    Product Warnings
    This title contains explicit, ménage a trois loving, m/m sex and a bad, bad man with a fondness for skimpy shorts and irreverent behavior.

    Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
    Publication Date: 10-04-2011
    Length: 272 Pages
    ISBN: 978-1-60928-292-9

  13. Eve Langlais
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 05:54:41

    Hell’s Revenge

    Coming October 3rd
    From Liquid Silver Books

    Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance (MFMM)

    I am literally going to kill my mother.

    To say I have mommy issues is putting it mildly. The woman who abandoned me has a lot of nerve to just saunter back into my life without warning and drop a bombshell of atomic proportions. I tried to kill her as way of resolving my inner Freudian issues, but my damned boyfriends stopped me. Spoilsports.

    As if wanting to strangle my birth mother isn’t enough, once again, someone is messing with my life and a new player steps in to save me. Did I mention my dark knight is tall, dark and fanged? Just don’t tell my lovers because apparently they’re not willing to share me with the undead.

    The final showdown with the mysterious figure—also known as the major pain in my ass—fast approaches. I don’t care how powerful they are. They screwed up big time when they took something precious of mine. It’s never a good idea to piss off this Princess of Hell because revenge is my middle name.

    Includes a foursome, some serious ass kicking and a sexual orgy that boggles the mind.

    Princess of Hell series
    Book One – Lucifer’s Daughter
    Book Two – Snowballs In Hell
    Book Three – Hell’s Revenge

    For more info please see

    Happy reading and thanks for checking it out
    Eve :)

  14. Jennifer Colgan
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 06:53:32

    My paranormal romance INTERVIEW WITH A GARGOYLE will be available from Samhain Publishing on October 4.

    How far into darkness will he go to reclaim the light?

    Melodie McConnell’s night shift couldn’t get any more bizarre. First, a commotion behind the bakery lands her in the arms of a slimy demon. Then she’s swept into hiding by a demon hunter…and discovers she’s been swallowed whole by a world she never knew existed.

    In the decade since he inherited a centuries-old family curse, darkness has ruled Blake DeWitt’s life. By day he’s encased in the form of a hideous stone gargoyle. By night, desperation drives him to search for the Witch’s Cabochon, a gem with the power to permanently lift the curse.

    He’s seconds away from claiming it when the dying demon transfers it to a human woman whose beautiful body is no match for its wild, darkly sexual power. And whose innocent attempts at seduction he finds hard to resist.

    As the demons swarm closer, they find safety in each other’s arms. Until Blake discovers the only key to his freedom…and must face a soul-rending choice.

    It’s available for pre-order at and has been awarded A Golden Blush Recommended Read by Literary Nymphs.

  15. K. Z. Snow
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 08:52:10

    My coming-of-age m/m contemporary, The Zero Knot, releases October 14 from Dreamspinner Press. The novel will be available in print as well as e-book. Below is a blurb. You can read the Prologue at my website and another excerpt at my blog.

    print ISBN: 978-1-61372-204-6
    eBook ISBN: 978-1-61372-205-3


    Eighteen-year-old Jess Bonner is casting off pretense — and, with it, some friends from his past he no longer has much in common with. In just a few months he’ll be starting college, and it’s time for him to admit the truth: he’s gay, not bi, and only one of his childhood buddies holds any kind of real interest for him. When Dylan “Mig” Finch also puts some distance between himself and the old crowd, he and Jess give in to a mutual attraction that’s been building for years.

    But fashioning a meaningful relationship isn’t easy for these young men. Forces they can’t seem to control keep tripping them up: sexual appetite, personal insecurities, fear of discovery, and more. They need clarity. They need courage. Just as they’re on the verge of finding both, a vindictive act of jealousy sends one of them to jail. All their hard-won victories are in danger of falling to dust. The only way to save what they have is to recognize it for what it is . . . and fight for its integrity.

  16. Jill Sorenson
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 09:06:07

    TEMPTED BY HIS TARGET, my third book with Harlequin Romantic Suspense, is out now in print. Digital will be available October 1st.

    It’s a “road romance” featuring a fugitive heroine and an undercover U.S. Marshal on the run in Mexico.

    Here is the blurb and excerpt:

    I’m doing a photo tour on my blog with setting details and travel pics.

