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Open Thread for Authors (Author Promo) for November 2012

Welcome to the Promotional Thread for Authors. What’s this you say? I read quite a few blogs outside the romance blogosphere and many of the big ones have a daily open thread where the commenters drive the bus.

The rules for Author Promo Night Open Thread are as follows:

The book has to be released in that month (i.e., anything released during the last week of February would be a March release)
You can post for yourself or you can have a friend post for you if the idea of posting about your book paralyzes you .
No self published authors unless you write romance. No, I am not a POD hater, I am just thinking about the manageability of the thread.
Think about the readership. I.e., does your non fiction book about psoriasis really fit?
This one is more of a guideline than a rule, but be smart about your comment because if it is just a link to your website and the title of your book, I doubt you are going to get any interest.
DA reserves the right to delete the post if it promotes objectionable content (i.e., no daddy/daughter incest recommends are going to be allowed. Sorry.)
That’s it. Post away.

Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 15 years ago. She enjoys historical romance/fiction best, likes contemporaries, action- adventure and mysteries, will read suspense if there's no TSTL characters and is currently reading very few paranormals.


  1. Shiloh Walker
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 15:10:18

    My upcoming romantic suspense, STOLEN…This book was inspired by something I saw on twitter a couple of years ago. 

    Shay Morgan has stayed hidden for a long time. Living a reclusive life in Earth’s End, Alaska, she’s as far away as she can get from the trauma of her childhood and the man who hurt her long ago. But terror takes over Shay’s life yet again when an unknown stalker steals away the fragile peace she’s built for herself—targeting not only her but the one man who’s ever managed to get past the walls she’s built around herself.

    Elliot Winter has lived through being falsely accused before—it ruined his military career. Now it’s happening all over again. And this time, his accuser is a twisted impostor who’s targeting his ex-girlfriend, Shay. Despite a fierce mutual attraction, Shay and Elliot broke up because Shay couldn’t let her guard down, couldn’t let Elliot in. But now they both need to trust each other to confront a psycho who seems to know all their secrets.


    Thank you!

  2. Dee Carney
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 15:15:28

    If your first love, your high school sweetheart, threw away your budding romance, could you forgive him later? What if you two were in a race for a $10,000 grand prize? And…what if you really, really still had it bad for him?

    ONCE BURNED is a foodie romance coming to Samhain Publishing on November 13, 2012. This novella is available for pre-order from Samhain as well as other ebook retailers.

    Temptation never tasted so good.

    Close to the Heat, Book 1

    With a chance to win a cooking competition that will advance her career, the last thing food truck chef Pepper Joseph needs is a distraction. Except she’s got a heaping helping of it in the form of fellow chef Darien Priest, the man who broke her heart.

    It’s been years, and she tells herself she’s over his betrayal, but to her irritation, she finds she still has an appetite for his steel-gray eyes, clean-shaven head, and sleeve tattoos.

    Darien regrets the single, juvenile act that ended it with Pepper, but he’s never found the courage to apologize. Now that they’re in close quarters, something’s steaming and it’s not just the saucepots. One toe-curling kiss proves there’s the potential for more than just a guarded friendship, and he sets out to prove he’s grown into an honorable man.

    Until he discovers she’s pulled a seasoning switch that could have ruined one of his dishes. Now it’s on. There’s ten thousand dollars on the line, but if they don’t surrender to another chance at love, one—or both—of their wounded hearts could get singed.

    Product Warnings
    “Scorching hot” doesn’t refer to the food. Contains two chefs who’ll inspire cravings of the very carnal kind. Includes one delicious recipe guaranteed to blow any diet out of the water.

  3. Jessa Slade
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 15:18:04

    THE DARKEST NIGHT: A Christmas novella in my Marked Souls series (cuz who doesn’t need a Christmas story about the eternal battle between good and evil?)

    Possessed by a divine entity, Cyril Fane fought rampant evil and the pain of more private losses with a fiery golden sword…until he was beaten and left for dead by a malevolent force. Now exiled from his angelic brethren, he reluctantly joins the Chicago league of talyan—immortal warriors possessed by repentant demons—as his only chance to reclaim his sword and his place in the holy sphericanum.

