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In an email conversation this morning, two of my friends admitted to being easy weepers. It takes a lot to get me going. Where do you fall? Any books that have made you cry lately? (Barbara Samuel’s A Place to Call Home made me cry).

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Silver James
    May 06, 2009 @ 09:20:23

    Jennifer Lyon’s new book, Blood Magic made me cry on one page and laugh a couple of pages later. That’s HARD to do! I might get a little misty-eyed at a commercial or movie, or even a book, but to shed tears hard enough the dogs, cat, DH and DD all came to check on me is RARE!

  2. RStewie
    May 06, 2009 @ 09:29:43

    I want to clarify that normally, medication-free, I cry at the drop of a hat. However, when my PMDD is under control and I am medicated, it’s not that easy. Generally, though, I am more emo 2 weeks out of every month.

    I think that’s in line with the general female population, though. Why is crying given such a bad rap?

  3. Cate
    May 06, 2009 @ 09:37:22

    I cry during TV shows, commercials, news conferences, movies, phone calls with my mom…but I very rarely cry when I read. I wonder why that is?

  4. Gina
    May 06, 2009 @ 09:53:51

    As I have aged and my bodies biology has taken a rollercoaster ride I find that I can cry very easily. Commercials, parades, hearing and / or retelling an inspirational story, reading, etc.

    However when I watch reality TV – where everyone seems to cry at the drop of a hat (or a pound), I get annoyed after a while, never once do they inspire me to cry with them.

    And real life issues do not make me cry easily at all.

  5. Ali
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:00:04

    I cry very easily… ugh, don’t get me started on the Hallmark commercials, hehe.
    Last book to make me cry was actually a reread of Long Road Home by Sharon Long… there’s a scene in the last few chapters that had me in tears *sigh*

  6. Leigh Ann Baird
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:00:33

    I cry easy. I will start to cry in a situation where my emotions are running high– even if it’s not a sad situation. Maybe I’m just a big pussy. Who knows!

    Almost any book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips rips my guts out. Her most recent book didn’t have me crying all that much though.

  7. joanne
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:07:04

    LOL! Jane, with all due respect, what the hell is an “average weeper”?
    That is really a great conversation to be had over (much) wine and cheese.

    Soooo, I am an average weeper. *grin*

    I don’t watch the news much because there is so much to cry about, truly. People hurting other people is just such a constant.

    With fiction… really well written stories of a broken/hurt/scorned protagonist can send me off…. all the more reason for having to trust that the author will bring the H/h out of that and into — you’ll pardon the expression — light.

    Commercials not so much because I don’t like to be manipulated.

  8. Kristen
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:11:42

    Books rarely make me cry. Only one so far and that was years ago when I was in HS. I will get weepy at tv or movies, tho. So long as the characters crying aren’t suckwits to begin with.

  9. Bookwormom
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:22:16

    I rarely cry. *shrug* I love tearjerker romances (go figure) though. If an author can make me cry? Automatic keeper. However, when I get mad? First thing I do is cry. Once I’m done? It’s on baby! LOL :)

  10. Keri M
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:24:07

    Sometimes a commercial can set me off or a movie….don’t get me started on Steel Magnolias or Ghost.

    As far as books yes they can get me teared up. bit weirdly enough, the last 3 books where I had tears actually rolling weren’t romances even, they were:

    Jeff Deaver’s The Blue Nowhere, that last scene with Gillette really got to me, but totally on par for the course with Deaver and his twist.

    F. Paul Wilson’s Harbingers: A Repairman Jack Novel, a certain incident took place with Gia, Jack’s girlfriend that just brought me right to tears, because it was so unexpected. It is a phenomenal series and I will be crying when book 17 comes out, because we know that will be that last one. If you decide to read the series, my recommendation is to read them in order.

    Greg Isles’s Black Cross, the book’s time frame is during WWII with the main body of the book taking place in a concentration camp. The entire book ripped your heart out, but it still managed to have a feel good ending.

    As far as romance lately, the only one I can think of is Pamela Clare’s Untamed, the reaction when Morgan’s brothers thought he was dead. I teared up at that.

  11. theo
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:30:41

    That can be answered two ways for me. Some movies make me cry. The only book that’s ever made me cry is Immortal Highlander. Every time I read it.

