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July Open Thread for Authors (Author Promo)

What’s this you say? I read quite a few blogs outside the romance blogosphere and many of the big ones have a daily open thread where the commenters drive the bus. I thought we would test out an open thread here at Dear Author.

The rules for Author Promo Night Open Thread are as follows:

  • The book has to be released in that month (i.e., anything released during the last week of April would be a May release)
  • You can post for yourself or you can have a friend post for you if the idea of posting about your book paralyzes you .
  • No self published authors unless you write romance. No, I am not a POD hater, I am just thinking about the manageability of the thread.
  • Think about the readership. I.e., does your non fiction book about psoriasis really fit?
  • This one is more of a guideline than a rule, but be smart about your comment because if it is just a link to your website and the title of your book, I doubt you are going to get any interest.
  • DA reserves the right to delete the post if it promotes objectionable content (i.e., no daddy/daughter incest recommends are going to be allowed. Sorry.)

That’s it. Post away.

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Lucinda Betts
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 19:18:37

    Kensington gives me free trade paperback books to give away for my release month, which happens to be June for SHE. I have gobs of books to give away. I have gobs of good books to give away.

    This is what Coffee Time Romance Reviews said about it:
    Wow! SHE is a page-turner galore! Ms. Betts has written her best story
    yet with this one. The world building is incredible and makes the story so real that you feel as though the characters could step off the pages
    and talk to you. I really loved the solid heart-centered
    characters, as well as the sizzling sex. I hope that Ms. Betts has
    more like this one planned in the future, because she now has a fan
    for life!

    Want a free copy of SHE? Enter my bar joke contest. Funniest joke wins a signed copy of the book.

  2. K. Z. Snow
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 21:00:51

    Gotta say, Lucinda, that is one cool contest. Problem is, I can’t remember jokes worth a crap!

  3. Charlene Teglia
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 21:05:37

    I have two July releases. Wicked Hot, St. Martin’s, July 22. Succubus, Nephilim, menage a trois, and torture by Barry Manilow music! Also Wolf In Shining Armor in the Pocket anthology Naughty Nights, July 15. Werewolves go Medieval.

  4. K. Z. Snow
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 21:19:33

    I see JULY in the post title, so I guess I should mention my first exclusively M-M erotic romance, coming July 11 from Changeling. Titled Obsessed, it’s the sequel to Plagued, published by EC, and Tormented, published by Changeling. All of these titles, although related, can stand alone.

    And herein lies a small lesson about ebook publishing. Different pub’s have different (and, sometimes, quite rigid) thematic parameters. Deviate from them, and you must shop your work around. It’s just part of the biz.

    Changeling Press is, by the way, an often overlooked but wonderful publisher — sterling owners and staff, all with an abundance of talent and integrity. I can’t speak highly enough of this company.

  5. Kate Davies
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 21:44:55

    July already? Yikes!

    My first Siren release, HOOKED, comes out tomorrow, which puts it in that ‘last week of June-promo in July’ category. It’s a contemporary romance set on the coast of Washington. To celebrate, I’ve been hosting a Beach Blanket Blog Party for the past week. If you want a chance to win some great beach-themed prizes (and a download of HOOKED), stop by my blog and comment. Each comment earns an entry into the prize drawing. Here’s the link.

    And happy reading!

  6. Linda Rigel
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 21:59:34

    Guy walks into a bar . . .

    ooh, that had to hurt.

  7. Moira Rogers
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 23:04:03

    Well, my book isn’t QUITE a July release, but it just came out 2 days ago so it’s not really a June release, either. If I’m reading the rules correctly…it counts. :D

    Moonshine is my very first release, and it’s a short, hot paranormal vignette about a woman trying to learn to feel comfortable in her own skin. A short blurb…

    Claire is tired of pretending to be something less than she is. She wants a man who can really handle her. Then she meets Lars, a dangerous alpha. When one night of intoxicated passion leaves her wanting more, she must decide whether she’s ready–and willing–to embrace her wild side.

    It just went on sale at Cobblestone Press on Friday, but I’ve already got a few sequels contracted in the same series. :)

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

    Moira Rogers

  8. Leil Brown
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 23:33:44

    Okay. I’m in. I have a book which released from Cobblestone Press on June 27th.

    A Chance Encounter

    It’s a urban fantasy romance. It’s a hot, sexy story about what happens when twin Fae brothers find one of the most coveted women of their kind hiding in the human realm.