    Bella McGreay, mysterious mistress of the Mortal Coil night club, has also danced around an uneasy affiliation with the talyan. She has secrets of her own to keep, and as the days shorten toward the winter solstice, shadows are deepening all around. Even as she barricades herself against the joys—and terrors—of the Christmas season, she’ll have to decide whether the shadows or her secrets are more dangerous.

    Bella and Cyril have good reason to fear evil when an old enemy returns to torment them and the Chicago league. But only together will they find a way to the light after the darkest night.

    Chapter 1 & buy links here.

    Thanks, DA!

  4. Jennifer Estep
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 15:53:26

    Thanks for the opportunity to post.

    I have e-published NIGHTINGALE, a fourth book in my Bigtime superhero paranormal romance series:

    Here is the book description:

    Anxious brides. Drunken businessmen. Panicked partygoers. As Bigtime, New York’s premiere event planner, Abby Appleby is capable of handling almost any crisis, but even she’s not prepared when she finds herself in the middle of a fight between superhero Talon and his ubervillain nemesis Bandit. Abby manages to save Talon, but the superhero is temporarily blinded, so she takes him back to her loft, where the two wait out a snowstorm. During a blizzard that shuts down the city, Abby and Talon grow close, and he starts calling her Nightingale because of her love of music and singing.

    But Abby is afraid of what Talon will think when he can see the real her, so she conceals her identity from the sexy superhero, and they go their separate ways. However, Abby discovers that Talon is looking for Nightingale, looking for her — and so is Bandit. The mercenary ubervillain thinks that Abby has information that belongs to his boss, the mysterious Tycoon. Abby knows that she’s in serious trouble and that not even Talon — or the Fearless Five — may be able to save her …

    You can read the first chapter of NIGHTINGALE here: The e-book is $3.99 and is available at several different e-book retailers.

    Happy reading, everyone!

  5. Laura Florand
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 16:59:35

    TURNING UP THE HEAT. A hot but sweet story of two people who need to find their way back to each other. (Because I just had to tell this story, and because I wanted to offer a 0.99 alternative to all the $14 trade paperbacks I’m publishing traditionally, as part of my Amour et Chocolat series! I know that’s a lot.)

    Eleven years together, and the woman Daniel married at nineteen can still surprise him. Like coming home from a consulting trip to find Léa has disappeared to a remote island in the South Pacific. “Just for a week or two…I’m not sure…I’ll call you.”

    Daniel may not know what is wrong with his marriage or his wife, but he does know one thing for sure: he’s not losing her. And as a top chef, he knows exactly how to turn up the heat.

    Excerpts here:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  6. Susanna Fraser
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 17:38:37

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    (a href=””>AN INFAMOUS MARRIAGE is a November 5 historical romance release from Carina Press:

    Northumberland, 1815

    At long last, Britain is at peace, and General Jack Armstrong is coming home to the wife he barely knows. Wed for mutual convenience, their union unconsummated, the couple has exchanged only cold, dutiful letters. With no more wars to fight, Jack is ready to attempt a peace treaty of his own.

    Elizabeth Armstrong is on the warpath. She never expected fidelity from the husband she knew for only a week, but his scandalous exploits have made her the object of pity for years. Now that he’s back, she has no intention of sharing her bed with him—or providing him with an heir—unless he can earn her forgiveness. No matter what feelings he ignites within her…

    Jack is not expecting a spirited, confident woman in place of the meek girl he left behind. As his desire intensifies, he wants much more than a marriage in name only. But winning his wife’s love may be the greatest battle he’s faced yet.

    88,000 words

    AN INFAMOUS MARRIAGE is available for preorder now from most major e-book retailers.

  7. Maggie Robinson
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 18:15:13

    Thanks for your generosity and author support!

    Lord Gray’s List, Kensington Brava

    The first book in the London List Trilogy

    Sometimes scandal comes looking for you…

    Every Tuesday, The London List lands on the city’s fashionable doorsteps. Valets and viscounts alike can’t wait to read all the news that’s not fit to print. When Benton Gray’s scandals appear week after week on the front page, he’s forced to take desperate measures—he’ll make a gentleman’s agreement to buy the newspaper and shut it down. But when he meets the person responsible for reporting the gossip, Ben finds he’s no gentleman. It’s his lost love Evangeline Ramsey, wearing trousers and wielding a poison pen!

