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How to Get Your Dara Joy book, the Elizabeth Way

Back in July, we ran a reader interview with Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a die hard Dara Joy fan who shared with us the terrible journey she underwent to get a book from Dara Joy that Elizabeth had paid for over a year ago. She went online to share with other readers the method that worked for her and she set up a yahoo account to help other readers in a similar situation. Elizabeth is no longer able to assist fans individually because of time committments. Please read the instructions below on how to get your book. This method has worked for many fans and we hope it works for you.

If you have reached this page, you have either tried to contact [email protected] or seen that email address via several message boards on the internet. You are probably a fan who pre-paid for your Dara Joy book and still have not received it.

I first want you to understand I am not affliated with Donna Lanier aka author Dara Joy or her self publishing business “House of Sages”. I was just a fan who had pre-paid for a book and did not receive it within a reasonable timeframe. I did not think that was right and I decided to do something about it.

On February 15th, 2006, I began a complaints line for fellow fans like myself, who had paid for but not received author Dara Joy’s self published book “The Adventures of Wildcat Arrows”. I was committed to trying to find out what had happened either with the books we had pre-paid for or the money and in doing so, help other fellow fans. Within those 1st 30 days, I received my book and helped about 50 others.

I decided to continue to help and I committed my time in doing so for six months. Unfortunately, work and other personal committments started to limit the time I could spend in tracking and keeping up with the lists and deadlines given. I made a decision to continue personally helping with that process until 09/30/2006.

As of 09/30/2006, I am no longer personally responding to emails sent to that email address.
Nor am I tracking anyone or their deadlines. I have not closed the email address, but instead turned on the “vacation response” which leads you to this page. I hope by posting this on a webpage, you will get the history of what happened with Dara Joy and get the same advice I gave others which may help you get your book.

Rather than go thru the whole history of everything in this email, I would like to refer you to a website that did a Q&A with me on the situation. Dear Author posted the whole session under about 7 or 8 pages in a interview format. If you have the time, please read that. It will fill you in on all the history about this situation. The link is here.

After reading that interview, read below for the steps I recommend you take.

If you are serious about getting your book, you will have to get tough and I mean tough and mean. I doubt you will ever get a refund, but it is possible that if you stand firm and let him/her know you mean business, you will get your book.

I know you probably have already sent several emails in the past, but in order to further your process, SEND THEM A FINAL WARNING:


1) Send a very irate email with a final warning telling Cory/Dara that they have 7 days to respond to you. Use the same address on the website [email protected] Give your order information and the date you paid if possible or the confirmation number he sent you. Make sure your mailing address is included in the email and make sure to let him know how many books you ordered. Tell him when he responds to include a postal tracking number with his response. Remind him you paid for priority mail and this is required. If you are international he will not be able to give you a tracking number, but he can send it global priority and it will get there much faster. Tell him this is your FINAL WARNING or you will start taking steps to report him to the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MA for fraud.

2) If he does respond with tracking number you can check it online at Make sure it is actually states “acceptance in Braintree MA”. This means he has actually taken it to the post office and had it scanned. (He prints the label and tracking number off of his (Cory’s) home computer. He then takes it to the PO to be scanned). It may take a day or two after he tells you for it to show up on .

3) If he has not replied within 7 days, send him one more request giving him 3 more days. Make sure to include a copy of that original email and tell him this is your final request prior to persuing the matter further. Tell him you have a copy of the form from the AG of Mass’s office and you will be filling it out with the following the information:

Business name:

Donna Lanier (aka author Dara Joy)
DBA House of Sages
PO Box 850033
Braintree MA 02185

Alternate home address for Ms. Lanier:

30 Himoor Circle
Randolph MA 02368-2431

Go ahead and print and fill out the form shown on the Attorney General of Mass website. Here is the link for the form on the official AG’s website:

At that point if they do not respond to you, I would assume that you will not be getting your book. If I were you, I would send in that form to the AG’s office. I know that you ask why waste the time, but let me put it to you this way: The website for Dara Joy is still up and running and accepting money for the book from others out there that have no idea there is any problem. That is not fair to them or you. It needs to stop.

I have given you the links and have recommended to you what to do. I wish that this author had been more careful. She had a wonderful talent and it was all wasted due to stupidity and greed. I know that I will never be ordering another book from them and will not purchase another one of her books unless it is sitting on the shelf at the bookstore.

I hope that you are successful and finally get your book.

Thank you

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