    When my meds are screwed up, I cry at the woman in the commercial who gets her floor clean. When my meds are doing what they’re supposed to, I’m an average crier I suppose. So I chose ‘average’ rather than ‘cry during commercials’ only because right now, that’s where I’m at :)

  12. Sayuri
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:38:24

    I cry if it clouds over so yep, I am an easy weeper. Chemistry is to blame though.

  13. shuzluva
    May 06, 2009 @ 10:50:39

    I can cry at tissue commercials, but when things are actually falling apart I’m generally an angry yeller, not a crier.

    I know that I have certain TV triggers…the Sarah McLachlan commercial for the ASPCA, the “send money to starving children” commercial. But that seems to happen just with TV and movies. Books are a rare-er thing. And the sad part is, I don’t remember the last one that made me cry.

    Maybe my memory is going too…ugh.

  14. Leah Braemel
    May 06, 2009 @ 11:08:36

    Any books that have made you cry lately?

    Deidre Knight’s Butterfly Tattoo. I was teary for a good 3/4s of that book. And loved it.

    And Patricia Brigg’s Iron-Kissed – the scene where Ben is explaining to Adam why Mercy is reacting the way she is (towards the end) OMG that scene gets me every time.

  15. Bonnie
    May 06, 2009 @ 11:24:32

    I cried a couple of times while reading Nora Roberts’ True Betrayals last week. Good story!

    I also got misty on and off watching the Kentucky Derby last week.

  16. che
    May 06, 2009 @ 11:25:04

    I used to weep at the drop of a hat, but it rarely happens nowdays.

    The last book, or actually a series of books that made me cry was Nora Robert’s Chesapeake Bay series- when Seth got his own boat and when the dog defended him. There were other moments, but those are the ones I can remember.

    Also Linda Howard’s Cry No More (she says ironically)

  17. Shannon Stacey
    May 06, 2009 @ 11:31:00

    I cry for commercials (and I can’t watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition without getting dehydrated) but, like shuzluva, I’m an angry yeller when things are going to crap in real life. Books very rarely make me cry, though I’ve come to publicly admit I just sobbed my way through a good chunk of Lover Avenged.

    I’ve decided under all the whacked slang and the brand names and the verbing of nouns, Ward as a knack for putting raw male emotion on the page and that’s the crack that keeps me coming back.

  18. Mireya
    May 06, 2009 @ 11:35:45

    I have cried watching commercials. That one in which a little boy is shown crying because he thinks he lost his mom breaks my heart every time. Movies are another weakness of mine. One example that never fails to make me grab for the tissues: Theoden’s battle cry as he rallies the troops at the Pelennor Fields (J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Two Towers”):

    Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden!
    Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!
    spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
    a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
    Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!

    Okay, where are the tissues now…

    With books I am a LOT tougher though. However, when an author writes main characters that are a bit “broken” I tend to be touched, and there’s a higher chance that I may shed some tears. It all depends on how good the author is at conveying where the characters are coming from, why they are how they are, and their reactions. Don’t know if I am making sense.

  19. Mireya
    May 06, 2009 @ 11:47:39

    P.S. The scene I am talking about is from Peter Jackson’s movie version of “The Return of the King”. I got it all mixed up.

  20. Jaci Burton
    May 06, 2009 @ 12:07:13

    I am a wicked crybaby. Some of the reality tv shows like The Biggest Loser (and omg Shan, yes on Home Makeover. I cannot watch that show without weeping until I get a headache). Commercials with sad animal faces like the ASPCA one with Sarah MacLaughlin make me sob. And a really great, heart wrenching book will make me weep.

    And if someone cries on a tv show, I cry too. Clearly I’m a sympathetic crier. Unless they’re crying because they’re whining about something stupid (Survivor comes to mind). Then I’ll just laugh at them. So I guess maybe I’m a selective crier. I won’t cry over morons. Heh.

  21. Jessica Kennedy
    May 06, 2009 @ 12:20:47

    I voted average but now that I think about it I’m probably a bit over average. I cry when I hear music that has meaning or some one sings super well i.e. American Idol. Yeah.

    Books that I have cried to would be Marley & Me. Major cry baby with that. And I watched the movie, why? I have no stinking idea! I was a complete freakin’ mess!

