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Open Thread for Authors (Author Promo) for April 2010

Welcome to the April Promotional Thread for Authors. What's this you say? I read quite a few blogs outside the romance blogosphere and many of the big ones have a daily open thread where the commenters drive the bus.

The rules for Author Promo Night Open Thread are as follows:

The book has to be released in that month (i.e., anything released during the last week of March would be an April release)
You can post for yourself or you can have a friend post for you if the idea of posting about your book paralyzes you .
No self published authors unless you write romance. No, I am not a POD hater, I am just thinking about the manageability of the thread.
Think about the readership. I.e., does your non fiction book about psoriasis really fit?
This one is more of a guideline than a rule, but be smart about your comment because if it is just a link to your website and the title of your book, I doubt you are going to get any interest.
DA reserves the right to delete the post if it promotes objectionable content (i.e., no daddy/daughter incest recommends are going to be allowed. Sorry.)
That's it. Post away.

Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 15 years ago. She enjoys historical romance/fiction best, likes contemporaries, action- adventure and mysteries, will read suspense if there's no TSTL characters and is currently reading very few paranormals.


  1. Amy Redwood
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 12:13:51

    ~~His She-wolf released from EC this week.~~

    The story is told from the heroine's 1st person to the hero's 3rd person view, which was a lot of fun to write and is hopefully fun to read as well :)

    Here’s the blurb:

    Ropes, guns, secrets-‘and one overprotective hit man. Sometimes, only life-changing sex will do.

    It's nothing personal, it's just sex. At least that's what I thought, meeting Seth. You see, I have a personality problem every full moon. My shifter genes urge me to hunt. And to mate. It's an itch I can't scratch during business meetings, obviously. What I want is my name on a lucrative contract, but this is where my life really takes a turn for the worse. The last thing I need is a hero, risking his life to save mine, but that's exactly what I got.

    Seth, hit man-cum-journalist, is on the run after securing a crucial piece of evidence against a known kingpin. Still trying to figure out how Candace is involved, he is even more puzzled at her strength, fast reflexes and appetite for sex. But he's ready and able to save her-‘even if he has to tie her up to make her see reason-‘and heal her heart along the way.

    Thanks, Jayne, for the promo op!

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  3. Silver James
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 15:50:33

    My debut novel, a time travel paranormal, FAERIE FATE, is available now for paperback preorder from The Wild Rose Press. The ebook will be available for DRM-free download in multiple formats on April 9th from the publisher. The book will be available from on-line book sellers soon after the official release date.

    If you could go back, do it over again, would you take a chance to find true love? What if you had no choice?

    On her fiftieth birthday, the faerie catapult Rebecca Miller a thousand years into the past to find her happily ever after with Ciaran MacDermot, the last Fenian warrior in his line. In the twenty-first century, Becca is old enough to be Ciaran's mother. In the tenth, she's young enough to be his bride.

    The fae forgot to mention one slight stipulation. The lovers must be bound before the Festival of Light, or Becca will forever disappear into Tir Nan Óg, the faerie Land of the Ever Young. Will they discover the binding words before time runs out and they're torn apart forever? Or will their eternal love defeat their Faerie Fate?

    Without the words, history is doomed to repeat itself.

    Thanks for the chance to spread the word, Jayne!

  4. Tracy Wolff
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 17:21:16

    My third erotic suspense, Tease Me, hits the shelves on April 6th. Here’s the blurb:

    The “edgy and erotic” (Shannon McKenna, New York Times bestselling author of Tasting Fear) author of Tie Me Down and Full Exposure offers another steamy novel of sex, lies, and sultry games.

    Burned once too often, true crime writer Lacey Richards has sworn off love. Instead, she explores her deepest desires through her anonymous- and very provocative-blog. Anonymous, that is, until her dark and ultrasexy neighbor discovers her dirty secret.

    Stockbrocker-turned-carpenter Byron Hawthorne gave up life in the fast lane, hoping to start over in a new city. When he learns his alluring neighbor is the one writing the sizzling blog that keeps him up all night, he can't resist offering to fulfill her fantasies in the flesh.

    But Byron isn't the only man provoked by Lacey's writing. Now Lacey doesn't know who she can trust-and who she can dare to tease.

