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En Route Leg Two

The bathrooms at the DFW are disgusting. I felt like needed to shower after exiting.

And of course my flight is delayed for no apparent reason other than the mechanic ran off with the log book. So I am running an hour late. At least. I wouldn’t really mind but that I am rooming with some people who were kind enough to take me in tonight because the hotel had no room and I don’t want them to be kept up all hours waiting for me. That and I have a telephone hearing I have to take at 6:30 in the morning and would like some sleep.

Oh the front door is closed. We may be leaving.

We finally did leave. I watched three episodes of Dexter. Holy creepy batman. Definitely not a show to watch during meals.

I read half of the Jaz Parks book too. It is interesting but kind of confusing. There are scenes which contain several people but for much ofthe passage it is like they aren’t even there and then toward the end, they talk or take action which has me paging backwards wondering what I missed.

Am on the Bart now.


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  1. Janine
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 10:59:03

    I recently watched the first couple episodes of “Dexter.” It’s very well acted and directed, but I think it may be too creepy for me.

  2. kat
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 01:09:41

    I was creeped but I really liked that show. The characters were different (aside from the main character). You see so often different actors playing the same parts. Season 2 was great, no?

  3. Sharron McClellan
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 15:54:58

    I did a whole blog on the DFW airport. It’s gross. Whoever designed it was on crack. AND they have no tampon machines in he dirty bathroom but make you go purchase them in the giftshop for some crazy-ass price.

    Bastards! …Rant over…

  4. MCHalliday
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 17:01:41

    Had to google DWF airport…I was under the impression southerners in particular, would consider genteel toileting a necessity. Especially from many visits to airport toilet facilities all over the world, and concluding the US comes in at the top.

    Must say though, I agree with Jane’s prior post about air travel in the US. Last month in LA, I was stopped on route to another country and asked by a ‘girl’ at a machine to hand over my boarding pass. When I enquired as to what she was scanning under this machine, she told me it was seeking prohibited substances. I was shocked! My boarding pass had been handled by at least 6 persons (the passenger agent, the person prior to entry in security, security persons, immigration entry person, immigration inspector, a person checking my route in the airport) before I encountered her. Any trace substances might be attributed to ME???

    And I must say, the following ordeal of standing for ages in a freezing cold security section awaiting my handbag and camera to be scanned, with nothing on but a t-top and jeans made me feel like a criminal. Barefoot I was, with no jewelry, shoes, belt, cardigan or jacket and they ran over my body like I was storing a knife in my crotch. WTH? I am a woman in her early fifties with a sweet face (so I like to think) and most innocent of any terrorist inclinations.

    At least I wasn’t subjected to finger printing and retinal scan that the sweet Asian, obviously dear, family in front of me was as they went through Customs.

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