    I recently read book 4 of Rachel Vincent’s Werecats series, Prey. There’s one point in that book that I bawled, I mean, big tears, runny snot nose, can’t breathe crying. My husband paused his PS3 game to comfort me. BAD!

    When an author can do that to me, it’s pisses me off to the ninth degree! But I turn around and applaud them for being extraordinary writers. I emailed Rachel that night because I couldn’t discuss what happened with anyone because the book isn’t released yet.


  22. Mora
    May 06, 2009 @ 12:27:20

    I cry VERY easily, and those Humane Society commercials get me every time.

  23. MaryK
    May 06, 2009 @ 12:51:26

    Oh, heck, I might as well admit it. I cry over HPs. Maybe that’s why I like them – they’re cathartic.

  24. Cherrie Lynn
    May 06, 2009 @ 12:59:36

    I’m guilty of bawling like a baby when faced with the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. It’s so bad that whenever it comes on, my son will stop whatever he’s doing, run over to me and cover my eyes with his hands.

    Movies get me, too. But books? Not so much, for some reason.

  25. Lynne Connolly
    May 06, 2009 @ 14:04:48

    Robin Schone’s “Gabriel’s Woman.” The last scene was so beautiful, yes, I cried.
    I don’t cry very easily any more, and I actually resent when I’m being manipulated to cry, as in “ET.” But sometimes it just happens, and I give a sniff or two!

  26. Leslie Dicken
    May 06, 2009 @ 14:12:16

    I marked that I was an average weeper only because my crying depends on my hormones! If it’s NOT that time of the month, I can be quite stoic. However, during a few days, I’ll cry at commercials, books, or any tender moment!

  27. Anesthezea
    May 06, 2009 @ 14:13:57

    I suppose, for me, it depends on the situation. I have cried over a few books, a few movies, even a few fanfics. I’ve found that I’m more likely to cry in frustration over something painfully angst-ridden than over anything particularly sweet or sad.

  28. Gemma
    May 06, 2009 @ 14:22:29

    I sometimes cry during books and films (romance more likely to provoke tears than tragedy).

    IRL, I cry more frequently than I’d like…. but usually when I am angry rather than sad. I hate it because it feels like it undermines my credibility. Plus…. that kind of crying is a bitch to turn off. I will be sniffling for hours if I try to suppress it (i.e. I’m at work and can’t just have a massive cry to get it out of my system).

  29. Carrie Lofty
    May 06, 2009 @ 15:35:27

    I cry all the time. It’s damn embarrassing. Last week I finally got around to reading To Have and to Hold by Patricia Gaffney and bawled like a little baby–in the middle of the book, which rarely happens for me. Before that it was Whispers of Heaven by Candice Proctor. Maybe I’m an Old Skool crier!

  30. Evangeline
    May 06, 2009 @ 15:42:22

    I cry at different things than most do. I tend to tear up over injustices overcome, or people persevering and succeeding despite long shots and terrible odds. Stuff like romantic comedies, animals or babies do nothing for me.

  31. Evangeline
    May 06, 2009 @ 15:43:46

    @Bookwormom: LOL me too! I forgot to add that the tears fall when I’m pissed. Then, as Bookwormom said, it’s on.

  32. Karen Templeton
    May 06, 2009 @ 15:58:29

    I’ve always been a cryer. Used to drive my much-more-stoic mother NUTS. We both assumed I’d grow out of it.


    In fact, even though the hormone factory only keeps on a skeletal staff these days, it’s no better. I cried at the Susan Boyle video. Maxwell House commercials got me every time. I find myself weeping while writing certain scenes in my own books (which I suppose is a good thing). Last book I blubbered over: CERTAIN GIRLS by Jennifer Weiner. And oddly, not where I thought I would.

    As a kid, I was made to believe being overly emotional was a sign of weakness. But sensitivity is what makes us empathetic to our fellow humans’ plights. So I’ve learned to embrace my tears without shame. And make sure my mascara’s waterproof.

  33. Janine
    May 06, 2009 @ 17:12:50

    I cry fairly easily in books and love the feeling of catharsis from a really good cry. The last book I cried in was A Strong and Sudden Thaw. Something very sad happens in the middle of the book.

    @Carrie Lofty: The scene in which Rachel tells Sebastian about her experiences in prison gets me every time. I sob like a bereft newborn.

