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Open Thread for Authors (Author Promo) for December 2012

Author Open ThreadWelcome to the Promotional Thread for Authors. What’s this you say? I read quite a few blogs outside the romance blogosphere and many of the big ones have a daily open thread where the commenters drive the bus.

The rules for Author Promo Night Open Thread are as follows:

The book has to be released in that month (i.e., anything released during the last week of February would be a March release)
You can post for yourself or you can have a friend post for you if the idea of posting about your book paralyzes you .
No self published authors unless you write romance. No, I am not a POD hater, I am just thinking about the manageability of the thread.
Think about the readership. I.e., does your non fiction book about psoriasis really fit?
This one is more of a guideline than a rule, but be smart about your comment because if it is just a link to your website and the title of your book, I doubt you are going to get any interest.
DA reserves the right to delete the post if it promotes objectionable content (i.e., no daddy/daughter incest recommends are going to be allowed. Sorry.)
That’s it. Post away.

Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 15 years ago. She enjoys historical romance/fiction best, likes contemporaries, action- adventure and mysteries, will read suspense if there's no TSTL characters and is currently reading very few paranormals.


  1. Isobel Carr
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 18:23:12

    Book 3, The League of Second Sons
    Dec 18th

    Starred review from PW!

    “Carr is sure to balance her characters’ roguish antics with genuine heart, making the double love story a delightful and erotic page-turner.”

    4-Stars (RT Book Reviews)

    “For her third in the League of the Second Sons, Carr delivers not one, but two love stories that will charm and titillate readers. It’s intriguing that, at times, the more mature romance overshadows the younger couples love story, but it is the underlying passion in both, as well as the marvelously crafted backdrop, that holds readers’ attention. You will be easily drawn into the naught and bawdy era through Carr’s deft prose.”

    After the scandalous demise of her marriage, Lady Olivia Carlow knows the rakes of the ton will think her fair game. So when a letter arrives bearing an indecent offer from the incorrigible Roland Devere, she seizes the opportunity. Turning the tables on the notorious rogue, she blackmails him into playing her betrothed for the season. But no matter how broad his shoulders or chiseled his features, she will never fall prey to his suave charm.

    When Roland boasted he’d be the first into Lady Olivia’s bed, he couldn’t have imagined that behind those brilliant blue eyes lurked a vixen with a scheme of her own. Still, Roland is not about to abandon his original wager. If anything, learning that the lovely Olivia is as bold as she is beautiful makes him more determined to seduce her into never saying “never” again.

    Buy links and the first 3 chapters here:

  2. Violetta Vane
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 18:43:49

    Thanks for the opportunity to present Mark of the Gladiator, an m/m historical fiction romance novel, available in ebook and print from Riptide Publishing and other retailers on November 26th. There’s an excerpt available here. Tonight (the 25th) is also the last chance to preorder from the website for a chance to win a Nook.


    After an inconvenient display of mercy in the arena, the gladiator Anazâr is pulled from the sands and contracted to nobleman Lucius Marianus to train his new stable of female gladiators. His new charges are demoralized and untested, and they bear the marks of slavery and abuse. Anazâr has a scant four months to prepare them for the arena, and his new master demands perfection.

    Anazâr’s surprised by how eager he is to achieve it—far more eager than a man motivated by only self-preservation. Perhaps it’s because Marianus is truly remarkable: handsome, dignified, honorable, and seemingly as attracted to Anazâr as Anazâr is to him.

    But the rivalry between Marianus and his brother, Felix, sparks a murder conspiracy, with Anazâr and his gladiatrices caught in the middle. One brother might offer salvation . . . but which? And in a world where life is worth less than the pleasures of the crowd or the whims of a master, can there be any room for love? As a gladiator, Anazâr’s defenses are near impenetrable. But as a man, he learns to his cost that no armor or shield can truly protect his heart.

  3. Tessa Dare
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 19:06:44

    I have a $0.99 novella releasing! Or re-releasing. The novella, “The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright” originally appeared this past summer in the no-longer-available charity anthology Three Weddings and a Murder.

    The anthology was reviewed several places, including here at Dear Author , where the reviewer gave this novella an A.

    And now it has a brand new sexy pink cover!