    Here’s a link to read an excerpt: CLICK HERE.

    Leila Brown
    Leila’s Website
    Leila’s Blog

  9. Marianne McA
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 05:21:26

    That’s left me with a book on the tip of my tongue – I know I’ve read it, but I can’t think of the title, or author, or anything.
    I’m almost sure it starts with ‘A man walks into a bar…’

    This is going to niggle away at the back of my head all day now.

  10. Jennifer Estep
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 08:56:45

    Can we do re-releases here? If not, you can delete. If so, here’s my info:

    Someone has to pay for what happened to Carmen Cole …

    Bigtime, New York is not big enough for both Carmen Cole and the superheroes and ubervillains who walk its streets. An intrepid reporter, Carmen’s dedicated her life to unmasking the spandex wearers, all because her fiancé turned out to be a superhero, and a cheating one at that – sleeping with none other than his nubile nemesis.

    Exposing the true identities of the nation’s caped crusaders and their archenemies has catapulted Carmen from her sleep southern hometown to the front pages of one of the country’s biggest newspapers, The Exposé. Hobnobbing with modelizing millionaires and famished fashionistas is all in a day’s work for the woman hot on the trail of the Fearless Five and Terrible Triad. But when Carmen gets the scoop of her career, her life comes crashing down around her. And even Bigtime’s sexiest superhero, Striker, may not be able to save her …

    Karma Girl, which debuted in May 2007, will be reissued July 1 as a mass market paperback, so readers can get their superhero fix all over again. The second book in the series, Hot Mama, will be reissued in August, and then the third book in the series, Jinx, will debut in September. Visit for excerpts and tons more info on the zany world of Bigtime.

  11. Anika Hamilton
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 09:15:51

    My very first book was released today from TEB.

    Here is the blurb:

    Casey never had a really serious relationship; while Nicolette just got out of a bad one.

    Nicolette Marchand relocated to South Florida to get away from an abusive lover. In her new home, she loves the sun, the beaches and the bookshop owner with the hazel eyes and beautiful smile. Spending her evenings in her home away from home, life was really good. At least, until the phone started ringing.

    Casey Addison, bookshop owner, was a native of South Florida. She never really cared about anything or anyone other than her store before now. A chance encounter with a fellow book lover changed all that. She thoroughly enjoys the company of her bookshop’s new fixture. Unfortunately, someone is threatening her new found happiness and Casey gets caught in the middle.

    Helping each other, will these two women discover a love they never knew they needed? And can Nicolette open herself up and trust that together, they are both…

    Good for Something?

    Click here to check it out.

    Anika Hamilton

  12. HelenKay Dimon
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 11:13:52

    I have a July release! Jane reviewed it here last week. The book is called HARD AS NAILS. It an anthology of three interconnected stories and is related to the first novella I ever had published (Hardhats and Silk Stockings from the WHEN GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD BOYS antho).

    Here’s the tagline:

    What’s better than a man who’s good with his hands? Try a trio of hard-bodied hunks who’ll be happy to flip your house, your heart…and anything else you have in mind…

    I hope you’ll check it out!

  13. vanessa jaye
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 12:25:03

    My first release Felicity Stripped Bare comes out from Samhain Publishing next week, on July 8th. Here’s a short version of the blurb:

    High-school drop-out Felicity Cameron is newly single (by choice), with a new job, a new home, and she's just signed up with a tutor because of her dyslexia.

    So what if her hew job is waitressing at a strip club? No one has to know. And who cares if her new flat is in a ramshackle house? The rent's cheap.

    The important thing is: Felicity is finally getting her life back on track.

    That is, until she meets her new landlord. The man is yummy chocolate-coated on the outside, but with a chewy moron center.

    Lawyer-turned-builder Daniel Mackenzie isn't looking for more complications in his life. But complications are what he gets when his latest purchase, slated for a flip, comes with one constantly complaining tenant.

    It’s a shame they got off on the wrong foot, though, considering she’s quite a looker.

    Too bad all you could look at were her tonsils ’cause her mouth was always flapping.

    As they try to get past that little ol' eviction thing… Felicity strives to keep all her secrets from him, while Daniel does everything he can to pull her into his life and into his arms.

    But she seems determined to hold something back. And he's afraid it's her heart.

    I have a couple of short excerpts up on my blog, here and here. The Samhain page has the complete first chapter up.

