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Spotlight on Total E-Bound

The publisher from Total E-Bound contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a type of feature for the new ebook company. I replied that I and our readers would be interested in hearing more about the new venture. Here is the uncut interview with Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Publisher, Total-E-Ntwined Limited T/A Total-e-bound. While I have not read any of Total E-Bound’s offerings, its store which will be opening on July 2, 2007, and thus this is an an informational look for all of us at a new venture which we all hope to be a great addition to the romance reading community.


What is your mission?

We don't really have a mission 'statement'. I kind of put that up there with private number plates, water features and statues in the company foyer –" if you know what I mean. *cringe*

Our goal, however is to provide top quality erotic eBooks for the adventurous reader. We'd like to provide an easy to navigate international platform for authors to publish, promote and sell their work and for readers to have a plethora of excellent quality eBooks to choose from.

It is my ambition to bring a warm, friendly and fruitful experience to authors working with Total-e-bound, and readers buying their books. We're all about making it easy for our customers. Less restrictions, more quality and good customer service.

How did you get started?

Well, the seed was actually sown about two years ago, when we approached another publisher with a view to becoming a reseller of their books, having already had a relationship with them. When that never materialised, we were already half way there with a working model. We had all of the skills and experience between us, so we thought –" why not take it those extra steps and develop our own publishing house. I have a true passion for erotic romance, (I've probably got about 2,000 on my PC, and I've spent plenty of pennies with some of the other ePubs over the years!! LOL) and I know what I like to read and I think it has helped me understand what readers want.

What is your background?

Usual sort of background really. I worked in the 'City' in London for a successful firm in the financial sector for a number of years. I then got involved with my previous business where I found myself in the position of Sales & Marketing Director running a team of 35 sales people, a training department and marketing department. I loved the challenge of that, but it wasn't in a sector that I had any interest in. Moving into publishing has been very fulfilling for me and I love what I do; and I'm very good at it (even if I do say so myself!! *g*) I've put myself on editing courses over the last few years to brush up existing skills too–"but I don't think you ever stop learning no matter what business you're in.
I guess you could say my background is predominately Sales, Marketing, PR and Editing.

Who are your editors?

Well, you're talking to one of them. LOL And we have Olivia Simms too, who is our Senior Editor. We are at the heart of it. Then we're working with independent editors as and when we need them too. As I'm sure you can appreciate, we don't need a massive team of Editors –" yet! But give us a few months and that could well change! *g*

What is your royalty structure?

We pay authors 40% of the RRP for eBooks sold through our site and 40% of the net profit for eBooks sold through distribution channels. When we move into print, we'll pay 10% with the same principle for direct and indirect sales.

What books will you be offering? I.e. genre, sensuality, length

Oh my word! Well, the genres will include Action, Adventure, Bondage, BDSM, Comedy, Contemporary, Cowboy & Western, Fantasy, Fairytale, Futuristic, Sci-fi, Gay/Lesbian, Historical, Mà©nage-à-trois, Paranormal, Timetravel, Thriller, Crime, Shapeshifters, Vampire & Werewolf –" Whew! Got that all out in one breath!

Our heat ratings are sizzling, burning and melting, which range from sexy, explicit and highly imaginative, with a sensual side (sizzling), through highly explicit and graphic, where pretty much anything goes, very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness (burning), to much more risquà© and explicit. These babies are burning hot and sometimes can come close to that invisible line although we are careful not to cross it (melting). So hopefully, there should be something for everyone–"particularly those who enjoy an edgier romance.

The book lengths run from our mini shorts, which are saucy little morsels to whet the appetite right the way through to our super novels which are the full-on sit-down in a comfy chair and settle in for the duration type of steamers. Anything from 7,000 to 125,000+ words.

What is your print plan?

It has always been our intention to move into print at the earliest opportunity. We have started looking into the detail and are in the process of establishing relationships to move in that direction. Obviously these things don't all happen overnight, but it's certainly in the strategy.

Who do you perceive to be your audience?

Anyone over 18 who wants to read them! There are a lot of statistics floating around about who our audience should be, but realistically it is anyone–"male or female–"who enjoys reading good erotic romance. We don't make distinctions.

What will be your price points?

Pricing is in pounds sterling and ranges from  £1.49 for a mini –  £5.99 for a six story anthology.