    Thanks! ;)

  17. Vivian Arend
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 09:13:59

    For those readers who have been asking for a PRINT version, the second anthology of the Granite Lake Wolves books will be available as of October 4. Under the Midnight Sun contains two novellas.

    To find love, sometimes you have to blaze a whole new trail.

    Wolf Games

    After seven years of denial, Maggie’s inner wolf is in full revolt. The last thing she wants is a mate, particularly when simply looking at another wolf scares her to death.

    Sheer chance puts Erik in the right place to catch the weak and shaky Maggie. With one touch, he realizes the reluctant female werewolf is his mate.

    Selected for the premier sporting event for wolves in the north, Maggie will not only have to team up with Erik, she’ll have to face down her fear of wolves. Especially her own.

    Wolf Tracks

    TJ’s usual laid-back attitude vanishes when he comes face to face with someone he didn’t expect. His mate. His very human mate. If he intends to claim her, he’s going to have to move fast.

    Pam is definitely tempted to indulge in some Northern Delight with TJ—temporarily, not forever. In her world, true love is a fairytale that seldom, if ever, comes true.

    Okay, so maybe staging a kidnapping wasn’t TJ’s best idea, but at least Pam agrees to his deal. He’s got one week in the wilderness to prove she’s his mate. She’s got one week to discover if forever is possible.

    Excerpts and buy links available at my website.

    Thank you, DA, for the chance to share.

  18. Paula Graves
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 09:27:25

    MAJOR NANNY, book 4 in the Harlequin Intrigue miniseries, Daddy Corps:

    Agent Harlan McClain has his target in sight. But he’s not pulling the trigger. Instead his assignment is providing Stacy Giordano—the governor’s aide—with security. An easy job for a former marine sniper. And yet, the guarded single mother’s beauty and devotion to her exceptional child soon have Harlan reshuffling his priorities. In the dead of night, in her bed, he promises to keep her and her son from harm. But when an unexpected crisis arises, Harlan is suddenly torn between keeping his word, and taking out a killer.…

  19. Carrie Lofty
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 12:06:02

    Victorian Historical Romance
    Pocket Books, September 27

    A passion this seductive is more precious than diamonds….

    Sir William Christie, ruthless tycoon and notorious ladies’ man, is dead. Now his four grown children have gathered for the reading of his will. What lies in store for half-siblings Vivienne, Alexander, and twins Gareth and Gwyneth? Stunning challenges that will test their fortitude across a royal empire…and lead them to the marvelously passionate adventures of their lives.

    Lady Vivienne Bancroft fled England for New York, hoping to shed the confines of her arranged marriage to unrepentant rogue Miles Durham, Viscount Bancroft– though she never forgot the fiery desire he unleashed with his slightest touch. And when the gambling man arrives on her doorstep for a little sensual revenge for her desertion, he is met with Vivienne’s dilemma: she must earn her father’s inheritance by profitably running a diamond business worth millions in colonial South Africa.

    Swept together in an exotic undertaking filled with heated passion and hungry temptation, will Vivienne and Miles discover that the marriage vows they once made are the greatest snare–or the most treasured reward?

  20. Carolyne Aarsen
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 13:45:05

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. Lots of interesting books available in October. The one I’ve got coming out is the fourth book in a multi-author series, Rocky Mountain Heirs, from Love Inspired. My book is called The Cowboy’s Lady.

    Cody Jameson knows that hiring gourmet chef Vivienne Clayton for the Circle C Ranch has to be a mistake. He once secretly loved her, but she’s back in tiny Clayton, Colorado, for just a year. Vivienne wonders how she’ll survive in the town she couldn’t leave fast enough. Yet she soon finds herself cooking beans and biscuits for cowboy’s and helping Cody with his sassy teenage sister. To the entire ranch’s surprise, it seems like this big-city chef might actually stand a chance of becoming a cowboy’s lady forever.

    Rocky Mountain Heirs. Where the greatest fortune of all is love.

    Available at:;jsessionid=78027327C5FB7FF315EA28B8042F335C?iid=24636

  21. Claire Robyns
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 14:11:17

    Second-Guessing Fate, my first contemporary and a romantic comedy, releases today from Carina Press.

    Can She Outwit Fate?

    Gemma is on a collision course with heartbreak. At least, according to the fortune-teller her best friend drags her to see. Gemma doesn’t believe a word of it, but when other predictions start to come true, she begins to suspect that gorgeous, gray-eyed Nick is the man foretold to break her heart before she can find her soul mate. Too bad she’s never met a man she’s wanted more, because now she has to get him to dump her before she falls too hard.