  14. Ashleigh Raine Jen
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 13:20:17

    I have a July release. Any day now, Driven to Distraction, the first novel in our Hollywood Heat series (I say our because Ashleigh Raine is made up of two writers–me {Jen} and Lisa), releases in paperback. This is an erotic contemporary romance. Here’s the blurb:

    Dodging explosions, crashing cars, jumping off rooftops…and falling in love.

    A Hollywood Heat Novel

    Up-and-coming stuntwoman Blaina Triton stops to help a sexy stranded stranger on the side of the road. Passion ignites hotter than the asphalt beneath their feet and they go back to his place for an anonymous carnal romp. Days later, she arrives on the set of her next feature film only to discover that the man she played out wanton erotic fantasies with is also her boss, Jay Williams. She thinks this job just got a whole lot better, until Jay makes it clear he never mixes business with pleasure.

    Jay knows firsthand how distraction can be fatal, but around Blaina, his full, lust-ridden attention strays to her rather than staying on the job. In an effort to regain control, he offers an ultimatum-‘off set, their relationship is no-naughty-holds-barred, but on set, when they touch, it has to be strictly professional.

    Soon their clandestine rendezvous ignite as hot as the movie's onscreen explosions. As an unstoppable stunt team, they are flawless, until the strain of their secret relationship begins to tear them apart. Jay has to make a decision. Walk away from the woman he loves, or allow himself to be driven to distraction…

    Warning, this title contains the following: Jay and Blaina are imaginative in their proclivities. There's lots of sex in, on and around cars. Sex in public places, sex in a hotel room, masturbation, exhibitionism, oral sex, anal sex, spanking, minor bondage of the tie-me-up-and-have-your-wicked-way-with-me kind and sex with a foreign object.

    You can read four different excerpts on our website here (scroll down below the blurb on the page):

    Also, today’s the last day to enter the contest on our website to win autographed copies of some of our backlist titles, autographed copies of movies Lisa has been in, and lots of Hollywood goodies. Head on over to to check out how to enter. We'll be drawing the winners' names tomorrow.

    And today we’re blogging over at Writeminded and giving away an autographed copy of Driven to Distraction to one lucky commenter.

    I hope you’ll check out Driven to Distraction. Thanks!

  15. Jade James
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 13:28:02

    My book Stone’s Prisoner released at Loose ID on June 24th.

    Here’s the blurb:
    Jade James's Stone's Prisoner
    Previous Book: Lila's Capture
    Genre: Contemporary Ménage
    Length: Novella

    Payback’s a bitch, and Stone’s more than ready to dish the punishment out. His ex-wife Valerie has stolen more than his heart and it’s time for her to pay. He’s been planning for three months, and this time, his heart won’t be involved. With the help of his cousin Heath, he’ll capture Valerie and fulfill her erotic fantasies — and his.

    Valerie’s in shock when Stone appears inside her store and kidnaps her. She hasn’t seen him in a year, ever since the divorce went through. The past is unsettled between them, and he holds her future right in the palm of his hand. Between the hot and heavy escapades, Valerie vows to find a way to make him believe in her again.


    Jade James

  16. Jessica Barksdale Inclan
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 20:23:38

    Okay, I have an reissue of Reason to Believe, the second in my first romance trilogy. I’ve always described this trilogy as “Harry Potter for Adults with Sex.” Maybe that will work for you.

    If not, Coffee Time Romance said: This book is a romantically suspenseful read! The author’s world building is incredible and realistic. The characters are genuine and their emotions well described. I particularly enjoyed reading about the developing love between Rufus and Fabia, and their misunderstandings while they tried to figure things out. The secondary characters are woven seamlessly throughout the story so that I was never left wondering who someone was or what their purpose was. The suspense elements in this story kept me on the edge of my seat for much of one night. I found myself unable to put this book down. This is paranormal romance at its best, and I highly recommend Reason to Believe!

    Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

    The official date of release is tomorrow, but rumor has it that it is everywhere already.

    In any case, you can read an excerpt here:

    Hope you will take a look.


  17. Rae Lori
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 00:30:57

    I have a July release for my romantic suspense novel entitled Before Dawn Breaks available on the 1st. An excerpt is available on the book page for your reading pleasure. :-)

    Here’s a blurb:
    Alexandra Lyons is a cold, seductive assassin, skilled in the art of killing. Camilla Angelson is a bubbly writer enjoying the quiet life as a recent graduate from college. Both women are the same person. Unfortunately, her former employer, the secret government bureau that hired her, knows this all too well.

