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Open Thread for Authors (Author Promo) for November 2009

Welcome to the November Promotional Thread for Authors. What’s this you say? I read quite a few blogs outside the romance blogosphere and many of the big ones have a daily open thread where the commenters drive the bus.

The rules for Author Promo Night Open Thread are as follows:

  • The book has to be released in that month (i.e., anything released during the last week of October would be a November release)
  • You can post for yourself or you can have a friend post for you if the idea of posting about your book paralyzes you .
  • No self published authors unless you write romance. No, I am not a POD hater, I am just thinking about the manageability of the thread.
  • Think about the readership. I.e., does your non fiction book about psoriasis really fit?
  • This one is more of a guideline than a rule, but be smart about your comment because if it is just a link to your website and the title of your book, I doubt you are going to get any interest.

DA reserves the right to delete the post if it promotes objectionable content (i.e., no daddy/daughter incest recommends are going to be allowed. Sorry.)

That’s it. Post away.   (Please note that our spam filter is very aggressive so wait a couple of hours before reposting).

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Rowan
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 18:20:01

    I am so happy to have something to post here.

    November 17th LooseId will release my first dark paranormal erotic-romance release. (yes, I know, holy cross-genres, batman.)

    The key is that it is dark. It features a suicidal heroine, the only man she’s ever loved (who happens to be a ghost) and the Angel of Death who works his magic between them.

    I’m aware it’s not going to be for everyone, but I am incredibly proud of this book.

    The Blurb, for those interested:

    Death took Jason from Clarissa, and she blames herself. Night after night, she throws herself into the arms of other men-‘men who abuse and pleasure her, but never take her far enough. She is waiting for the one who will take her over the edge and into death, so she can be reunited with Jason.

    Death didn't take Jason far enough. Every night, Jason watches. His immortal self is trapped inside the club Clarissa owns, and he longs to be with her once more.

    Death is a dark angel. A handsome man. The promise of violence in his eyes draws Clarissa to him. Will a single night in bed with death be all it takes to destroy Jason and Clarissa's love neverending?

    Thanks, DA, for letting me post.

  2. P.I. Barrington
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 18:50:09

    Hello! I am thrilled that my first novel (and first in a series), Crucifying Angel, Book One of the Future Imperfect series is OUT TODAY and is available from Desert Breeze Publishing!! It’s a ‘near-future’ crime thriller with romantic elements.
    Here’s the short blurb!

    In the desolate remains of Las Vegas, Detective Payce Halligan and her new partner, Gavin McAllister must stop a serial killer who may be hiding an even greater evil.”
    Review links:

    Oh, yeah, you can download a FREE cookbook just for visiting!!

  3. Jennifer Leeland
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:06:38

    I have a Sci Fi Erotic Romance (with BDSM elements) coming out November 3rd.

    “MARKED FOR PLEASURE” by Jennifer Leeland

    MARKED FOR PLEASURE by Jennifer Leeland

    She's followed him through the remote corners of space.

    One of the few survivors of a sickness that claimed her colony, Rhea Tucker blames one man for the death of her family. For two years, she has stalked Conner Mitchum, learning everything she can looking for an opportunity to kill him. To trap him, she becomes a sexual submissive, changes her identity and gets a luxurious suite on The Star of Pleasure.

    He is searching for the most elusive murderers in the galaxy

    Undercover and searching for a group of killers, Conner is close to his end goal. But a female submissive catches him off guard and he's forced to save her life as assassins attack him. They plunge into space with enemies at their heels. To protect Rhea, Conner completes his planet's mating ritual which marks them both and creates a bond he never intended to survive long enough to enjoy.

    Coming from Loose-Id November 3rd.

  4. Emily Ryan-Davis
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:31:00

    I don’t have any November releases, but Ella Drake’s fuzzy-headed with fever and I LOVED her Oct 27 (counts as November!) release THE FORBIDDEN CHAMBER so I’ll whore it on her behalf:

    It’s gothic and yummy and at one point I said “huh!” out loud in response to a plot twist.

    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:33:17

    KNIGHT OF PLEASURE, the 2nd book in my adventurous medieval series, ALL THE KING's MEN, releases Nov. 24th.

    It's embarrassing since I made him up, but I have such a weakness for this hero! And worse, Stephen is just the sort of handsome charmer I stayed a mile away from back in my dating days. Of course, I know Stephen has a hero’s heart. Isobel, however, does not. While she is undeniably drawn to Stephen, she will not trust this knight of pleasure with her future or her heart.