    Nick has plans of his own. He’s ready to settle down with Ms. Right, and everything points to the beautiful Gemma. He’s determined to prove to her that he’s the perfect boyfriend—even if she does seem to be trying her best to scare him off…

  22. Laurel Ann
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 14:11:48

    JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT: Original Stories Inspired by Literature’s Most Astute Observer of the Human Heart.

    Short story anthology:

    This delightful collection inspired by Jane Austen, her novels, her life, her wit, her world features an introduction and twenty-two never-before-published stories.

    In Lauren Willig’s “A Night at Northanger,” a young woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts meets a familiar specter at the infamous abbey; Jane Odiwe’s “Waiting” captures the exquisite uncertainty of Persuasion’s Wentworth and Anne as they await her family’s approval of their betrothal; Adriana Trigiani’s “Love and Best Wishes, Aunt Jane” imagines a modern-day Austen giving her niece advice upon her engagement; in Diana Birchall’s “Jane Austen’s Cat,” our beloved Jane tells her nieces cat tales based on her novels; Laurie Viera Rigler’s “Intolerable Stupidity” finds Mr. Darcy bringing charges against all the writers of Pride and Prejudice sequels, spin-offs, and retellings; in Janet Mullany’s “Jane Austen, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” a teacher at an all-girls school invokes the Beatles to help her students understand Sense and Sensibility; in Jo Beverley’s “Jane and the Mistletoe Kiss,” a widow doesn’t believe she’ll have a second chance at love . . . until a Miss Austen suggests otherwise; and one story from a debut voice, Brenna Aubrey, the Grand Prize winner of the Jane Austen Made Me Do It Short Story Contest.

    Regency or contemporary, romantic or fantastical, each of these marvelous stories reaffirms the incomparable influence of one of history’s most cherished authors.

    Join the three book launch party of JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT, Janet Mullany’s JANE AUSTEN: BLOOD PERSUASION and Carrie Bebris’ DECEPTION AT LYME on October 14 at the Sundance Square Barnes & Noble in Ft. Worth, Texas during the Jane Austen Society of North America’s annual conference.

    Ballantine Books release 11 Oct 2011
    ISBN: 978-0345524966

  23. Liz Talley
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 20:26:39

    The last of my Oak Stand series A Touch of Scarlet comes out at the first of October from Harlequin Superromance, and it’s a fun one. The cover is a bit deceiving because it looks dark and sexy, but it actually borders on romantic comedy with a straight-laced lawman and a vampy actress who really pushed his buttons and revs his libido. So if you’re looking for a light, humorous read to snuggle up with as the days grow cooler, look no further :)

    Thanks for the opportunity, Dear Author.

  24. kate r
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 13:03:08

    Summer Devon and Linda Gayle: Claws in Silk

    Set in 1902
    Blackmailed into acting as her family’s assassin, Anna corners O’Riley, her prey, but is shocked to realize the farmer standing over him is another of her kind: a rare Varelse, a tigerlike creature bred to kill. Anna’s drawn to Isak, who hasn’t shifted for years but who sees Anna struggle with her dual nature. Sometimes cultured lady, sometimes bloodthirsty beast, Anna begs for help. Isak agrees — if she’ll spare O’Riley’s life. In their sensual lessons, he awakens his own dark animal — and unleashes her feral passion.

    But there’s a hitch — Patrick O’Riley, the charming blackguard she hunts, desires her too. What’s more, he also wants Isak. And to Isak’s surprise, the farmer finds he’s curious about the three of them together.

    Yet over their heads hangs the specter of Anna’s blackmailer — her uncle, who wants Patrick dead. Knowing they must confront him and learn the truth, Anna, Isak, and Patrick embark on a journey that takes them over land and sea and pushes the boundaries of their turbulent relationship. With their lives on the line, the three surrender to the lust that entwines them with danger and desire.

    Loose Id
    it’s out already. But late September’s okay, right?

  25. Karenna Colcroft
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 14:39:06

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    What We Did Last Night releases October 5 from Ellora’s Cave.

    After six-months of self-imposed dating exile, Lissa is ready to go out again. She isn’t looking for a date, just a one-night fling with the hottest man she can find. She finds him in Ross, a guy who takes control and orders Lissa into one of her wildest fantasies. But after asking her to spend the night with him, Ross disappears. When Lissa sees him again the following night, he wants another chance to do what they did last night.