What differentiates you from other ebook publishers?

Well, for one, we're in the UK, where as the majority of other erotic romance ePubs are based in the USA. We know we will have to go that extra mile in order to establish a strong base for erotic romance in the UK and I believe that authors and readers will be reaping the benefits of our efforts.

For us it is all about making the internet buying experience an enjoyable one, where people can come to our site, and set up their account in the VIP section to either read a book online, or download a book. We don't put any restrictions on the time allowed for people to download their books –" once they have bought it they can access it anytime through their bookshelf. The VIP area is also for authors to access their own monthly royalty reports. This will be real time 24/7 information. We've created a welcoming environment where authors can sell their books and monitor their sales, and readers can buy quality erotic romance at great prices.

We also provide a full profile page where authors can not only show their bio's but can list additional news so that their fans are always kept up to date with what they have planned, and we've provided a section in there for them to list their books with other publishing houses. We'll even link directly to those sites. We also have a forum for authors and their fans to communicate with each other and with us.

All of this is aimed at making the buying and selling experience a pleasurable one. It is also our intention once set up in the UK and other English speaking countries to start translating into other European languages.


The following are examples of works from Total-e-bound.


shipwreckedKatie’s life is one huge shipwreck. But when she runs away from one disaster, bigger ones await.

Whilst fleeing from her rich and powerful ex-fiancé, Katie McLaughlin’s ship runs aground. Lo and behold, she is shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island with Scott Vanderhorne, a man ten times more rich and powerful than her ex, a man with a fiancée back home. To survive, Katie and Scott must join together, but many dangers await, especially to their hearts.


shipwreckedAngel, an ex car racing star, is blind from a horrific car accident and has phone sex to cool off.

Shelly works evenings on a sex hotline to help make ends meet. Her favourite client is Angel, but one day he steps over the line and asks her out.

Shelly and Angel’s fragile new love is tested when Angel’s ex-wife and Angel’s mother interfere.

Will Angel and Shelly be strong enough to fight for their love?

Sherlock the Seducer

shipwreckedThe famous Sherlock Holmes—detective extraordinaire, and opera singer Irene Adler have a torrid affair before she leaves London to tour Europe…

Years later, when the King of Bohemia contacts Holmes to recover an embarrassing photograph from Adler, Holmes sees an opportunity to renew their relationship, but will she be the woman to seize his chilly heart?


If you answer the following three questions, you will be entered in a chance to win a book of your choice.

Questions for the giveaway are:

  • What is the name of Bobbie Russell’s new release with Total-e-bound?
  • What is the name of our ‘BoundBrits’ winter seasonal?
  • 3. Which author wrote ‘Her Handyman’?

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. WendyPortia
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 04:41:05

    How wonderful to see Total-E-Bound featured here. I have two titles in the pipeline with TEB, a mini and a supernovel, I’m hoping there will be many more in the future.

    All the best to Claire and the team, and I’m thrilled to be working with you all!

  2. Charlene Teglia
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 07:09:51

    The VIP section sounds like a wonderful feature that I don’t believe anybody else has done. What an exciting setup for readers and authors!

  3. Nicole
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 07:42:18

    Some of these look really good.

  4. dionne galace
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 11:43:17

    Pricing is in pounds sterling and ranges from £1.49 for a mini – £5.99 for a six story anthology.

    if the price is in GBP, what does that mean for American readers? Isn’t 1 US Dollar like… 2 GBP? Wouldn’t that mean the price is doubled?

    12 dollars for a six-story anthology?

  5. Ann Bruce
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 12:48:38

    Yup, the exchange rate is USD$2 for every £1, but you also have to calculate in the 2-3% fee the credit card companies charge for doing the exchange.

    As a Canadian, the exchange is even worse for me. I’ll be waiting for some totally kick-ass reviews before plunking down any money.

  6. Chantal
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 12:49:30

    I’m excited for the opening!

  7. Teddy Pig
    Jul 01, 2007 @ 13:13:54

    Yeah, um I hate to say it but those are way into the paper back prices.

    I mean I have fits with the prices Ellora’s Cave wants.

    In fact I have severely limited my purchases for this reason alone.

    Packaging and editing would have to be at a high level.

    I spend a good 40 bucks a week on random ebooks and more when I find an interesting series to follow so I am not stingy but I do try and be reasonable.

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