    Here's the blurb:

    Lady Isobel Hume is an expert swordswoman who knows how to choose her battles. When the king asks her to wed a French nobleman to form a political alliance, she agrees. But that's before the devilishly charming Sir Stephen Carleton captures her heart-‘and tempts her to forget her duty to her betrothed, her king, and her country.

    Sir Stephen Carleton enjoys his many female admirers-‘until he dedicates himself to winning the lovely Isobel. When a threat against the king leads Isobel into mortal danger, Stephen must prove that he is more than a knight of pleasure . . . and that love can conquer all.

    Thanks so much for letting me post!
    Margaret Mallory

  6. Karalynn Lee
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:33:32

    My fantasy romance novella, Summer-set, is about a man raised alongside a prince, who uses his wolf’s appetites to guard his foster-brother’s realm. While hunting down a rogue sorcerer, he encounters a woman unafraid of his nature, and for the first time fails to catch his prey.

    It’ll be released by Samhain Publishing on November 10th, and in the meanwhile the first chapter’s available here.

  7. Diana Pharoh Francis
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:46:27

    My new novel Bitter Night came out just a couple of days ago.

    Bitter Night is the story of a woman who gets transformed against her will into a powerful magical predator and is enslaved into the bargain. She's been fighting against her chains for years, and now she's got to decide what's more important-‘her freedom, or joining forces with the witch who made her in order to save their friends. Because the Guardians of the earth have decided that humanity has encroached too far; magic is suffocating and soon there will be none left, and all the magical creatures of the world will die with it. So they have decided to go to war. They've summoned all the witches to serve as generals in their army and when Max's witch refuses, Max has to decide if revenge is what she wants most.

    Read the first chapter at

  8. Amy
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:56:42

    Ellora’s Cave will release my shapeshifter novella Jaguar’s Claim this month.

    A groom in lust, an unwilling bride, one night of dominance both won't forget.

    Tanesha did the sensible thing when her Brazilian family arranged a marriage of convenience to another jaguar shifter. She made a run for it. Now living a cushy life as a call girl in Manhattan, she lost her virginity and her desire to have a lifelong mate in the same second. Up until the crashing stock market robs her of all her savings. Broke, she considers returning to Brazil.

    Danilo, bitterly scorned when his virgin bride escaped from under his nose, is none too pleased to hear of her plans to return to Brazil. Gone is his desire to marry, even if a promise given still binds him. Seeking her out, he brings one million dollars, a leather cat-o'-nine whip, and the heated determination to settle a score.

    Excerpt here.

    Thanks, Jane, for the opportunity to put on my promo hat :)

  9. Jane
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:59:08

    @Diana Pharoh Francis This sounds pretty fascinating. I’m going to go and buy it. Thanks for posting. (Sorry about our spam filter)

  10. Diana Pharoh Francis
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 20:18:33

    @Jane: I just thought I was going really insane :D

  11. Jane
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 20:21:58

    @Diana Pharoh Francis Nope, we have a super aggressive spam filter. Links are viewed on with great suspicion.

  12. Kristina Cook
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 20:30:49

    I’m pretty excited that my first-ever *erotic* historical novella comes out this month under my Kristi Astor pen name–“Lover’s Dawn” in the Harlequin Spice anthology WINTER’S DESIRE (look…up above!! The pretty banner with a coupon code for $4 off the book or ebook at eHarlequin!).

    WINTER’S DESIRE is the first in a series of erotic historical anthologies in our “Celtic Spice” series–all themed around a Celtic seasonal legend (this particular one is Winter’s Solstice). All three novellas are loosely tied together, based on the legend set up in the prologue–the first novella (by Amanda McIntyre) is Medieval-themed, the second (by Charlotte Featherstone) is set just after the Crimean War, and my novella is Edwardian-set.

    And just an FYI (because you can’t ever tell for sure with Spice), I’d classify all three novellas as “erotic romance” rather than “erotica.” There are definitely HEAs in all three novellas.

    We have a website fore the series at

  13. Kate Hewitt
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 21:05:56

    My Harlequin Presents Extra, Royal Baby, Forbidden Marriage, will be released mid-November, and my Oct release, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, was a DA recommended read (thanks, Jane!) for the month of October.

    If you’ve vowed never to read a Presents, or think category romances are all the same (or all rubbish), I challenge you to give my book a try. You can even win a free copy on my website. I’m running a contest all month: whenever I post the first sentence of a chapter, leave a comment and you will be automatically entered into a contest to win a copy of the book. At the end of the month, all commenters will be entered into a draw to win six gorgeous, yummy cupcakes from the NYC bakery Crumbs.