  34. Jill Sorenson
    May 06, 2009 @ 17:58:08

    I love a good cry! Nothing better than a tearjerker. Whenever we’re watching a touching scene in a movie, my husband will look sideways at me. He can predict the exact moment I’ll start bawling.

    Intervention is my favorite show for crying. Gets me every time.

  35. Nifty
    May 06, 2009 @ 19:14:03

    I cry so easily it’s ridiculous! But what’s particularly funny is that I never cry over my REAL life. I cry over commercials and movies and sappy videos sent to me by my friends. I got all teary-eyed the other day as I was telling my friend about a scene in Marley & Me!

    But it also seems that my tears have to be triggered by a visual cue. I very, very rarely cry while reading a book.

    Because I cry so rarely over my REAL life, I’ve learned to take advantage of the moments that DO make me cry. If I’m at home and a movie gets me all choked up, then I try to just give myself over to it. For the release, you know?

    (The one cue that REALLY sets me off is seeing men cry, whether it’s in real life or on film. Seeing a guy break down just rips me to shreds.)

  36. Tae
    May 06, 2009 @ 19:18:05

    I’ve only cried during a book once and it was one of the Rigante series by David Gemmell (standard fantasy series). However, it had a romantic element. This guy was in love with a woman for years and they had never said anything to each other, but he is set up for a crime and about to hang. He’s been given a choice by a god to either escape, which he can and he would live a long and happy life with the woman, or he could become a martyr and his death would cause his people to rise up and revolt and therefore, become free. He chose death. i bawled. I cried my eyes out so hard. It was a very poignant scene. I’m not a crier. i don’t cry during sad, sappy movies. i don’t at commercials. I don’t cry at TV shows. Hell, I don’t even cry at funerals.

  37. Julia
    May 06, 2009 @ 20:25:54

    Scenes in books that make me cry are usually when a male character thinks that a female character doesn’t love him. I’m not sure why that sets me off, but it does.

  38. rigmarole
    May 06, 2009 @ 21:04:05

    I hardly ever cry over books or movies or tv. My friends think I have quite the heart of stone. Meanwhile, I come from a family of women who cry even less than I do, and they act like I weep buckets at the drop of a hat.

    I actually am highly susceptible to Field of Dreams. If I need a good cry (yes, there is such a thing, MOM, jeez!), that’s what I pull out.

  39. KristieJ
    May 06, 2009 @ 21:34:15

    I’m not a crier at all. Books never make me do it. I’ll get a sore throat and the odd drop might fall during a movie. The last one that did that to me was P.S. I Love You.

  40. rebyj
    May 06, 2009 @ 21:39:35

    It takes a LOT to make me cry.
    I only really cried for one book because of this line “Even now Rob’s words washed over her, but everything Jack said imprinted itself on her brain, which seemed to have only one purpose these days. To be a storehouse for Jack’s words.” Because I remember being that way, back when I was young and in love and thought the sun shined out of his ass. boohoo’d for hours. (The Groom Came Back by Abby Gaines is the book)

    I’ve came close to crying a few times, once while reading Wild Orchids by Jude Deveraux. And now I can’t even remember why. Which reminds me of her Knight in Shining Armor book where I about cried in frustration at how the book ended lol. HEA FAIL!!

  41. S. W. Vaughn
    May 07, 2009 @ 08:28:30

    Totally depends. I get in moods where absolutely everything makes me cry, and I’ll have to hide from people for a few hours until I get myself under control. That’s really fun. :P

    But even if I’m not in one of those moods, I still cry when my emotions are yoinked at. I think the last book that made me cry was Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas. The ending. OMG. And I wasn’t even mad, like I normally am when that sort of thing happens.

    Movies get me teary-eyed more often. This is totally stupid, but when I saw the live-action Peter Pan movie with Jason Isaacs, I started bawling about 15 minutes into the thing and didn’t stop until the end. The kids they cast in that were just so adorable and sweet, and it’s such a love story and a follow-your-heart story.

    But I actually like crying in a feel-good way. It’s … uh, cleansing. Yeah. That’s it.

  42. Jessica G.
    May 07, 2009 @ 11:04:29

    I voted that it takes me a lot to cry, but then again I started tearing up during the Scrubs finale last night..