    Thanks, Jayne! I appreciate the chance to promote Tease Me.

  5. Heidi Cullinan
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 18:38:39

    My third novel, Double Blind, is an m/m romance available in paperback and ebook on April 9 from Dreamspinner Press.


    Poker player and professional smartass Randy Jansen believes in fate but doesn’t let it rule his life. Whether he's at the table or between the sheets, Randy always knows the odds, and he only plays the games he can win-‘until he meets Ethan Ellison. Ethan came to Las Vegas with a broken heart and shattered spirit, and when he sits down at the roulette table with his last five dollars, he means this to be one of his last acts on earth. But Randy ropes him into first one bet, and then another, and then another…. Pretty soon they're playing poker on the Strip and having the time of their lives-‘and all this even before Randy gets Ethan into his bed.

    But before Ethan can plot out a new course for his life, they're drafted into the schemes of Randy's former lover, a tricky gangster who needs a fall guy. To survive, Ethan will have to stop waiting on fate and start making his own luck, and Randy will have to face the demons of his past and accept that to win this round, he's going to have to put up a big ante. It isn't money going into the pot this time, either: it's his heart, and Ethan's too-‘because for better or for worse, the game of love has a double blind.

    Read about Randy before he meets Ethan in Special Delivery.

    Buy links



    It will be available in Kindle format and at other retailers within 10-14 days of release as well, if you prefer.

    You can also sign up to win one of two paperback copies through Goodreads:

  6. Emma Hox
    Mar 28, 2010 @ 22:00:23

    Longbourn’s Unexpected Matchmaker

    Would Pride and Prejudice have been different if Colonel Fitzwilliam had accompanied Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to Netherfield?

    What would happen if Mr. Darcy made friends with a mysterious member of the Meryton neighborhood who refuses an introduction but who has a close relationship with the Bennet household?

    Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five daughters to Mr. Thomas Bennet has caught the attention of the rich and handsome Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy almost from the moment he laid eyes on her, but when he purposefully misinterprets her families expectation of her marrying well and slights her in a way unknown to those who have always loved Jane Austen's acclaimed Pride and Prejudice, he must leave forever or make amends. Sulking in the library he determines to leave the place and give her up, but is waylaid by a member of the Meryton neighborhood who claims an intimate acquaintance with the Bennet family and offers up advice on how to win Elizabeth's heart.

    Longbourn's Unexpected Matchmaker puts a spin on Pride and Prejudice that no one would ever expect as Colonel Fitzwilliam attends Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy to Netherfield, Elizabeth Bennet is witty enough to detect the motives of Mr. Darcy's long time enemy Lieutenant Wickham and Georgiana Darcy is bold enough to defy her brother and cousin and comes to Meryton in the midst of a storm. Not to mention Caroline Bingley, Lieutenant Wickham and Lady Catherine are all working against our hero and heroine ever finding their own happily ever after.

    About Emma Hox: Emma Hox has always been an avid fan of Jane Austen's novels. Although her favorite novel, she has been disappointed in Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Bennet. Longbourn’s Unexpected Matchmaker gives the witty father of Elizabeth Bennet the personality Emma always envisioned he should truly have.

    Emma is a member of the Jane Austen Society and a Jane Austen writer's guild. She speaks to youth groups about becoming the women they dream of being, using the Jane Austen Heroines as examples. Emma explains each of the characters have personalities and flaws any female can relate to, admitting her own character match would coincidentally be Jane Austen's Emma. She teaches the young women that each one of them has strengths and weaknesses and shows them how to learn and grow with confidence.

    Emma was born and raised in the farmlands of Eastern Washington and is a graduate of Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

    Married with two boys ages 5 and 2, Emma and her family love to sail and spend time on the lake on weekends. The author mostly enjoys sitting on the bow of the boat in the shade of the jib to write.

  7. SonomaLass
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 00:31:51

    I’m hopping over here to post this because it’s serious pimpage. I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Ann Aguirre’s Hell Fire, the sequel to Blue Diablo. It is terrific urban fantasy; I enjoyed the first one, but the second one is even better. Corine Solomon is a smart heroine, but she’s not perfect, not always brave, and dealing with serious issues from her past. The other characters are well-drawn and interesting, too. I love this kind of paranormal story — no vampires or shifters, but individuals with different natural or unnatural abilities who are otherwise quite human.