    “The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright”
    Releases from Avon Impulse on December 11, 2012

    Miss Eliza Cade is a lady in waiting. And waiting. Because of a foolish mistake in her youth, she’s not allowed “out” in Society until her three older sisters are wed. But while she’s trying to be good, she keeps bumping elbows–and more distressingly, lips–with notorious rake Harry Wright. Every moment she spends with him, she risks complete ruin. The sensual passions he stirs in her are so wrong…but Eliza just can’t resist Mr. Wright.

    Excerpt, pre-order links, etc. available at my website:

    Thanks for the space to plug it! I’m really quite fond of this one.

  4. Elyssa Patrick
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 19:43:22

    *waves hi to Tessa*

    Thanks, DA, for the opportunity.

    I also have a $0.99 novella releasing! The novella, ONE HIT WONDER, is a contemporary romance with a boss/secretary trope . . . with a former teen idol/pop star and his personal assistant. I’m self-publishing it and it will release on December 11th. (Fingers crossed!)


    Jane Timmons has two weeks to . . .

    1. Keep her distance from her sexy boss, the once famous pop singer, Damon Suarez.

    2. Stay firm. No kissing allowed!

    3. And not let Damon know she loves him.

    Damon Suarez has two weeks to . . .

    1. Convince Jane to not quit.

    2. Stage a comeback and be more than a one hit wonder.

    3. Win Jane’s heart—no matter what it takes.

    You can find out more info here:

  5. Sylvie Fox
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 19:54:08

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured on this page after so many years as a DA reader!

    I’m very excited about my debut novel from Crimson Romance. It’s a new romance digital first imprint of F+W Media.

    Puppy Love, releasing December 17th, is a contemporary romance that garnered a number of comments when it was featured on DA’s First Page Saturday in 2008

    Here’s the blurb:

    There are only two things Sophie Reid doesn’t do: lawyers and sex. When sexy, lawyer Ryan Becker stumbles into her life, her first two thoughts are “no,” and “definitely no.” After Sophie and Ryan rescue a dog from certain death on the Hollywood Freeway, they share one smoldering kiss. Sophie knows a potential train wreck when she sees it and leaves the dog and Ryan at the pound knowing she’ll never see either of them again.

    Poor kid turned corporate attorney, Ryan vowed he’d get an education, succeed, and be welcomed in the front door of the most stately homes in Beverly Hills. Now that his career is on an upward trajectory, he is ready to settle down. Unfortunately, the women he has been meeting haven’t set his heart racing. Enter: Sophie.

    A master of persuasion by profession, Ryan convinces Sophie to pursue their undeniable mutual attraction. But Ryan’s quest to be a success at the very occupation she reviles rankles her.

    When a Hollywood union strikes, Ryan and Sophie find themselves on opposite sides of the bargaining table. Can their sparks in the bedroom overcome their standoff in the boardroom?

    It’s available for preorder from Amazon

  6. Hailey Edwards
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 20:17:21

    A Feast of Souls
    Araneae Nation, Book 2
    December 18th

    The only way to save her is to bind their souls as one.

    Born with the ability to communicate with the dead, few things take Mana by surprise. But when a canis lopes into her life, announcing himself as the long-dead father of a childhood friend, she’s shocked. To make matters worse, he has a dire message that she alone can deliver.

    Now Mana must face Vaughn, the male who inspired one too many girlish fantasies, and impart the spirit’s message—without acknowledging her source—so the soul can be laid to rest.

    With rumors of a burgeoning clan war setting his nerves on edge, the last thing Vaughn needs is for an innocent to get caught in the crosshairs. But the woman he remembers as an awkward girl refuses to leave his side until he’s heard her out. That’s not the only change in her that calls to him. Her kindness soothes his battle-scarred soul—and he craves her in ways a warrior shouldn’t.

    When they are both captured, they learn of an even greater threat. The plague devastating the southlands has come to his clan home. And his best—and only—chance to keep his people alive is the female who walks among the dead.

    Warning: This book contains one fierce hero with a nose for danger, one stubborn heroine who smells like trouble, and one wolfish spirit who makes most relationships with the in-laws seem downright tame. Fur, fangs and some biting should be expected. But never fear, the hero has a sword, and he knows how to use it.