    Josh Mayer is a former secret service agent looking to pick up the pieces of his life after a messy divorce from a cheating wife and a job of putting his life on the line. Doubling as a restaurateur and an “unofficial” undercover agent, the beautiful female target he is protecting may be the same one he is willing to risk his life and, most of all, his heart to save.

    Soon, Josh must put his life on the line to evade an unknown killer that ties them all the way to a money-laundering scheme involving the newest presidential candidate to the White House. Meanwhile, Alexandra’s heart is warmed with Josh at her side as she slowly remembers the dark past she left behind.

    Enjoy :-)


  18. Gwyneth Bolton
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 08:13:47

    My new book Protect and Serve hits the stores today! It kicks off my hot new series Hightower Honors: four brothers on a mission to protect, serve and love .

    The series follows these brothers, two cops and two firemen. The Hightower men are all tall, dark, handsome and alpha. Their upbringing dictates that when push comes to shove, they should always do the right thing. The only catch is that sometimes the right thing in their minds has to be done the right way, their way. Raised by two loving parents, James and Celia Hightower, the brothers know what real love looks like and they want it for themselves. Eventually. On their own terms.

    In Protect and Serve , Jason Hightower is a police detective for the Paterson police department who needs to conquer his past by finally confronting the first love he thinks betrayed him. He needs to do so before a threat from her past takes her away for good.

    Protect and Serve has already started to get excellent reviews. You can read the blurb, excerpt, reviews, and find out more about the book here.

    Have a great summer and I hope you decide to heat it up with Protect and Serve . You won’t regret it!



  19. Jody W.
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 10:42:15

    Thanks for the promo op! My second Samhain novel, SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST, comes out July 15.

    I’ll start with the Samhain warning. This title contains the following: Intoxicating sex, misuse of magic, gorgeous cross-dressers and flesh-eating gnomes.

    Here’s the blurb:

    No magic for two weeks? What's a fairy to do? Go to Vegas, of course!

    Princess Talista of the fairy clan Serendipity has been sent, like all young fairies, to a remote forest in humanspace for mandatory survival training. But headstrong Tali's got different ideas about where to spend two weeks without magic. What better place than Las Vegas to learn to live like humans, a true test of survival?

    Tali might not blend, but she'd like to be shaken and stirred with stage magician Jake Story. Their attraction is instant and electric…and Tali senses there's more to Jake's show than flashy tricks.

    Jake always knew he was different, even before he developed an unusual flair for hypnotism. He has no trouble mesmerizing the luscious Tali during act three, but the lights that appear around them when they kiss weren't part of the program.

    When the authorities from Tali's homeland track the missing princess to Vegas, Jake and Tali end up on the run. In between magic experiments, evil gnomes and astonishing sex, Tali learns what it really means to be human-‘by falling in lust, followed closely by love.

    But Tali's not human. And Jake doesn't believe in fairies. The truth will either bind them together-‘or tear the fairy realm apart.


    Since it’s a coming soon book and the link will change on July 15, here’s the link to my author page at Samhain for an excerpt: Alas, the cover art is in limbo, but once it does get approved, it’s pretty awesome.

  20. Anya Delvay
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 19:53:03

    Thank you for this opportunity and hello all!

    My Regency-set erotic novella, The Pearl at the Gate, was published on June 24th by Samhain Publishing and, to my great amazement and pleasure, is at number 4 on the Samhain Publishing Best Seller’s list! Just as sweet to my ears (or I should say, ‘to my eyes’) were the reader reviews.

    Here is a brief blurb:

    After a lifetime of hard work, Captain Roake Barbenoir finally has all he has ever wanted. Wealth, social position, and the epitome of an ideal wife, the beautiful and well-born Jenesta. Of all his treasures, she is his favorite-‘a pearl, perfect and pure-‘and Roake vows never to tarnish her with the dark sexual knowledge he gleaned from a life at sea.

    Yet every breath his sweet wife takes arouses an urge to watch her come apart under the onslaught of his passion. But she must never know of the lust-filled, almost demonic cravings fighting for release in his soul. To make her privy to them would be to lose her warm regard.