    This second book really deepens the characters and expands the story; it’s going to be hard to wait a year for the third book! Hell Fire is officially released on April 6.

  8. Annette Gisby
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 05:46:45

    The Chosen, M/M fantasy romance will be relased on 5th April by Lyrical Press


    Love or duty, which would you choose?

    Prince Severin has been brought up to put duty before all else. Now, his duty is to marry and produce an heir. He has his choice of princesses. Unfortunately, his passion is for princes.

    Havyn has been a slave all his life. When his powers are discovered, he finds himself purchased and freed by Prince Severin and apprenticed to the royal wizard, Ildar. His duty is to stay chaste to keep his powers strong. Unfortunately, his passion is for Severin.

    With kingdoms at war, the throne hanging in the balance, and magic in the air, can the two men find happiness together, or is duty more important than love?

    Some early reviews are in:

    “This was an epic high fantasy, complete with princes, kings, damsel princesses in distress, betrayal, and the ever-present quest. We start with Severin’s purchasing and then freeing Havyn, who then becomes apprentice to the royal wizard … and Severin’s object of first lust, then love. I did enjoy the way this relationship built. The quest to find the princess gives Severin and Havyn time to learn about each other and develop a strong bond.” – Patchcat for Yougottaread reviews

    “All of her dialogue was natural and easy to read and understand. Her character description was perfect… This is the first novel I’ve read from Annette Gisby and I’m thrilled that she asked us to review this for her. I was not sorry for a moment and I’d do it again in a heartbeat… If you’re looking for a sweet love story? You found it! I recommend this book and award it 5 kisses!!” – Michele, from Michele & Jeff Reviews

    “The truth makes us free is my all time favorite literary theme. The Chosen clothes that theme in a tender, sometimes erotic love story, one peopled with characters whose human nature (even though some of them aren’t fully human) rings true. It’s equal parts romance, fantasy, and fairy tale for adults, with a good, quick pace and plenty of sword and sorcery type action. Another winner from Annette Gisby, whose work gets better and better with every new release.” – Reviewed by Nina M. Osier, author of 2005 EPPIE winner REGS

    It’s already up at the Amazon Kindle store and more venues soon I hope :)

    Thanks for the promo opp, Jayne :)

    take care

  9. Jessica Andersen
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 06:44:06

    DEMONKEEPERS comes out next week! This is Jade and Lucius’s story, aka my ‘nerds that roared’ book, and really heats up the race to the 2012 doomsday.

    Quickie blurb:

    Lucius is an Indiana Jones wannabe who never quite measures up, until a twist of magic brings him powers beyond belief… and reunites him with Jade, the one-night stand he never forgot.

    If you order through the Virtual Signing at, you can get 25% off if you buy DEMONKEEPERS and JR Ward’s LOVER MINE (both signed) together.

    Happy almost-April, everyone!

    Doc Jess

  10. Nell Carson
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 06:51:19

    Hello! My first book, Tell-All, was supposed to be released 4/24/10 by Avalon Books but it’s available now. Yay! Here’s some info.
    New York City writer Kat Callahan is just finishing an explosive unauthorized biography of Hollywood's golden couple, Alex and Victoria Janssen, when they mysteriously disappear along with their 7-year old son. Kat's publisher is now hot on her heels to complete the book, eager to cash in on the free publicity surrounding their disappearance.

    Little does Kat know the charming cowboy who's just strolled into her life is actually Alex Janssen's brother Luke, dead-set on stopping the book. He knows it will reveal a fiercely guarded secret that could destroy the lives of all four Janssens. Now he'll stop at nothing to ensure that doesn't happen.

    Rating: You Gotta Read
    I have to say, Tell All was a spectacular read. The sizzling physical attraction between Kat and Luke found me catching my breath and thinking “whew, is it hot in here?”. The sweet things that Luke did for Kat really tugged at my heartstrings and I fell in love with his character even more if that was even possible. Why can’t real life men be just like Luke? — Val

    Rating: 5 Cups
    Tell-All is such a sweet romance that you cannot help but smile all the way through the book. The words flow smoothly and the characters are warm and friendly. All the makings of a great read. When the “real” story is told, it makes for another twist in the tale. — Matilda

    Tell-All is available (now!) online at Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity, Jayne!