    I’m not going to bother with a blurb, but here is the first sentence of chapter 2 to give you a taste:

    It was raining in Paris, a needling drizzle that blanketed the royal mourners in grey, and made the images on the television screen blurry and virtually unrecognizable.

    Enjoy, and thanks DA!

    Kate Hewitt

  14. Cat Kane
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 21:06:57

    My paranormal gay menage “Human Nature” is out on November 9th from Liquid Silver Books — info and an excerpt can be found here and on my blog.

    Here’s the blurb!

    Left for dead by hunters, werewolf Dominic finds refuge at the isolated home of reclusive demon Gage and his human servant Randall. Healing from the attack, physically and mentally, Dominic has no choice but to rely on his grudging host and his enigmatic assistant.

    Hidden away from humans for decades, the last thing Gage wants is a werewolf bringing trouble to his doorstep. Keeping Randall at arm’s length is problematic enough, but allowing Dominic to stay seems like the safest option-at least until Gage finds himself drawn to Dominic as much as he is to Randall.

    Randall has his own reasons for driving Dominic into Gage's arms. It's only a matter of time until Gage discovers the secrets Randall's been keeping-‘secrets that will surely destroy their fragile, undefined relationship. Still, the pull of the powerful desire that binds them all leaves him wishing there was a way to keep them both.

    But as the outside world encroaches on Gage's sanctuary, all those secrets are about to collide, unleashing a dangerous tide of betrayal, deception and love, and all three men will have to re-evaluate their priorities, their relationships, and who-‘or what-‘they are.

  15. Anthea Lawson
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 21:48:16

    RITA-nominated husband-wife writing team Anthea Lawson is thrilled to announce their Nov. 3rd release ALL HE DESIRES, a spicy Victorian-set historical~

    Self-exiled on the Isle of Crete, an English doctor with a troubled past meets the one woman who can bring him out of the shadows and into the light.

    Win a copy!

    We’re embarked on a fabulous blog tour, with lots of chances to win books. More details at Hope to see you there!

  16. K. Z. Snow
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 22:26:48

    To Be Where You Are (m/m contemporary with paranormal elements) will be released November 9 at Liquid Silver Books. You can find two excerpts HERE. Following is the blurb.

    * * * * *

    Vampires, voodoo, and two very frustrated men . . .

    After seven months of an affair they can only pursue on occasional weekends, Jackson Spey and Adin Swift are more in love than ever. More frustrated, too. Their periods of separation are becoming intolerable. Adin can't help but feel responsible . . . and he can't help worrying Jackson's patience is wearing thin.

    Celia, Adin's live-in girlfriend, has been aware of the men's relationship from the start. She also knows Adin's sense of honor will not allow him to walk out on her. Neither stupid nor insensitive, Celia realizes most triangles have a breaking point, and this one has reached that stage.

    Just as she's on the verge of arranging a meeting with Jackson, the wizard is summoned to do a strange favor for a fellow practitioner of magic. Noah Curry's beloved partner, Perez Pei, has disappeared. Despondent and desperate, Noah uses a unique kind of influence to enlist Jackson's aid.

    As the lovers wonder what Celia's intentions are and as Adin considers taking drastic measures, the hunt for Perez Pei begins. From his Milwaukee flat to an Illinois farmhouse to a shack in rural Mississippi, Jackson must confront forces, beings, and aspects of his freed sexuality he's never before had to face.

    He doesn't know if it's extortion or compassion that drives him to help Noah find Perez. He only knows he can't give up. If he does, Adin could be lost to him forever.

  17. Melisse Aires
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 23:13:58

    Shadow Rescue by Melisse Aires

    A devoted single mom, a master vampire…

    Darlene’s life revolves around her responsibilities as a single mom to a teen aged son. Her worst fear is realized when she finds her son near death, due to a vampire attack. She’ll do anything to save her son.

    Vare has vast responsibilities as the head of a large, secretive vampire clan. Transforming the boy will bring complications, as will taking blood from the boy’s mother. But something about her grief and beauty compels him to bring them into his world.

    A bond of desire forms between Darlene and Vare that night. Should they pursue the passion they feel?

    Novella released October 29 by Red Rose Publishing

  18. Vivi Andrews
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 02:04:46

    My paranormal romantic comedy, The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story released October 27th from Samhain.