    Excerpt and pre-order links can be found here:

    Thanks for the opportunity, DA!

  7. Miranda Neville
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 21:47:48

    THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED releases November 27th.
    Book 1, The Wild Quartet.

    Thomas, Duke of Castleton, has every intention of wedding a prim and proper heiress. That is, until he sets eyes on the heiress’s cousin, easily the least proper woman he’s ever met. His devotion to family duty is no defense against the red-headed vixen whose greatest asset seems to be a talent for trouble…? ?

    Caroline Townsend has no patience for the oh-so-suitable (and boring) men of the ton. So when the handsome but stuffy duke arrives at her doorstep, she decides to put him to the test. But her scandalous exploits awaken a desire in Thomas he never knew he had. Suddenly Caro finds herself falling for this most proper duke…while Thomas discovers there’s a great deal of fun in a little bit of wickedness.

    Selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the top ten romances of the fall. Excerpt & links on my website at

    Thanks for the opportunity to post, DA.

  8. K. Z. Snow
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 22:04:11

    Coming December 12 from Dreamspinner Press: Xylophone, a contemporary m/m romance.

    The most consequential secret of Daren Boothe’s life centers on an unlikely object: a xylophone. His professional alter-ego, a sensual, androgynous performer, was born of that secret. When Dare begins his second and considerably more wholesome job playing clarinet in a polka band, he meets an unassuming young man who takes his grandmother out dancing each week—a man with his own shrouded past.

    Jonah Day immediately recognizes the clarinetist. Three years earlier they’d crossed paths in a therapist’s office, but they’d both abandoned that route to mental health. Neither was ready then to open up about the psychological traumas that haunted them and had adversely affected their lives.

    In an attempt to heal their wounds, Dare and Jonah turn to each other. Understanding and empathy come instantly, accompanied by ambivalence about their growing attraction. But the repercussions of victimization are many . . . and, often, impossible to anticipate. Regardless of their bond, Dare and Jonah could easily be driven apart by the very experiences they share.

  9. Anthea Lawson
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 22:14:57

    Thanks, Jane, for the opportunity to announce new releases!

    Coming November 30th – Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom – the final book in the award-winning Feyland trilogy (written as Anthea Sharp)

    (Book 1 in the series, The Dark Realm, is currently on sale for only .99 cents at all ebook retailers.)

    Faeries. Computer games. A boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and the girl he’s forbidden to love.


    Jennet Carter and Tam Linn are almost out of time. Feyland, the most immersive computer game ever designed, is about to be released into the world—along with the Realm of Faerie’s dangerous magic.


    The faeries, desperate to break free from their realm, have set treacherous plans in motion. Despite magical allies of their own, Jennet and Tam have no idea what dire threats await, both in-game and out.


    Battling for their lives against the united powers of the Dark Queen and Bright King, Jennet and Tam’s quest to stop the fey takes them into the perilous Twilight Kingdom, where illusion reigns—and magic can break all the rules.

  10. Sarah Morgan
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 03:39:40

    Woman in a Sheikh’s World, my December release for Harlequin Presents, is in stores now and will be available as an ebook from December 1st.

    Back cover copy:

    With a client list hotter than the scorching desert, wedding planner Avery Scott shouldn’t be surprised that her latest client is Crown Prince Malik of Zubran – the man who once lit her body on fire…before steamrollering over her heart. Determined to ignore Malik’s lethal charm, Avery makes a very personal not to-do list:
    1. She’s not Malik’s intended, so their relationship must remain 100% professional.
    2. His arranged bride might have run away – but for the Kings of Zubran duty always comes first.
    3. However luxurious the Bedouin tent…and however smouldering the tension…pride dictates the touch she craves stays strictly forbidden.

    Extract and links can be found on my website at

    Thanks DA!

  11. Lindsay Townsend
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 10:02:22

    Twelve Kisses (Historical Romance. Available as pre-order with money off)
    by Lindsay Townsend

    Cover here:

    Genre: Historical Romance

    Tags: Knights, War of the Roses, Henry Tudor, historical romance, historical fiction, farrier, snow, Christmas, kisses
    Price: $2.50
    She has twelve days to win his heart.
    He has twelve nights and twelve kisses to prove his love.