    RT Book Reviews: “Sexy, fun and smart. [The] strong, independent heroine meets her match in the alpha hero, and their battle of wills will have readers smiling with glee just to see who ends up wearing the pants in this relationship.”

    First chapter:

  8. Ruthie Knox
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 18:38:25

    My upcoming novella, ROOM AT THE INN, will be part of the Naughty & Nice anthology coming from Loveswept Nov. 5.

    My starting point was this: Rewrite IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, but make it so that George really does leave Potter Falls to see the world, and Mary doesn’t turn into a spinster librarian in his absence. Also, throw in a little sex. Voila!

    Carson Vance couldn’t wait to get out of Potter Falls, but now that he’s back to spend Christmas with his ailing father, he must face all the people he left behind . . . like Julie Long, whose heart he broke once upon a time. Now the proprietor of the local inn, Julie is a successful, seductive, independent woman—everything that Carson’s looking for. But despite several steamy encounters under the mistletoe, Julie refuses to believe in happily ever after. Now Carson must prove to Julie that he’s back for good—and that he wants her in his life for all the holidays to come. (30,000 words; approx. 100 printed pages)

    The antho also includes shorter stories by Molly O’Keefe (a prequel to the third volume in her Crooked Creek Ranch series) and Stefanie Sloane (connected to her Regency Rogues series). $1.99.

    First chapter
    Full copy & preorder links

  9. Keziah Hill
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 18:55:18

    Momentum, the digital first arm of Pan McMillan Australia, is publishing the first of their erotic romance line Hot Down Under on 1 November 2012 (2 November in Northern Hemisphere.
    Hot Down Under

    Five authors will be published in November:
    Beneath the Light of a Silvery Moon by Mel Teshco
    Room with a View by Kylie Scott
    A Real Online Fantasy by Cate Ellink
    A Sporting Chance by Rhyll Biest
    The Final Wish by Tracy O’Hara

    More releases will be in December and January (including me in January).

    Available from the usual digital booksellers!

  10. wikkidsexycool
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 19:13:20

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for this opportunity! I hope it’s okay to list this since I’m expanding the formats of this ebook, which is currently only found on Amazon. It will also be available in print form next month:

    Three teens face the highs and lows of stardom during the racially charged 60s.
    One becomes an idol, and is trapped by the social norms of the time period. Another has the hopes of a whole race upon her shoulders. While the third’s musical genius is crippled by rage and fueled by a desire for revenge, in the YA romance JUKEBOX Volume One.

    Growing up during the civil rights movement, fifteen year old Simone doesn’t care about being part of history. She doesn’t want to go to a recently integrated school where the kids hate her. But when she meets Eli and Johnny Burr, two talented Rockabilly teens, their lives become inextricably intertwined. She forms an R&B duo with Eli, and they hit the big time.

    Fame turns out to be more restricting than the small, segregated town they escaped from. Eli’s forced to hide his true sexual orientation while Simone and Johnny share a tragic road to love. Simone’s singing career soars, but she has to fight for the money and respect that Eli easily gets just because he’s a man.

    In their journey to the top of the music charts, Eli, Simone and Johnny share acceptance, friendship and love. It’s what happens to the trio once the music stops and the media spotlight is on their unconventional relationship, a bond that will test their fans, their families, and each of them.

  11. Nico Rosso
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 19:34:12

    Hello and thanks for the opportunity to post!

    NIGHTS OF FIRE: The Ether Chronicles (available on e-formats on November 6th) is the fourth book in this steampunk romance series and the second Western written by me. The other books set in different parts of this adventuresome world are written by my wife Zoë Archer.

    -Return to The Ether Chronicles, where the skies above the American West are about to get wilder than ever…

    Bounty hunter Anna Blue always finds her fugitive. But her latest mission is filled with mystery: a high price for an eccentric inventor. And her biggest rival, Jack Hawkins—a startlingly handsome, entirely unsettling man whose abilities match her own—is hunting the same bounty. Neither will back down.