    Each time Jenesta feels she and her enigmatic husband are growing closer, Roake withdraws behind a cold, unreadable mask. Perhaps if she knew him better, knew more of his past, she could learn how to win his heart. The answers surely lie behind the locked door of Roake's east-wing retreat. The one he has forbidden her to enter.

    Jenesta's defiance of his one simple rule cannot go unpunished. For her transgression, she will pay-‘with screams of pleasure; sweet, exquisite pain; and perhaps with the loss of what she wants most. Roake, and his love.

    To read an excerpt, see the gorgeous cover *grin*, and perhaps be seduced into buying, please click here

  21. Chelle Cordero
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 11:29:12

    One of the last things a woman wants to hear from the man she is making love with is “Who are you?” When Brandon asks that of Caitlyn less than a day after their Las Vegas wedding, her life begins a wild and out-of-control spin. Even though Brandon can't remember Caitlyn, Brandon can't understand why he is so attracted to a woman that his fiancé tells him he has no right to be in love with.

    Forgotten by Chelle Cordero, coming out this month from Vanilla Heart Publishing

  22. Anika Hamilton
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 11:34:22

    Dessert Box – F/F Contemporary Romance

    Carmella Simone and Sandra Tucker have been together for the past ten years. Every year for Valentine's Day, one or the other is tasked with creating a memorable and passionate experience.

    This is Sandra's year and she has planned the ultimate Valentine's Day treat. She has commissioned a specially designed box, locking herself inside. Now Carmella must figure out the clues that will unlock her gifts: Sandra and chocolate.

    Join them on their erotic journey of a sweet treat and body heat.

    Dessert Box, Available Now. To read an excerpt and pick up your own copy, click Siren-BookStrand.

  23. Lee Silver
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 13:58:58

    NOW on Siren-BookStrand’s Bestseller List

    A clever and witty sci-fi romp through big corporations, marriage and the gender wars.
    Dee S. Knight , author of Heat Wave

    Genre: Romantic Suspense
    Theme: High Tech Metamorphosis
    Length: 79,000 words


    ZANE TOLLISON’S wife is running through their cash faster than he can make it. A “Hail Mary” contract with Clearwater Tobacco arrives in the nick of time to keep his fledgling, consulting firm afloat and to unchain him once and for all from his narcissistic wife.

    Beautiful, brilliant and estranged, KATHY DAVIS is desperate for a new beginning. The feisty post doc bio-geneticist jumps at an offer from Clearwater, pouring her soul into a development that will revolutionize the tobacco industry.

    The two are unwittingly reeled into a convoluted plan to steal $12 million; Zane is changing into a carbon copy of Kathy, a pawn in a bizarre genetic metamorphosis, entangling Kathy in a sinewy web of seduction and deceit. Forging a bond that will set the course of their destiny, they fight to overpower the diabolic hold that has taken over their lives.


    Kathy’s eyes were glued to the monitor. “These estrogen numbers are sky high and your cholinergic neurons are going crazy from the nicotine.” She bit her lip, scrolling through the unwieldy matrix of data as she waited for the chromosome analysis program to boot. “It’s the most natural geometry for Huey-‘the craving for calcium, your cramps, and wild mood swings. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.”

    “Kathy, you’ve gotta tell me what you’re babbling about.”

    She pecked at the keyboard, reloading his DNA files. “I’ve worked with the same twists for so long, I never even gave a second thought to the fact that you’re a guy.” The chromosome graphics popped up on the display. “Bingo.”

    Kathy propped her chin in her hand. “Your DNA?” She tapped the screen. “It’s female.”

    Zane snickered. “Let me get this straight. You mean I’m turning into a girl?”

    The silence was deafening.

    He ran his fingers though his hair. “No, it can’t be.”

    She placed her hand atop his shoulder and switched off the computer. “You’re not turning into a girl, Zane.” She could instantly feel the muscles in his neck relax. “You already are one. Technically speaking, your body is just making a few corrections to match your altered genetic profile.”

    “Dandy, just fucking dandy.” The room rumbled like thunder as he pounded his fist on the table. “Do you always have to be so goddamn clinical?” Zane tossed his hands in the air and stormed towards the doorway. “That’s it. I don’t give a shit about the money. I’m through.”

    A familiar voice echoed from the intercom. “What’s the matter, sweetie, don’t ya wanna be a girl?” One hand perched on her hip, the lanky blonde giggled, waving her fingers as she stood behind the glass observation window at the far end of the lab.