  26. Nona Raines
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 20:11:33

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    My short contemporary erotic novel “Take This Man” will be published by The Wild Rose Press (The Wilder Roses) on October 14.

    The biggest mistake of Elyse Zemanski’s life was falling in love with Adam. When a night of sexual fantasy went too far, she was crushed and couldn’t leave town fast enough.

    The biggest mistake of Adam Vostek’s life was letting Elyse go. He’d been afraid of the love she promised, and pushed her away—into another man’s arms…and bed.

    When Elyse returns to Summit to help a friend, Adam wants a second chance to prove he’s worthy—in and out of the bedroom. She claims she’s over him but one look from those smoldering eyes, and she throws caution to the wind. Elyse offers him seven days of wild sex, hoping to get him out of her system.

    Adam’s good to go on the sex. But will a week be enough to win back Elyse’s love and trust?

    This title contains explicit language and a menage a trois.

  27. Sandra Koehler
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 07:26:48

    A daring prison escape in Mexico. An explosion in the Hague. Tourists disappearing in Scotland and the Sahara. Reporters murdered or reported missing. Seemingly unrelated incidents. Or parts of an ingenious terrorist plot? After her fiancé mysteriously disappears, Kiley Prescott has a chance encounter with a seductive stranger in Mexico. But who is this man? FBI agent Peter Rushing is sure her new lover, handsome Armand Rachet, is really the notorious international terrorist, Gabriel Roca, suspected in a series of devastating bombings overseas. After Kiley learns Rushing was fired from the FBI, she fears he is hiding something even more sinister. The chase for the truth takes her cross country, from Washington to Chicago, Las Vegas and finally San Diego, where Kiley learns the deadliest secret of all–everything is timed to happen at eleven. Eleven men. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of November, 2011.
    It is ‘The Time of the Eleven.’
    NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM: “The Time of the Eleven”
    Click to purchase:


    ONLY $.99
    in e-book format for your Kindle, PC, MAC, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, & Android

  28. Amber Polo
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 10:35:08

    Relaxing the Writer: Guidebook to the Writer’s High

    A travelogue of hints, exercises, and whimsical side trips to help the stressed writer breakthrough the physical and mental limits to creativity.

    From aromatherapy to zumba, find hundreds of practical ideas and suggestions.

    Written with the special needs of writers in mind, anyone who spends time in a chair will discover useful tips to escape the dangers of sitting.

    Suggestions range from centuries-old techniques like meditation and yoga to iPad apps. Every page inspires worried writers to explore new ideas to de-stress their lives.Relaxing the Writer is a perfect gift for your favorite writer or yourself.

    Amazon -

    OK, I broke the rule, but I’m a romance writer, too and I thought there might me a few stressed writers out there needing help.

  29. Tricia Jones
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 12:07:47

    Bull at the Gate, contemporary romance

    Alexander “Bull” McKinley’s reputation as a hard-nosed businessman is tested when an old Fairy Gate and local superstition stand in the way of a lucrative development contract. Alex has his hands full trying to convince the villagers to play ball, without the unexpected—and definitely unwanted—attraction to the feisty redhead leading the revolt.

    Dee Ashman detests those who put profit before people, and she’s damned if an arrogant, insensitive and, okay, wildly attractive capitalist is going to destroy the symbolic heart of the village and break her beloved grandmother’s heart.

    But they cannot deny the desire that burns between them nor the unleashed passion neither can resist.

    Available Oct, 14 from The Wild Rose Press

    Many thanks.

  30. Caridad Pineiro
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 06:37:04

    Want to get in the holiday mood a little earlier this year. Halloween? Christmas? Now you can get in the mood for both with A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, an anthology which will hit shelves on Oct. 18. A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS features stories from Laurie London, Alexis Morgan, Michele Hauf and myself. Here’s a little tease for it:

    All they want for Christmas is you –

    It’s the time of year for twinkling lights on trees and kisses under the mistletoe. Yet the passing of another year means nothing to the stunning immortals who lurk in the shadows of the new-fallen snow.

    And they don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

    Let four fanged lovers open your eyes to a passion you never dared to imagine. After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays and these dazzling vampires can’t wait for an invitation.

    Come visit with us on our mini blog tour also! For more information, please visit

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