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Gay Writes at Dear Author

Today is National Coming Out Day, and here at Dear Author, we’re going to be celebrating NCOD all week with our own “Gay Writes” campaign.

One of the reasons NCOD was established in 1988 is because the single most important thing most GLBT people can do to advance GLBT rights is to come out, whether to coworkers, family, friends, or the person behind them in the grocery store. Because the thing that changes people’s minds about gay rights above anything else is knowing someone who is GLBT.

The end of DADT (very near and dear to my heart) and of DOMA, the adoption of ENDA, and marriage equality are all huge issues at the moment in the US. We’re so close to equality in so many areas, and yet, kids are killing themselves because of the anti-gay rhetoric they hear every day from their classmates and parents, in their schools and churches. Dan Savage started the It Gets Better Project, a YouTube video channel where people can post their own video talking to these GLBT youth, telling them that no matter how bad things feel in high school (or even in middle school), that it will get better and they should stick it out. Dan’s own video with his wonderful husband Terry has been viewed more than half a million times. People like Tim Gunn (from Project Runway) and Chris Colfer (from Glee) and Kate Bornstein (amazing cultural critic) have posted their own videos. But so have the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus, the Broadway company of Chicago, the cast of Wicked, and these guys (best video of the whole project, IMO). But so have hundreds and hundreds of ordinary people, each telling their own story about being bullied when they were younger and how it was worth living through it so they could experience life in all its glory.

So, with these things in mind, we are Dear Author thought it was important to celebrate GLBT romance. Because it doesn’t get much better than living through the worst things life can throw at you and finding your happy ending with your perfect partner (as I say in my own IGBP video).

So, ten days ago I put a (very informal) call out to authors and publishers of GLBT romances (mostly over Twitter and in emails to my contacts at various presses) for giveaways for our Dear Author NCOD celebration, and to our reviewers for reviews of GLBT romances. And the response was so huge (especially considering its very informal nature), we’ve had to make it a National Coming Out WEEK celebration. We’ve got more than 125 books to give away and six reviews of GLBT romance novels.

All week, we’ll run reviews and each review will have its own personal giveaway that will remain open for 24 hours. You’ll need to comment on the review to win. But that doesn’t begin to cover all the books we have to give away. So comment on THIS post any time before Friday, 11:59 PST, and you’ll be entered to win one (or more, depending on whether they’re bundled) of our giveaway prizes, most of which are GLBT romances. Comment with the top 5 prizes you’d be interested in winning and you’ll make my life a lot easier. Otherwise, if you win, you’ll get a random drawing of the prizes. You might get that anyway, but you’re more likely to get something you want if you tell me what it is!

We’d like to thank the many many authors who donated books (and, really, so many did, we actually had to start turning people away). We’d also like to thank the amazing publishers of GLBT romance novels who donated books (in alphabetical order): Blind Eye Books, Bold Strokes Books (the first to respond! Thanks, Radclyffe!), Dreamspinner Press, Loose Id (who are running their own NCOD celebration all month AND who donated a VIP pass that gets the winner 10% off all year at Loose Id), MLR Press, Noble Romance Publishing, Samhain Publishing, and Torquere Books. These are by no means the only publishers of GLBT romance, and are CERTAINLY not the only authors of GLBT romance, but they responded to my pleas and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

And now, our prizes: (Print books can only go to US recipients. One win per person for the week of our Gay Writes giveaways, but feel free to comment on all posts to increase your chances of winning! Comment by Saturday 11:59 pm PST for a chance of winning.)

Loose Id‘s VIP pass: 10% off all Loose Id books for a year

A choice of any Torquere book in their catalog (5 prizes)

A choice of any GLBT Samhain book in their catalog (3 prizes)