  43. kirsten saell
    May 07, 2009 @ 12:39:08

    The last hundred or so pages of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana had me bawling. Yes, bawling. For a hunded pages. My eyes were so puffy I had to tell people for days I’d had an allergy attack so they wouldn’t think I was an idiot.

    Some TV shows and movies will get me so good I can’t even listen to the music without starting to cry. “When She Loved Me” from the Toy Story II soundtrack gets me every time, so the kids can’t watch it when I’m home, even if they’re in another room.

    Also, that old “I Will Wait for You” song that was playing on an episode of Futurama where Fry’s dog from the year 2000 lies on the sidewalk for years, waiting for him to come back.

    I admit, I’m a total pussy.

  44. Tammy
    May 07, 2009 @ 17:27:05

    I very rarely tear up over anything in my personal life, or in music or in books. But when people die in movies and TV shows? Oh, man, bring on the Kleenex.

    Within the last two weeks I’ve bawled over “Legends of the Fall”, “Stepmom”, the season six finale of “House” (Wilson’s reaction when Cut-throat Bitch died? OMG), and the killer season 5 BTVS episode “The Body” – the one where Buffy’s mom died. The blunted look on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s face – her tiny “Mommy?” – when she finds her mother is … absolutely haunting.

  45. Jennifer
    May 08, 2009 @ 06:31:56

    I used to cry all the time at anything (including a Pampers commercial in a video store once). But I’ve gotten older, and now rarely tear. I wish I cried more. It’s helped release a lot of tension.

  46. Keri M
    May 08, 2009 @ 09:10:51

    Now darn it, here I said I didn’t usually tear up over romances and lo and behold I just finished Wendy Robert’s Devil May Ride and darned if I didn’t do it on the last two pages…it was so lovely.

    So if you like Tea Cozy mysteries then you might give this book a try, Sadie, our heroine, does crime scene clean up. She also as the ability to talk to the ghosts that are left at the scene provided that they have been murdered so Sadie can solve the crime. It helps of course to have the hunky, yummy Zach as a coworker in order offer his assistance as well. I love the series and look eagerly for the 3rd installment.

  47. Andrea S
    May 08, 2009 @ 11:17:29

    I’m going to second (third? fourth?) a couple people above and say I cry ALL THE TIME. I cry at books, movie, sometimes even commercials. I cry when I’m sad, I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m mad.
    My general plan is to warn all good friends/boyfriends that just because there are tears in my eyes, does not mean I’m sad.

    Somehow, every emotion is attached to tear glands. I even love to go back and re-read parts of books that make me cry. Sometimes they’re my favorite parts.

    Oh, and I got an e-mail forward this morning that made me tear up.

  48. Sherry Thomas
    May 11, 2009 @ 07:50:18

    I cry all the time, and not just from books.

    I listened to the same speech by Lisa Kleypas twice. And every time her cat died I cried. And I don’t even have any feelings for cats!

  49. Matthew
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 09:30:24

    I hardly cry unless I am really, really upset, then it comes like a tidal wave. But, here the thing: I cried at then end of a fantasy series when a main character died. Why? I also burst into tears the other day when I heard a theme song from my favorite childhood cartoon, Xmen. Why? The thing that bugs me is I cry everytime I hear the ending of Final Fantasy 3, which I have played alot as a kid. The song meshes character theme song after theme song, and then kinda ends, but why does it make me cry? Is it that I loved those characters more than my friends and family? I havnt seen my parents in years, and when they call i dont break down and cry. But a video game or cartoon theme? Man my brain must be wacko lol.

  50. Lin
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 05:26:53

    I cry over movies and books all the time. I love movies that make me feel, and even if it’s happy or sad, I cry. Recent movies that have made me cry are My Sister’s Keeper and The Time Traveler’s Wife. The books that have brought me down are Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, Beneath the Texas Sky by Jodi Thomas, and last but the best of all is Cry No More by Linda Howard.

  51. Amy
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 17:06:29

    I cry at books, films, tv programmes, everything! But i hardly ever cry because of real life problems. I cried for ages into my pillow after reading a part of a fanfiction where my favourite character dies (Draco Veritas). Also, the doctor who episode Doomsday makes me cry every single time. I’ve just finished sobbing after watching My Best Friends Wedding.

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