    When a rogue Man O’ War flies his airship into the California skies, guns blazing, Anna and Jack are forced to team up or die. But it isn’t the danger that has them ready to flare like gunpowder. They’ve circled each other for years as competitors only. Fighters and outsiders, they never thought they’d find a kindred soul. As hot passion and raw need draw them together, can they survive this mission long enough to track the most elusive fugitives…their hearts?

  12. Kelli Evans
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 20:41:33

    This is such a great opportunity, and I have such a great friend for pointing me in this direction. (Thanks Angie ;) )
    Lucky Enough
    The first book in The Whisper Hollow Series is quirky, fun, and smart. I didn’t start this book thinking it would be a series but the characters were too big and too fun to stay in just one book. The series follows three sisters through sometimes hilarious blunders and other times emotional turmoil but I always deliver a HEA

    Reagan Hilt is down on her luck after a recent break-up that leaves her with an expensive wedding, that never even happened, to pay for. Not to mention she already has two sisters meddling in her business and a sleazy landlord knocking on her door. The last thing Reagan needs is a hot guy sniffing around who may or may not be the father of the teen girl she’s been court appointed to mentor. He should have been off limits and would have been if he didn’t blow her world away with every one of his kisses.

    Reed Morely’s daughter was just dropped in his lap after his piece of work ex-wife kept her from him for years. She’s no longer daddy’s-little-girl but a nose-pierced, smart-mouthed teenager. Being a father is suddenly a full-time job and trying to make up for lost time has Reed attempting to keep his hands off of his daughter’s pretty mentor.

    Reagan and Reed have their hands full already but when they’re confronted with their pasts, and the odds stacked against them they’re left wondering if they could ever be lucky enough to have it all.

    Please Keep up with me at
    And Lucky Enough will be available November 5th on eBook, available through Amazon, B&N and

  13. Melissa Cutler
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 21:02:24

    I’m so thrilled to be on Dear Author sharing news about SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE, an “enemies to lovers” story of adventure about two cops who hate each other’s guts but are kidnapped together and taken to Mexico. It’s my debut Harlequin Romantic Suspense and earned four stars from RT Magazine:

    “The banter between Aaron and Camille is snappy and sharp, and Cutler blends the action and romance well in this sexy, action-filled tale that draws you in from the start.”
    – Romantic Times Bookreviews Magazine

    From the back cover:
    What’s worse? Being held hostage by a Mexican drug cartel or being held hostage by that cartel with the one man you passionately hate? Camille Fisher, a brainy, tough-as-they-come cop, can’t believe she’s daring to escape with her too-hot nemesis, Aaron Montgomery. But once she outsmarts their brutal captors, the danger’s just beginning. Racing across the Mexican desert, Camille begins to glimpse the surprisingly decent man behind the boorish cad. With cartel hit men closing in, she tries hard to ignore her needful heart-and harder to resist the temptation threatening to do them both in….

    Seduction Under Fire is available in print and digital at all major book retailers, including


    And you can check out reader reviews of it on Goodreads:

    Bonus: I’m have SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE’s virtual launch party on Thursday, November 1st on Facebook and will be giving away books, gift cards, and more all day long. Here’s a link to the party page:!/events/427290830666536/

    See you there!

    Thank you for this amazing promo opportunity, Dear Author.

    ~ Melissa

  14. Stephanie Robitaille
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 21:49:23

    Thanks a lot for the author support! WINGING IT is a fantasy-adventure story aimed at young adults. The book is funny, sarcastic, and of course, romantic. Its a fresh and modern take on the Heaven/Hell war, with the romantic twist of an angel demon love affair.

    When a car accident suddenly ends her life, Aiden Saunders finds herself living the highlife—literally. But she soon discovers that nothing is simple, not even Paradise. In the age old battle between good and evil, Hell is beginning to gain the upper hand. For centuries now demons have been dragging angels under, but when Aiden’s friend is taken, she can no longer sit idly by. She becomes the first spirit in over a century to attempt the Angel Trials.
    To save Heaven and earn her wings, Aiden must infiltrate Hell and set the trapped angels free. The only way into Hell is through a tunnel that connects directly to Earth; however, the location of this tunnel is the demons’ most carefully guarded secret.
    In order for her mission to succeed Aiden must find a demon and follow him into Hell. After months of rigorous training she returns to her old high school, where a known demon is active. But once confronted with her demon the mission becomes personal and one hell of a lot more complicated. All plans are thrown aside as Angel falls for Demon, and the black and white concepts of good and evil are rendered forever grey.