(Now with all new fixed Amazon links so you can see what these books are!)
A.B. Gayle, Mardi Gras Digital
Adriana Kraft, Meghan’s Playhouse Book Five: Meg’s Folly Digital
Adriana Kraft,  To Love and To Cherish Print
Adriana Kraft,  Toy Box: Tattooed Ladies Digital
Alex Beecroft, False Colors Print (I adore this book)
Ally Blue,  Adder Print
Ally Blue, An Inner Darkness Print
Ally Blue, Easy Print
Ally Blue, Love, Like Ghosts Print
Ally Blue,   Shenandoah Digital
Anthology, Forbidden Love Digital
Anthology, Last Gasp Digital
Anthology, Past Shadows Print
Anthology, Lee Benoit (Ed.),  Someplace in This World Digital
Anthology, The Ties that Bind Print
Anthology, Temperature Rising Print
Anthology,  Time Well Bent Print
Ashley M. Christman, Requiem, Digital
Astrid Amara, Half Pass, Samhain E-ARC (only being released in January–read it before anyone else!)
Barry Eisler, Inside Out Print (NOT romance, but hardcover!)
Belinda McBride, Blacque/Bleu Digital
Brita Addams,  Chocolate, Tea, and the Duchess Digital
Bryl R. Tyne,  Ignited Digital
Bryl R. Tyne bundle:  The Zagzagel Diaries: Forsaken The Zagzagel Diaries: Denial The Zagzagel Diaries: Desperate The Zagzagel Diaries: Lost Digital (NOT romance)
Bryl R. Tyne Trey #3 Digital
C. Margery Kempe, Spinning Gold Digital
Carsen Taite,   It Should be a Crime Print
Clancy Nacht, A Certain Pressure in the Pipes Digital
Clare London, Freeman Print
Dena Celeste, Her Master’s Gift Digital
Erin Dutton, Point of Ignition Print
Gill McKnight, Goldenseal Print
Ginn Hale duology, Lord of the White Hell Book One Lord of the White Hell Book Two Print (3 copies of the duology)
H.C. Brown, Delicious Digital
Heidi Cullinan, Double Blind Print
Heidi Cullinan, Hero Digital
Heidi Cullinan, Hero Print
Heidi Cullinan, Miles and the Magic Flute Digital
Heidi Cullinan bundle,  Special Delivery and  Double BlindDigital (I adore this series. Brilliant.)
Heidi Cullinan, Sweet Son Digital
Heidi Cullinan, Wounds in the Walls Digital
Isabella, Always Faithful Digital
Isabella, ALways Faithful Print
J.L. Langley, Without Reservations Print
James Buchanan Trilogy:  Cheating Chance, Inland Empire, and All or Nothing Print (I adore this series, too.)
Jeanne Barrack,  Bend in the Road Print
Jennifer Fulton,  Dark Dreamer Print
Jlee Meyer, Hotel Liaison Print
Joely Skye,  Marked Print
Jove Belle,  Split the Aces Print
Jules Jones, Lord and Master Digital (I read this book during labor with son#2. Wonderful!)
Jules Jones, Spin Drift Digital
Julie Cannon, Power Play Print
K.A. Mitchell bundle: Collision Course and No Souvenirs Digital (Brilliant brilliant romances–some of my favorite)
K.A. Mitchell,  Diving in Deep Print
K.A. Mitchell, Historical Anthology, Print
K.B. Cutter,  Summer Heat Digital
K.T. Grant, Lovestruck Digital
K.Z. Snow, Electric Melty Tingles Digital
K.Z. Snow,  Mobry’s Dick Print
K.Z. Snow,   The Prayer Waltz Digital
Kari Gregg,  Lovely Wicked Digital
Keira Andrews, The Station Digital
Keva D, Out of the Closet Digital
Kim Baldwin, Breaking the Ice Print
Kim Baldwin, Focus of Desire Print
Kimberly Gardner, Almost Heaven Digital
Kirsten Saell, Crossing Swords Print
L.B. Gregg bundle, Catch Me If You Can and Trust Me If You Dare Digital
L.D. Madison, Caught By Surprise Digital
Lee Benoit, Moonspun Digital
Lydia Nyx,  The Game in Spain Digital
Lynn Lorenz, Jackson’s Pride Print
Martin Delacroix, Boys Who Love Men Digital
Meghan O’Brien, Battlescars Print
Missy Welsh, My Summer of Wes Digital
Radclyffe, Trauma Alert Print
Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine, A Perfect Game Digital
Rick R. Reed, Tales from the Sexual Underground Print
Roxy Harte, You’re Invited, Digital (Not yet released–be the first to read this)
Sarah Black, Fearless Print
Scarlet Hyacinth, Unseen Paths: Elven Journals Digital
Shayla Kersten 4 ebooks from backlist Digital
Shayla Kersten, Naughtiest Nuptials Print
Shayla Kersten, Past Lies Print
Sloan Parker, More Digital
Stephani Hecht bundle,  EMS Heat (4 books) Digital
Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee,   The Gentleman and the Rogue Digital
Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee, Seducing Stephen Digital
Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee, The Nobleman and the Spy, Digital (Not yet released–be the first to read this)
Tamara Allen,  Whistling in the Dark Print
Treva Harte, Maxxed Out Digital
Victor J. Banis, Deadly Wrong Print
Victor J. Banis, The Man from C.A.M.P. Print
Victoria Janssen, The Moonlight Mistress Print
William Maltese, Beyond Machu Print
William Maltese, Goldsands Print
William Maltese, Snakes Print
Wren Boudreau, Back to Normal Digital
Z.A. Maxfield, Notturno Print

ETA (because I missed two emails):
James Buchanan, Hard Fall Digital
Laura Baumbach, A Bit of Rough Print
Laura Baumbach, Out There in the Night Print
Anthology, Because of the Brave Print
Anthology, The Mysterious Print

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