    Take care,
    Nell Carson

  11. Kate Cotoner
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 07:02:22

    My M/M novella ‘Thunder’ is due out on Wednesday, March 31 from Torquere Press. The story is set in ancient China and has a paranormal element.

    Wu Jin has both brains and beauty. Though poor, his family are noble enough for Jin to sit the imperial examinations in the hope of obtaining a high-ranking government position at the court of Tang Dynasty China. When his parents are killed and his home destroyed in a fire, Jin clings to his dreams and travels to the provincial capital for the exams. Pursued by a sinister horseman into the forest, Jin seeks refuge at a tumbledown inn, little realising that he’s entered the abode of a fox-spirit.

    Tian Zhen is a huxian, a transcendental fox of immense power and considerable seductive charm. He’s startled when Jin sees through his illusions, and believes it’s Jin’s destiny not only to become his lover, but also to help him find a lost talisman – the symbol of Zhen’s heavenly role as the Guardian of Thunder. But convincing Jin won’t be easy, and the search for the talisman turns dangerous when Jin discovers it’s connected to the man who murdered his parents…

  12. Sheryl Nantus
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 07:55:07

    “Blaze of Glory” releases April 20th from Samhain Publishing!

    Saving the world is easy for a superhero-‘unless you're a fraud.

    Jo Tanis is a superhero, fighting evil on the city streets, using her ability to feed off electromagnetic energy and fire off charges-‘and it's all just a show. The Agency captures her and others like her when their powers begin to manifest, pitting them against each other in staged, gladiatorial fights. An explosive implant on the back of her neck assures she'll keep right on smiling for the camera and beating up the bad guys.

    When Earth comes under attack, suddenly the show becomes deadly real. Unable to deal with a real alien, the “supers” are falling in droves. Millions of innocent civilians are going to die…unless Jo can cobble together a team from among the fake heroes and villains the Agency enslaved. Including Hunter, who not only promises to show her how to deactivate the implants, but seems to know more than he should about how the mysterious Agency operates.

    Forcing a rag-tag bunch of former enemies to work together is the least of Jo's problems. The trick is determining if Hunter is friend or foe-‘and becoming the hero everyone thought she was before the world is destroyed for real.

    Check out the first chapter here!

  13. K. Z. Snow
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 12:21:53

    My second book for Dreamspinner Press after The Prayer Waltz is Jude in Chains (m/m contemporary), coming April 14. Here’s the blurb:

    Hoping further to expose the fallacy of “reparative therapy” for non-heterosexuals, writer Misha Tzerko has enrolled in a week-long program at the Stronger Wings Camp and Conference Center. He’s already lost his long-term boyfriend to the ex-gay movement, and for the sake of his own closure as well as his job at Options magazine, Misha hopes to get an inside look at the nondenominational ministry established by C. Everett Hammer III.

    Contentedly gay, Misha has always been a player — except when he committed to his only real relationship. But when Robbie abandoned him for straight life complete with wife, Misha’s promiscuity began to peak as his emotional landscape flattened. Cynicism became his armor.

    That's all about to change. Misha is shocked and dismayed to see another man from his past at Stronger Wings, a man with whom he'd had two brief but captivating encounters. Although Misha knows he can't save every registrant in the Stronger Wings program, he becomes determined to save Jude Stone.

    No matter what it takes.

  14. Angelia Sparrow
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 18:35:08

    The print version of my erotic gay disabled pagan inspirational romance, Shell-Shocked will be available April 30. Pre-orders, with a $2 discount, being taken now.

    Blurb and review links here:

  15. Camille
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 11:52:13

    Given the discussion we had here recently about gender double-standards, and the less-than-perfect heroine, I offer my new ebook: The Whore of Freedom released on Smashwords, March 30, 2010. (To be release on Kindle around April 2.) Mary is certainly not a good girl, but she is bold and determined in her search for redemption.

    New Acteron is on the verge of rebellion, and so is Mary Alwyn, the unfaithful wife of a revolutionary. Mary was once a wild orphan, but she thought she’d matured into a proper wife. Still, when she meets a charming nobleman, her first thoughts are:

    ‘If you were going to be unfaithful, did it really matter if you did it instantly? How many meetings was appropriate before you actually succumbed? Wasn’t it always inappropriate? Shades of her childhood came back to her, when Mrs. Cress would marvel at how “she didn’t even hesitate!” whenever Mary had jumped into a mud puddle. And Mary could never understand how thinking about it first could make a crime less serious.’