    WINGING IT is available as an ebook on, and will soon be available on!

  15. Nadia Lee
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 23:39:35

    One Kiss is the sequel to A Happily Ever After of Her Own I mentioned in my August newsletter. More of a traditional fractured fairy tale than A Happily Ever After of Her Own, One Kiss features the frog prince who was very hopeful about his prospects at the end of Melinda and the Beast’s adventure. Despite the challenges of writing with a 14 month-old baby boy plus a crazy house hunting, the story’s done and will be out in November 2012! :)

    One Kiss

    He is a legend…

    Robert is a royal prince cursed into his current predicament: remain a frog until he can get someone to kiss him…willingly. After years of searching, he finally finds a suitable royal princess.

    She is but a humble maid…

    Practical maid to the royal princess, Molly promises to help Robert in return for gold enough to fund her retirement. She doesn’t want to waste her youth waiting on someone as capricious and shallow as the princess, instead of living her life.

    But love knows no boundaries…

    Unexpected problems unravel Robert’s plan. The princess thinks frogs are disgusting, and his evil cousin shows up to steal both the princess and the throne that rightfully belongs to Robert. To compound matters, all he can think about is the quick-witted Molly.

    But to undo the curse and inherit the throne, Robert must have a kiss from a royal princess and marry her.

    What’s a cursed prince to do?

    Based on The Frog Prince.

    Warning: This title contains the following: Fairy Godmother, a killer punt, porcupines of evil, the Wicked Witch’s justice and a happily ever after (or two).

  16. Libby Drew
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 06:37:43

    Thanks for the opportunity to post!

    40 SOULS TO KEEP is a M/M paranormal romance due to be released by Carina Press on November 19th.

    Blurb: Seven years ago, Jase awoke with the mystical power to heal people—and no memory of his past. The only clue to his identity is the number forty tattooed on his arm. Driven by a mission he doesn’t understand, Jase follows his visions to those he’s meant to save. He is convinced that the fortieth person he’s drawn to—a little girl named Macy Pearl—is the key to finally learning the truth…

    Social worker Lucas Jacobson has made a promise to protect Macy, orphaned when her parents were brutally murdered. So when Jase shows up in Naples claiming he’s there to heal the child, Lucas is wary, despite his attraction to the enigmatic stranger.

    Then Macy is abducted, and Lucas has no choice but to trust in Jase. Scouring the city from its glitzy resorts to its seedy underbelly only deepens the mystery—and draws the two men closer. But Jase is certain of one thing: if Macy dies, a dark fate awaits them all.

    40 SOULS TO KEEP is currently available for preorder at Amazon on Kindle or in Audible audio edition:

    Visit Libby at:

  17. Suleikha Snyder
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 07:16:27

    Sliding this in as I sit in wait of Sandy! Thanks for the promotional opportunity!

    My second Bollywood Confidential novella, Spice and Secrets, drops from Samhain on November 20. Kicking off during the tail end of Spice and Smoke, this is the story of producer/director Rahul Anand and “the one that got away,” his first love, Priya Roy. They did one hit film together six years ago, before she vanished from Mumbai and from his life. But now she’s returned to make a comeback, sexier and less approachable than he remembered. Rahul will get her back at any cost—and a skittish Priya fears that cost might be far too high.

    When fear writes the past, only love can direct the future.

    Pre-order at all major e-tailers, particularly:



    Barnes & Noble

    Familiar faces from Spice and Smoke pop up, and my penchant for including Bollywood cinema Easter eggs and in-jokes definitely continues!

  18. Clare London
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 08:08:22

    Many thanks for the opportunity to present my new release at Dreamspinner Press this week. COMPULSION is an erotic m/m romance, set in Brighton, England, with a mystery/suspense element.