    Jo Banks is a ghostbuster with a punkrock attitude and the body of a playmate. By-the-book businessman Wyatt Haines doesn’t believe in ghosts or ghost exterminators, until he finds himself in possession of a very haunted Victorian mansion. When Jo’s extermination of Wyatt’s Victorian goes awry, he winds up with a pair of ghosts haunting him. Of course, hijinx & romance ensue…

    Here’s an excerpt.


  19. Lexxie Couper
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 05:00:38

    Romance can be found in space. As can mythical swords, cryptic seers, a massive hero with a tormented soul, ancient prophesies, nefarious aliens and a heroine who refuses to give up and kicks arse with the best of them.

    The Sun Sword, my third Samhain Publishing release (and first erotic sci-fi/fantasy novel) will be released on 17th November. Yay!

    She has the power to bring new life…or utterly destroy it.

    Torin Kerridon, the last warrior from an ancient order, is drawn to an abandoned, dying Earth, where he finds a forgotten young woman. A woman forged by the Immortals to wield the ultimate weapon-‘the Sun Sword. A woman capable of commanding the power of the suns. A woman with no past and no memory, the body of an angel and the spirit of a demon. He will train her. Prepare her.

    Hunted all her life, Kala Rei has endured more than one woman should. Sheer grit, and a dangerous skill with a lead pipe, are the key to her survival. But nothing threatens her sense of safety more than dominance-oozing Torin. He wants her, but not for what's between her legs. For what he believes her to be-‘some ludicrous savior from some absurd prophecy. No matter…his offer to take her away from Earth is too good to refuse.

    But when a savage desire begins to burn between them, both Torin and Kala are in danger-‘and so are the worlds of man.

    Warning: This book contains an ancient prophecy that can't be denied, a brooding hero tormented by desire, a stubborn woman who hungers for his touch, a villain so vile you'll want to kill him yourself and sex so hot it'll melt the suns of the known universes…and then some.

    Check out The Sun Sword (and its gorgeous cover) here, and read an excerpt here.

  20. Vivian Arend
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 05:21:19

    Thank you for the chance to post.

    Wolf Flight, Book 2 in the Granite Lake Wolves, released October 27th.

    An untriggered werewolf. A runaway Omega. It's not easy fighting destiny.

    Tad Maxwell's workaholism serves to keep his bush pilot company in the air, and his inner werewolf in check. In the two years since he discovered his heritage, he's resisted the longing to test the power of his wolf side. It would mean compromising his human principals.

    Then Missy Leason re-enters his life. Ten years ago, their teenage attraction never went beyond hand-holding. Now their chemistry is off the charts, pushing him closer to the step he's not sure it's safe to take, especially with a human.

    But Missy is more like Tad than he realizes. She's wolf too, and a wolf pack is a dangerous place to have secrets. Missy's alpha has sniffed out her carefully hidden Omega powers. Her first response: run from the corrupt alpha's plan to make her his mate. Step two: get to Tad, and hope like hell his untapped powers are strong enough to negate her own.

    Every touch with Missy is hot, hot, hot, but even finding out she's pure wolf doesn't solve Tad's dilemma. Is she using him, or are they truly destined mates? Only one thing is certain. He will defend her to his last breath-‘on his terms. Even if it means losing his life.

    Warning: Contains nasty Alphas, secret Omegas and werewolves acting raunchy on the dance floor. Sarcasm, wilderness cabins, and hot nookie back by popular demand.

    The wolfies are available from Samhain Publishing . Want to take a peek? Chapter One to check out, and another excerpt.

  21. Stacey Joy Netzel
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 11:53:13

    My Christmas anthology, MISTLETOE RULES is available in print at The Wild Rose Press, and releases in e-book on Nov. 20th. Just in time for the holidays!

    Contemporary Holiday Romance
    300 pages
    Rating: spicy


    Christmas recipe for love-‘combine a matchmaking Santa, lots of mistletoe, one iron-clad rule, fated hearts; mix and stir. The Riley siblings don’t stand a chance. One book, three stories of love to warm your heart any time of the year.

    Mistletoe Mischief: Christmas in July at the zoo is the last place single parents Eric Riley and Marissa Wilder expect to find love. Thanks to some mistletoe mischief in the form of their two young daughters and Santa, they discover Mistletoe Rules were not made to be broken.

    Mistletoe Magic: Major Mark Riley plays Court Jester to Janelle Walsh’s Snow Queen at the Christmas Parade and is instantly captivated by the cute redhead whose grandpa just happens to be Santa. When Mark learns she’s the tenant he evicted from his newly purchased property, it’s going to take a little bit of Santa’s mistletoe magic to save their romance.