    “Elise, what are you doing here?”

    “That bitch wife of yours is in on this!” Kathy shrieked.

    “Shut up, you nerd slut,” Elise snipped. “He’s always been pretty dickless, so it ain’t really gonna make all that much difference now, is it?” She folded her arms and chuckled. “I don’t know what I ever saw in him, but from last night’s late show, it sure looks like he plugs your socket!”

    “Ladies, ladies,” Chorde’s voice interrupted. “This catfight is utterly unbecoming for the both of you.” A man stepped up behind Elise and put his arms around her waist. “The test shall continue.”

    Zane’s finger quivered as he pointed at the window. “That, that’s me!”

    “Surely, you must be beside yourself, my dear. Have you had no occasion of late to see yourself in a mirror?” A shallow grin spread across Chorde’s face. “I must admit, the boy-cut clothing and trendy punk hairstyle make quite the fashion statement. Might I suggest nipple rings and a few well chosen tattoos?”

    Zane pawed at the window. “Chorde, what the hell is going on?”

    “The name is Tollison, Zane Tollison.” Chorde glared out of the window. “With a few subtle improvements, of course.” Ignoring Zane’s presence, Chorde walked to and fro. “It occurred to me rather serendipitously that several objectives could be achieved during the course of a single study. Not only could we demonstrate the ability to add the Hydrolyzed Unilateral Esquilax responsible for nicotine addiction to a male subject, we could put to rest the messy debate over whether genetics or socialization is root cause of women’s low tolerance for the stuff.”

    He put his cigarette to his lips and inhaled. “As dear Kathy can confirm, it was a decidedly simpler process to develop a phantom to add this new gene through a shot gun approach, altering the entire genetic structure than to wade through the tedious process of designing a recombinant to add a single gene to a foreign DNA geometry. Of course, we would have to perform our test on a subject who not only lacked the gene, but who was also not a woman.”

    Chorde paused, his hands following the curve of Elise’s shoulders. “At least for the beginning of the study. And so, you will be relating for us first hand the experience of your artificially induced nicotine addiction-‘” His lips formed a twisted a grin. “From a most feminine perspective. A vantage point that if every study ever done on women and smoking is any indication, would even now be, shall we say, quite difficult and in a few short days, impossible to reverse.”

    Chorde crushed out his cigarette. “Which brings us to the question, what then shall become of Zane Tollison and his lovely wife?” He turned to Elise, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand. “Twould be nothing short of sinful for such a sweet young beauty to fritter away the years alone, the love of her life, just a memory in another woman’s mind.”

    Cocking his head as if he were in deep thought, he continued, “Ah, but perhaps, just perhaps, the same technology that could save an entire industry from financial ruin, could restore the waxing memories of youth to a tired old man as the lost husband of the young woman he loves.” Chorde looked deep into Elise’s eyes. “Two star-crossed sole mates, rich beyond their wildest dreams.”

    Elise batted her eyes and giggled. “I just love the way you say things, Zane.” She removed a tube of lipstick from her handbag, impetuously touching up her already perfect lips.

    “And the mystery woman who dares challenge me so brazenly?” Chorde leaned forward, hands pressed against the window. “She and her pathetic memories of Zane Tollison will be strewn aside like a paid wench.”

    Elise pursed her lips and snapped the clasp on her handbag. “Did ya get that, sweetie? Zane said you’re screwed.”

    Zane stormed…

    Are you hooked yet :)

    Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

    ISBN: 1-60601-174-X
    E-book $5.99


    15% off at checkout

    A clever and witty sci-fi romp through big corporations, marriage and the gender wars.

    Dee S. Knight , author of Heat Wave

    CLICK HERE to Read a Full Review


    Lee Silver

    “Romance with a Twist”
    THE TWIST, Now on Siren-BookStrand’s Bestsellers List

  24. Barbra Novac
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 17:19:23

    Hi everyone,
    my name is Barbra Novac and I have a new release with Loose Id, called Double Crossed. It came out 8 July.

    Double Crossed – BDSM, alternate relationships, group – Suspense/Thriller.

    Marianne has lived a disturbing life, up until a few months ago when she walked out on it, setting up a new life of her own. In the new world, she has her own apartment, her own job, and the freedom to indulge in her own secret sexual world, hinged on lust and laced with desire.