    The battle for the crown of England has ended, and Henry Tudor is king. For David, a supporter of the king, that is excellent news. For Alis, who has been in love with him since a girl, life is less certain. David has married her, but can he love her when her family supported the house of York?

    Compelled to be alone with her new husband over a snowy Christmas-time, will Alis win her heart’s desire? Will David truly love her?

    Available as a pre-order and due on Dec 14th from Muse it Up Publishing.

    Lindsay Townsend, historical romance.
    or follow me at Twitter: @lindsayromantic

  12. Jennifer Comeaux
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 10:33:12

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Edge of the Past
    by Jennifer Comeaux

    Contemporarty Romance – release date Nov. 27

    Will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and It’s listed in the upcoming releases on the publisher’s website:!/~/product/category=662267&id=17489395

    Book blurb:
    Emily’s skating career and personal life have never been more golden. She and her partner Chris have won every competition they’ve entered this season, and she’s found the man of her dreams in her coach Sergei. But when one of the biggest competitions of the year takes Emily and Sergei to Russia, Sergei’s past explodes into the present and makes Emily doubt everything in their future.

    This is the second book in the Edge series but can be read as a standalone. Book #1, Life on the Edge, is currently on sale for $0.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    More information on both books can be found on my website:

    Thanks again, DA!

  13. Pamela Sherwood
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 10:38:57

    Thanks for the promotional space, DA!

    Sourcebooks Casablanca
    December 4, 2012

    Starred review from BOOKLIST:

    “Sherwood effortlessly evokes the world of Edith Wharton and Henry James, and her exquisite character development, memorable secondary characters, and impeccably researched historical setting infuse this elegantly written debut with a richness and depth worth savoring.”

    Back Cover Copy

    “May I have this dance?”

    Aurelia wasn’t hiding exactly. She just needed to get out of the crush of the ballroom—away from the people staring at her scar, pitying her limp. She was still quite enjoying the music from the conservatory. And then a complete stranger—dashing, debonair, kind—asked her to waltz. In the strength of his arms, she felt she could do anything. But both would be leaving London soon…

    When they meet again a year later, everything has changed. She’s no longer a timid mouse. And he’s now a titled gentleman—with a fiancée. Is the magic of one stolen moment, one undeniable connection enough to overcome a scandal that would set Society ablaze and tear their families apart?

    Excerpt at

  14. Juliana Stone
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 12:21:33

    Thanks for the opportunity DA!

    The next book in my League of Guardians series releases tomorrow, KING OF THE DAMNED…
    With darkness all around him, The League of Guardians is his only means of redemption…

    Azaiel, the fallen, has been given a second chance to atone for the sins of his past. With demons gathering and threatening the league, he must find out if their circle has been breached. What he doesn’t foresee is a woman—a fierce warrior—who will turn his world upside down and awaken his tortured soul.

    Rowan James is a powerful witch out to avenge the death of her beloved grandmother, but she needs an ally. Will she be able to trust a man with secrets as dark as the sorrow in his eyes? Loving Rowan means risking salvation and yet Azaiel cannot ignore the hunger burning hot between them—his one last chance at happiness. With danger all around them, will these two desperate souls finally find love in each other? Or be forever damned…

    An exclusive excerpt and links are on the webpage,


  15. Teresa Carpenter
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 21:15:53

    DA thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

    Book two in my Princess Camp series is available starting 11/27/12.

    BABY UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE is loosely themed after Beauty and the Beast.

    San Diego hockey team’s PR director Elle Austin goes beyond the call of duty to keep their rebel captain in check—even playing nanny to his son!
    Max Beasley knows nothing about looking after a baby, so he enlists Elle’s help after little Troy is left on his doorstep by his irresponsible ex.

    Maybe it’s the spirit of Christmas, or seeing Max’s softer side, but Elle wishes he saw her as more than just an employee, and that they could give Troy the best gift of all—a family!

    Excerpt and pre-order links can be found here:

  16. Crista
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 23:47:25

    Book 2 of the Award-Winning Soulbearer Trilogy
    Available November 27

    Life is dull without a little Chaos…

    Trouble is more than just a nickname for Arden Soulbearer. It seems to follow her wherever she goes. And no one knows this better than her protector, Devarius Tel’Brien.