    But when Mary betrays her lover’s trust for the revolution, her husband holds her up as a hero, and calls her the Whore of Freedom. If she is to ever live down the first part of that name, she’ll have to live up to the second. She becomes a spy, as bold as her reputation, but she’ll never be free until she returns to face her past.

  16. Francis Ray
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 17:03:05

    FOREVER YOURS, book # 1 of the Taggart/Falcon series.(reissue)
    March 30, 2010
    St. Martin’s Paperbacks
    ISBN-10: 031236508X
    ISBN-13: 978-0312365080

    Victoria gasped in shock, inadvertently allowing Kane's tongue inside the warm interior of her mouth. Her body stiffened at the unwanted intimacy. But as the velvet roughness of his tongue touched hers, unexpected desire swept through her. She fought the need to join in the kiss until his teeth nipped her lower lip, then suckled the sweet pain away. By the time his mouth covered hers again, she had ceased to think.

    Her tongue sought and found his. He tasted hot and sensuous. She had never known a kiss could be so potent. There was nothing she could do to control the fire racing through her body except hold on and try not to be consumed by it. But as the kiss deepened, her own hunger grew and she made her own demands.

    Thanks Jayne!
    Awesome site.

  17. Inez Kelley
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 19:17:03

    Need to laugh? Need to cry? My romantic comedy JINXED is available in print from Samhain on April 6, 2010.(Although B&N and Amazon are already shipping pre-orders)

    When opposites attract, they are screwed three ways from Sunday.

    Frannie learned the hard way that a McHottie doesn't always equal marriage material. She's happy with her vanilla life. She has friends, a career and a double-D-powered vibrator. Then Fate shoves her, literally, into Prince Charming's lap. His declaration of love at first sight is cute-‘and spikes her bullcrap meter into the red zone.

    She's more than willing to give in with her body. But she's barricaded her heart behind castle walls-‘and permanently welded the gates shut.

    Tragedy taught Jinx that time is too precious to waste, so when a series of uncanny coincidences thrusts Frannie into his life, he holds on tight. He knows she thinks he's several fries short of a Happy Meal, but he's determined to breach the fortress around her heart and give her a Happily Ever After.

    Even if he has to carry her fanny-first into his kingdom.

    Warning: Includes jelly shoes, a narcoleptic cat, and meatloaf. The steamy sex scenes may lead to fogged windows and wet panties, so proceed at your own risk. Do not attempt to read without the following items: tissues, napkins for spewed beverages, and a booty call on speed dial.

  18. Vivi Andrews
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 12:54:17

    I’ve got two releases this month. The SHIFTING DREAMS anthology comes out in print on April 6th. Three sexified shifter stories including Kiss & Kin by Kinsey W. Holley, The Man of Her Dreams by Robie Madison, & my own Serengeti Heat.

    And my lighter-side paranormal romance THE SEXORCIST releases in ebook on April 27th. Everything that can go wrong will, especially when a demon helps things along.

    All this month I’m hosting a blog party with daily prizes & ereader contest at my blog:

    Thanks for the chance to pimp my books, DA!

  19. Christine Pope
    Apr 02, 2010 @ 12:12:38

    My debut novel, Fringe Benefits, is now available from Pink Petal Books.


    Mick Jagger was right. You can't always get what you want. Katherine Wheeler is finding that out the hard way, after spending six months in Los Angeles with little to show for her efforts besides a rapidly dwindling bank account. So when an online ad offers the sort of position she can only dream of, she answers it at once. Alarm bells go off when she realizes her new boss is dangerously attractive, but Katherine figures she can handle the situation. After all, Pieter Van Rijn seems to be a consummate professional. What could possibly go wrong?

    After dealing with the love-struck son of a movie producer, a threatened lawsuit, and an earthquake, Katherine thinks she may have to re-evaluate her situation. But all those complications are nothing compared to wanting a man who doesn't seem to want her back…

    Available here:

    You can also find out more than you probably ever wanted to know about me at my website,

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