    BLURB: The past always catches up with you. Max Newman should know—he’s been running from his ever since he dropped out of Uni and made a disastrous move to the seedier side of London. Now he’s returned to Brighton to lick his wounds. Though Max believes the club scene is better left behind him, one night he lets his friends drag him out dancing. And suddenly the simple life he’s tried to lead gets complicated.

    At Compulsion, the Medina Group’s newest hotspot, Max meets Seve Nunez, a member of the Medina management and a man used to taking what he wants. The sexual chemistry between Max and Seve immediately leads to an intimate encounter in the backyard of the club—just the kind of dangerous behavior Max tried to leave behind. Despite that, he can’t help but crave more, and Seve seems just as eager.

    But Max soon suspects that Seve may not be the scrupulous businessman he claims. Max has seen the Medina Group at work before, and what he saw got a good friend killed. He’s not sure what future he has with Seve, but he’ll have to decide whether to trust in Seve’s innocence or keep running. The wrong choice could land them both in mortal danger.

    The first chapter can be read free at the publisher’s site, and the book is available in both e-formats and print here:
    Dreamspinner Press (Amazon UK to follow soon)
    AllRomance Ebooks (eformats only)

    Thanks again and happy reading :)

  19. Sirius
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 10:27:32

    @Libby Drew: Preordered the moment I saw it is available for preorder few weeks ago. Such a long wait for your new release :-)

  20. Sirius
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 10:28:54

    @Clare London: Squeal, can’t wait to read and review :-)

  21. Taryn Kincaid
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 11:22:10

    (A sexy, paranormal 1Night Stand story available now from Decadent Publishing.)

    Sleepy Hollow just got hotter!
    Lonely young witch, Veronica Hardwicke, has struggled to get on with her life after the death of the elderly husband who’d left her a fortune and a sprawling estate in mystical Sleepy Hollow. When frightening things go bump in the night on a stormy Fourth of July, who better to call than the sexy developer and contractor, Sean Jones, who’s been renovating her mansion for months?

    Sean may grace the tabloid pages with a different supermodel on his arm every night, but it’s Veronica who drives him nuts. Ignoring his instinct to stay away, he answers her summons.

    Will the thundering passion of their 1Night Stand tear down the barriers between them?

    Excerpt and buy links here:

  22. Cherrie Lynn
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 15:04:39

    Thanks for this opportunity! LEAVE ME BREATHLESS, my follow-up to ROCK ME, comes to Samhain on 11/6.

    Leather and lace don’t strike sparks. Or do they?

    It’s Valentine’s Day, but Macy Rodgers isn’t feeling the love. Aside from a torrid, one-night fling in a backseat a few months back, her love life has been sorely lacking, but fortunately she has devious friends who feel like playing Cupid. Wouldn’t they be shocked to learn that the match they’ve made for her is the same one that steamed up the back of that ’69 GTO…

    Seth “Ghost” Warren has just returned to town after an extended absence. Between his grandmother’s failing health, his job as a tattoo artist, his band’s gigs, and a crazy ex that won’t leave him alone, he’s stretched thin. Cautious cowgirl Macy is the last thing he needs thrown into the mix.

    She’s all country, he’s all heavy metal—and Macy knows that if anyone can propel her out of her rut, it’s Seth. But when their worlds collide, it’s anyone guess if they’ll survive with their hearts intact.

    Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, road trips, troublemaking exes, emotional baggage, and an unconventional but exceptionally hot hero tatted and pierced for your pleasure…

    Check out my site for an excerpt and buy links. Thanks!

  23. Missy Lyons
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 08:55:50

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share. :) Paris Bites is an erotic captive romance featuring a thief who chose to steal a wallet from the wrong vampire.

    Paris Bites is releasing November 5 from Siren Publishing and available to pre-order now but here is a little more about the novel.

    Christopher D’Angelo is from a very long and distinguished line of vampires, but years of blood and sex aren’t enough to make him happy. Only finding his mate can make him complete, and he doesn’t have a chance in hell without finding his family’s lost blood diamond first.

    Samantha Panini is living and working as a thief on the streets of Paris dressed as a young man. Her entire life changes abruptly when she picks the pocket of a vampire. In retaliation, he kidnaps her.

    Once Christopher discovers her secrets and her lush curves, he is unwilling to let her go, but he made a promise to release her if she cooperates.