    Mistletoe Matchup: When Lisa Riley comes home for Mark’s Christmas Eve wedding, her high school rivalry with Janelle’s cousin, Derek Walsh, picks up right where it left off, only this time Derek’s got the upper hand. Santa bides his time as they battle it out because he’s waited a whole year for this mistletoe match-up.

    Check out an excerpt for each story at:

    Buy in print at:

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

    (edited to add my THANKS to DA for the promo opportunity!)

    Stacey Joy Netzel

  22. Judi Fennell
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 13:48:57

    Second in my Mer series, Wild Blue Under is the story of Rod Tritone, Mer Prince, who must travel to land-locked Kansas to bring the lost half-Mer Princess, Valerie Dumere, back to Atlantis to claim his throne.

    Problem is, Val thinks that he’s nuts, the inheritance he claims her father left her is non-existent, and that she’s allergic to the ocean. So what happens when a talking seagull named Livingston, a mercenary albatross, and dive-bombing peregrines show up to “convince” her? It’s a madcap dash for the coast where getting a mermaid’s tail is the least of her worries.

    Enter to win one of 2 (remaining) Romantic Beach Getaway Weekends by stopping by my website

    While you’re there, check out an excerpt and a deleted scene (what do seagulls like for lunch?), as well as the link for the Rita/GH Nominee Celebration in March 25, 2010 and links to RT photos, RWA photos and other fun events.

  23. Carolyn Brown
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 13:56:22

    November 2, 2009
    Contemporary Western Romance
    316 pages
    Rating: Spicy

    Thank you for letting me post about my new book that hit the book shelves at Barnes and Noble, Borders and Hastings today. It’s the second in the Lucky Trilogy from Sourcebooks Casablanca. LUCKY IN LOVE is also available and GETTING LUCKY will be out January 1.


    If Slade Luckadeau thinks he can run Jane off his ranch, he’s got cow chips for brains. His grandmother’s offer of a job and a place to stay is the first lucky break Jane Day’s gotten in a long time. So what if her hideaway comes with a big hunk of hostile he-man? She can handle it…


    Slade is certain the good-looking, hardworking blond his grandmother dragged home from the bus station is a con artist, out to rip them off and leave them in the dust. But even him being as mean as a startled rattlesnake doesn’t seem to faze her one bit. She’s winning every argument, and he’s running out of fights to pick…

    With his granny up to some serious matchmaking, and trouble with a capital “T” threatening the Double L ranch, suddenly it’s Slade’s heart that’s in the most danger of all…


  24. Nell Dixon
    Nov 05, 2009 @ 10:46:43

    My first e book for 18 months and my first for Freya’s Bower – His Darling Nurse releases on November 17th
    Juliet Darling needs a fresh start. With the end to her disastrous marriage, she hopes that moving to the village of Chandler's Gate-‘where she landed a job as a practice nurse-‘will give her and her small son Charlie just such an opportunity. Her ex-husband, however, doesn't plan on allowing them to escape his clutches quite so easily.

    Dr. Neil Forrest finds his quiet and orderly life disrupted both at work, with the arrival of Juliet and her new ideas about what a practice nurse should do, and at home when the accident-prone Juliet and her son move in to the house next door. Neil has deep-rooted insecurities about life and relationships since the premature death of his wife. The loss has left him clinging to his precious routines in an attempt to protect himself from further pain.

    It takes a very special little boy, an out of control barbecue and a terrible accident before Neil and Juliet can finally get together and Neil can make Juliet his very own darling nurse.

  25. Ryshia Kennie
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 19:10:12

    Ring of Desire a paranormal set in medieval England will be released November 17. Ring of Desire is my second novel and the book that surprised me. It began as a true historic and then the magic happened – unexpectedly, really. But it’s one of my fave stories mainly because it was so much fun to write. I was sad to write the end and almost wrote an epilogue – almost!

    Whispers of an ancient magic
    draw them together …

    In the medieval land of Hafne, a curse has swept through the land leaving it barren and without hope. As one of the chosen, Vala watches for signs of the prophecy and with it, the owner of a ring who is destined to fight by her side and
    drive away the darkness. The newly arrived Norman enemy is an unnecessary complication in Hafne-‘and in beautiful Vala's heart.

    … An unspeakable evil fights
    to keep them apart.

    Giles arrives with his Norman men in time to rescue a mysterious woman from a watery death. Holding Vala in his arms, the stirrings of destiny and desire begin, binding him to a prophecy of which he surely wants no part-‘binding him to a search for his true origins and a fight to save his soul and hers.

    Check out my website for launch details and some fun give aways – all appearing soon.

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