    In an attempt to bury her past for good, she agrees to work to help her ex get out of trouble one last time, but she finds that his lawyer is feeding her more than information about the case. He brings her into the world of BDSM, asking things of her she didn’t know she had answers to, meeting her in that place where our dark dreams are made.

    Peter Adams invites Mariane to another life altogther, where people gather to practise and fulfil their hidden desires.

    However, as Marianne expereinces threats to her life, and as she becomes more and more emmersed in the intensity of BDSM, she questions recent choices she’s made. Are the people around her trying to help her, or is she in danger of being Double-Crossed?

    Double Crossed, Available now. To read and excpert and buy your own copy, click Loose Id.

  25. Anne Krist
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 19:29:04

    As erotic romance author, Dee S. Knight, I've been fortunate to have several books published. But as newcomer Anne Krist, I'm experiencing first book jitters again. My book, Burning Bridges, was released early this month from BookStrand. Here's a taste:

    Haunting letters resurrected from the past proclaimed love for Sara Richards from a man long dead. Now, putting her life back together without burning any bridges will be the hardest thing Sara's ever done.

    So far (happily!) reader comments have been great and so have the reviews.

    5 Stars from eCataRomance: “…an unforgettable love story filled with passionate desires and potent emotions.”

    5 Stars from Review Your Book: “I did not want this story to end. Fans of romance should place Burning Bridges at the top of this summer's reading list.”

    5 Pixies and a Recommended Read from Dark Angel Reviews: “…a strong and poignant love story… [that] stayed with me long after I finished.”

    5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance: “Ms. Krist has a heart-warming, emotional story on her hands. … This is one I highly recommend!”

    Needless to say, I'm thrilled! Please visit my site for a chance to enter my celebration contest for a really beautiful prize, and to read an excerpt from Burning Bridges.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share.
    Anne Krist

  26. Jenny Penn
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 13:47:11

    Wicked Ties by Shayla Black

    Reading the blurb on Wicked Ties wouldn't tell you the truth of what lies within. Shayla Black has crafted two amazing characters with Morgan and Jack. The connection between the two is intense and combined with Shayla's passionate writing style the reader easily connects with both Morgan and Jack.

    Wicked Ties immediately thrusts the reader into the action, leaving the back-story to be revealed as the book progresses. However this book is not rushed, Shayla develops and intimate connection between Morgan and Jack with drawn out sensuality that makes you almost want to pant.

    At the core of this book is the sexual journey Jack takes Morgan through. Morgan is a hesitant participant, often conflicted by her body's desires and her mental barriers. It is a joy to read a character that is so honest, but develops and doesn't tire a reader out with the redundancy of their emotional angst.

    This book is beautifully written and a must reader for all lovers of erotic romance.

    Jenny Penn
    Deception – AVAILABLE NOW! (
    Mating Claire – coming soon from Siren Publishing
    Cattleman's Club: Patton's Way – coming soon from Siren Publishing
    Taming Samantha – coming soon from Siren Publishing

  27. Jami Davenport
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 14:03:12

    Jami Davenport here, I have a new release with Siren Publishing. It is the prequel to my bestselling “Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed” and titled “The Dance.”

    Click here to buy

    ISBN: 1-60601-087-5
    E-book $5.99

    Click here to read Chapter 1

    What’s a girl to do after her former fiancé declares that she’s frigid? Mariah Baker decides to take a jaunt on her wild side…if she can find it. The scruffy Puerto Rican leasing the waterfront house next door appears to be just the man for the mission. After all, what better way to defrost than with a sexy Latin lover? Only Rico isn’t who she thinks he is, and time is her enemy.

    Rico finds fashion-obsessed Mariah intriguing and unique. For starters, she makes horses dance, and his heart does its own tango for her. Besides, a hot summer fling is a welcome distraction from his depressing, uncertain future and dysfunctional, freeloading family.

    As their summer together comes to an end, Rico’s phobia towards falling in love and Mariah’s insecurities are a recipe for trouble in paradise. But in the magic of the San Juan Islands, anything is possible.

    Or is it?

    Jami Davenport

  28. Cindy Waldon
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 14:09:57

    Deception by: Jenny Penn is a great story,I was hooked from the word go, the hero’s we’re to die for & the heroine was a lady to be envied by all the ladies.It all started with a misunderstanding that blossomed into a true and lasting love with two men and one woman. The characters we’re so real, you felt like you we’re in the room with them.This is one story you don’t want to miss.

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