    In a quirk of fate, his captive turns out to be his lifemate, and she holds the keys to his heart. Will she break it completely when it comes time to release her, or will his enemies destroy her first?

    Available from Siren Here:

    I am sharing an excerpt from the story on my blog today too:

  24. Lorelie Brown
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 22:06:17

    CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR, by Katie Porter (myself and Carrie Lofty), an m/m Christmas novel that’s gotten 4.5 star Top Pick from RT Bookreviews. Publisher’s Weekly said we did “a masterful job.” (I’m particularly giddy about that one.)


    Born to old Virginia money, film producer Kyle Wakefield’s conservative upbringing kept him in the closet. Only once did he venture outside: for a tempestuous teenage affair with Nathan Carnes. When Nathan’s self-destructive streak landed him in prison, Kyle slammed the door on youthful hopes. Despite Hollywood successes, he still hides his true self.
    He thought he’d moved on, until his production company hires Nathan and his Second Chances stunt crew to work on the London set of a big-budget action flick. Watching Nathan risk life and limb with fellow ex-cons looking for a fresh start makes it tough for Kyle to keep his desires hidden.

    Thirteen years have passed since Nathan’s teenage self-doubt led him to sabotage any chance of a future with Kyle. He’s come a long way since then, but despite their explosive sexual chemistry, Kyle treats their attraction like a deep dark secret.

    Their matched Hollywood ambitions and a pain-in-the-ass director make cooperation essential. As the London holiday season casts its spell, the two men find themselves on the verge of falling in love again—even as old secrets and pain keep them shackled. The only hope of unlocking their hearts is a Christmas miracle.

    Warning: This book features a snowy London Christmas, sex on a pool table, a hot-and-dirty gay nightclub, and naughty references to candy canes.

  25. Blake Sheridan
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 14:31:01

    Thanks for the opportunity to post!

    I just released a contemporary romance short novella, This Perfect Kiss, in order to introduce readers to my new series (the next book will be out later this month) and provide a low -cost introduction to my writing style. I like to think it’s a sweet but fun romp for just $0.99.

    This Perfect Kiss
    A Bliss Harbor Novella

    She’s out to catch a man—if only her feet will cooperate.

    Terminally shy, sometimes clumsy Frannie Colleti has spent most of her life focused on her business, content to stay in the social background. But the return of her former high school crush jolts her out of her routine, and she realizes she’s never going to get what she wants out of life if she doesn’t reach out and take it (before she trips over it). Her two best friends come up with a plan to help Frannie catch a man’s attention, but soon it’s clear that the men of Bliss Harbor—and any breakable items—had better watch out.

    Read an excerpt here.

  26. Jordan Castillo Price
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 16:57:39

    Better late than never…I released a new PsyCop short for Halloween.

    In the Dark (PsyCop 6.1)
    Halloween is fun…at least, it’s supposed to be. Costumes, candy, trick-or-treat, even jaded Victor Bayne can get behind those sorts of antics. Too bad this year’s Halloween is a grownup event. Not only must Vic don a suit and endure a disco-obsessed DJ, he’s got to mingle with friends of Jacob’s he would much rather ignore.

    Vic thinks he has the party’s host all figured out–but as he so often realizes, once he looks beneath the surface, things are seldom what they seem.

    (In the Dark is PsyCop 6.1 – it’s a companion piece to Stroke of Midnight, the New Year’s short. It contains series spoilers through GhosTV.)

    Find In the Dark in PDF, Mobi and ePub at JCP Books, for the Kindle at and for the Nook atB&

  27. Amanda DeWees
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 20:21:24

    I’m just squeaking in under the wire with this post, but I’m excited to announce the release of “Casting Shadows,” book two in my young adult romance series, the Ash Grove Chronicles. Featuring light paranormal elements and strong, lovable heroines, these novels take place at Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts in rural North Carolina, a seemingly idyllic location that’s actually a gateway to the supernatural.

    “Casting Shadows” and book one, “The Shadow and the Rose” (inspired by the ballad of Tam Lin), are available as ebooks at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Book one is available in paperback, with book two soon to follow. Details and links are at my website:

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