    Dev thought that by moving Arden to Gravaria so she could learn how to control Loku, the chaos god whose soul inhabits her body, life would be simpler. Wrong. Not only is he continually torn between his duty and his growing feelings for the Soulbearer, but he also has to contend with the rival prince who wishes to claim her heart. Adding to his problems, a group of powerful mages have banded together to rid the world of the disembodied chaos god once and for all. Of course, that means they have to destroy Arden in the process.

  17. Alison Packard
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 23:58:20

    Thanks for the opportunity DA!

    My debut novel, LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON is being released on December 17, 2012 by Carina Press. Below is the blurb:

    Kayla Maxwell is eager to shed her slasher-flick bimbo image—and she plans to do just that in her new role on daytime’s most popular soap. With a chance to showcase her dramatic range, Kayla will be able to wash away the lingering betrayal and public humiliation left by her controlling, philandering ex-boyfriend.

    Sean Barrett, the son of an influential, award-winning actor, is the hottest soap star in the country. Paired on-screen with the talented and beautiful Kayla Maxwell, Sean is determined to keep her at arm’s length, burned before by fame-seeking actresses who had no qualms about using him to get to his famous father.

    But when Kayla receives threatening letters, her past as a scream queen seems to be coming back to haunt her. Succumbing to an attraction neither one of them can deny, Sean and Kayla must face down her stalker and their own personal demons before trusting what they both feel—a love that lasts long after the cameras stop rolling.

    Love in the Afternoon is available for preorder on Amazon and B&N:

  18. Ros
    Nov 27, 2012 @ 10:18:10

    I have a short, sweet Christmas story coming out with Entangled on December 10th:


    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a flashmob proposal.

    All Kevin wants is to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves. He’s been planning the perfect proposal for months. He never planned what would happen if she said ‘no’.

    On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a diamond ring.

    The last thing Laurel wants or expects for Christmas is a big flashy diamond ring. She’d been hoping for a pile of books or perhaps a cashmere sweater. In her experience, marriage is the quickest way to kill a happy relationship. When Kevin gets down on one knee, she panics and runs.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a rescue puppy and a trip to Hawaii.

    He knows he’s pushed too hard and too fast. Now he’s scrambling to hold on to the best thing that’s ever happened to him, while she’s running hard and fast in the opposite direction. How could it all have gone so wrong in just twelve days?

  19. Georgie Lee
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 08:51:33

    Thanks for the promo op.

    STUDIO RELATIONS, my novel set in the golden age of Hollywood, is coming out in December from Montlake Romance

    Available December 11, 2012 from Montlake Romance

    Vivien Howard hasn’t forgiven Weston Holmes for almost derailing her career five years ago. Female directors in 1930s Hollywood are few and far between, and a man who coasts by on his good looks and family connections can’t possibly appreciate what it took for her to get to where she is. But when the studio head puts Weston in charge of overseeing Vivien’s ambitious Civil War film, she realizes she has a choice: make nice with her charismatic new boss or watch a replacement director destroy her dream.

    Weston Holmes doesn’t know much about making movies, but he knows plenty about money. And thanks to the Depression, ticket sales are dangerously low. The studio can’t afford a flop—or bad press, which is exactly what threatens to unfold when an innocent encounter between Weston and Vivien is misconstrued by the gossip rags. The only solution? A marriage of convenience that will force the bickering duo into an unlikely alliance—and guide them to their own happy Hollywood ending.

  20. Lily Harlem
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 10:10:57

    Thanks for the promo op :-)

    TEAMWORK the fourth book in my HOT ICE series has just hit the shelves at Ellora’s Cave.

    These books don’t need to be read in order, they are all fine as stand alone reads, though if you read the previous books you’ll be briefly introduced to the hero of the next novel as you enjoy the current story.

    Blurb for TEAMWORK

    What I know about hockey could fit on the back of a stamp. So my latest patient may be one of the NHL’s hottest defensemen, but I’m not exactly blown away by his stardom. Add in the fact that he’s a surly, growling grump, and I’m more than happy to work my magic on his battered body and then hot-foot to my date with his teammate, Todd “Pretty” Carty.

