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May eBook Device Giveaway (w/ Autographed eBook)


We have an awesome giveaway this month. Kobo contacted DA to send us a review unit but by that time, Brian had already ordered a personal one. After his great review and the interest shown by the DA readership, Kobo contacted us again and wanted to give away a unit on the blog. This means we have 2 Kobo Aura HDs to giveaway this month. AND! Kobo said that they would send one internationally. *CLAP CLAP CLAP* I’m a little excited (and maybe over tired). Nonetheless, this month we have two Kobo Aura HDs to giveaway. We hope you’ll either leave a blog comment about the last book you read OR like us on Facebook.

UPDATED: Autography, a company that helps readers obtain autographed copies of ebooks, contacted me after this giveaway went live and offered a free autographed ebook for these devices.  In conjunction with Autography, Avon Books will send an autographed copy of Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer, inscribed for the two winners.

Autography LLC is a media technology firm in St Petersburg, Florida with a patent-pending method for inserting an autograph or other salutation into an ebook. This personalization can take place at the time of purchase or any time afterwards, including after secondary (used) sales.

Authors are no longer restricted to signing a blank page. Autography’s solutions include graphic-rich, customized signature pages that extend the author’s brand beyond the book’s cover. Authors can also elect to autograph a picture, taken at the event or from a stock menu, and insert that into their ebook.



Redeeming the Irredeemable Hero By Pamela Palmer


Heroes come in many forms—the taciturn firefighter, the charming doctor, the devoted father. There are as many variations on the hero as there are heroes themselves, but the one thing all of them have in common—the thing that sets them apart from the villains—is that at their core they’re good, honorable people. Always. Otherwise, by definition, they’re not heroes.


Some heroes are immensely likable from the moment they leap onto the page. They might be charming scoundrels or tough guys with heart, but we fall in love with them from page one.


Other heroes take more time to warm up to. Sometimes they aren’t even likable at first. They make us squirm or make us angry. We shake our heads at them because they’re supposed to be the good guys and they’re acting like jerks even if we occasionally see glimpses of what they could be, glimpses of the goodness and honor within them. These guys sometimes appear slightly, or wholly, unheroic.


The irredeemable hero may be a bad boy with a lot of attitude and an ax to grind. Often, something happened in his past to place a chip on his shoulder or to skew his worldview or his self-perception. In the fourth book in my Feral Warriors series, Rapture Untamed, the jaguar shape-shifter, Jag, is just such a character. Jag has a foul mouth and a penchant for turning others against him. If he’s not making someone angry, he’s not happy himself. Though he can’t see it, he doesn’t like himself very much and prefers that no one else like him either, a result of something that happened in his past that he can’t forgive himself for. It takes the right woman to see past the attitude to the good man deep inside and then drag him, kicking and cursing, into the light, to heal him. And to make him see what his self-hatred has wrought, not just in his own life, but in the lives of all those around him.


Instead of a bad boy, the irredeemable hero may start the story, and his journey, as a full-fledged anti-hero. Anti-heroes tend to be driven by the wrong goals or loyalties. They see what they’re doing as right, so rather than an attitude adjustment, they need a mindset tuning. A heroine can easily get in trouble with a guy like this, especially if she senses, or sees glimpses of the honor deep inside him. Her instinct tells her he can be trusted, but trusting a male who’s acting under the wrong code, for whatever reason, can be a dangerous proposition. The hero of my Vamp City series, the vampire Arturo Mazza, is just such an anti-hero. In A Blood Seduction, the first book of this 5-book, continuing character romance, Arturo is the only person Quinn Lennox can trust after she stumbles into the dark and dangerous Vamp City otherworld. He continually saves her life. Yet she can’t trust him at all, which he’s quick to remind her, over and over again. Arturo reveals aspects of both hero and bad guy. In book 2, A Kiss of Blood (which comes out June 25th), things are revealed that explain why Arturo, a male of deep honor, has been acting the way he has. But while Quinn might start to understand, she’s not convinced Arturo will truly change, and she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to fully trust him again.


Bad boys and anti-heroes take time and patience, for their journeys are particularly long and hard. They’re either clueless that anything’s wrong in their lives, or they actively want nothing to do with being a ‘hero’. It takes extraordinary circumstances and/or a fiercely determined heroine to drag them into the light. But when it finally happens, when these males reach the end of that transformation, there’s something intensely satisfying about the redemption of the irredeemable hero.



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