    Todd is sex on a stick, a slice of man heaven and I want a bit of the action, preferably of the bedroom variety. But when Raven emerges from his bad mood and throws his energy into blowing my mind with just one kiss, I find my head spinning and my libido raging.

    What I didn’t bargain on is these hard-training, hard-playing hockey players working as efficiently off the ice as on it when it comes to getting results. But who am I to complain when satisfaction is their ultimate goal?

    Buy Link at Ellora’s Cave –

    You can read a steamy excerpt here –

    Lily x

  21. Gennita Low
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 20:54:45

    I have a new romantic suspense book out, titled TEMPTING TROUBLE, available on Amazon and Nook.
    AMZ link:
    Nook link:

    Having a top spy for a father has its benefits–Grace O’Connor can out-think and outsmart most people–and its downside–her secret must remain one. But that had never stopped her from getting into trouble. That is, after all, the nickname her father gave her.

    Taking an intern job at GNE for the summer at DC, she soon finds out the agency for which she works provides more than translation services. GNE sends out “recorders” to events of interest for the purpose of gathering and selling information. It doesn’t take long before Grace is involved in the middle of a chase for an important list of corrupt politicians. Or maybe there’s more to that because every spy agency seems to be after it too, including the arrogant and sexy Lance Mercy.

    Mercy, top COS commando, has been brought in to 1) extract a Chinese dissident with information about some weaponry stolen from the US and 2) catch the mole among them. Everything seems to be running smoothly until the appearance of that confounding woman who might or might not be an enemy. He has never met someone quite like Grace O’Connor–seemingly too young, incredibly sexy, and absolutely up-to-neck in the thick of this crazy business.

    Nuns on the run, odd Chinese words, double agents, non-aligned ghosts, three grains of rice, plus an assortment of spy games–falling in love would just be tempting trouble.
    Thank you for the promo opportunity.

  22. Lily Harlem
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 03:44:03

    ANYTHING FOR HIM by Natalie Dae and Lily Harlem

    A gritty London based erotic romance about obsession and dark desires.


    Just how far will one woman go to fulfil her fantasies?

    I prefer to chase the news, not be the news. But when the delectable Liuz, with his uncannily accurate perception of my secret desires weaved his way into my life, it wasn’t long before I was in way too deep, submerged and intoxicated with a passion I was afraid was more than I could handle.

    Or was it? Because although my heart was overwhelmed with feelings I had no resistance against, and while my deceitful body was consumed by a burning passion, I still had a plan. A plan I prayed would keep me afloat as I was pushed to the very edge of my limits, while the journey got tougher than even my wildest flights of fantasy could have imagined.

    I claimed him and I felt that he was rightfully mine. My heart simply couldn’t beat without a permanent connection between our hearts, minds and bodies. Losing was not an option, not when my sanity depended on winning him.

    Because I would, quite literally, do anything for him.

    Buy links can be found HERE –

    Thanks for the promo op DA.

  23. Vivienne Westlake
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 09:12:31

    I just released a Regency erotic novel.

    A MARQUESS FOR CHRISTMAS by Vivienne Westlake

    A proper widow. A rakish marquess. He rescued her from thieves, but will she be able to save him from himself?
    When Violet Laurens is rescued from highwaymen, the furthest thing from her mind is that her heart might tumble next. She loves her independent life, no matter her lonely bed. The handsome stranger reawakens the passion she thought buried along with her husband, pushing her to new heights of desire. But she knows it’s only a matter of time before he remembers his name and leaves her.
    The dissolute Marquess of Kittrick has vowed never to marry, causing a rift in his family that sets him on the road just in time to do battle with ruffians intent on stealing a lady’s coins—and more. Discovering the fiery wanton beneath the widow’s oh-so-proper demeanor makes him want nothing more than to forget who he is for just a bit longer. Maybe forever.
    When Kit is forced to acknowledge who he is, will the truth trump their shared passion, and the love they can’t quite admit to? Or will Violet overcome her fear—and Kit his dissolute ways–and be able to lay claim to A Marquess for Christmas?

    On sale at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

    Or you can add the book at Goodreads.

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