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Hot Books for Fall: Spotlight on Harlequin

If there is one thing that Harlequin knows how to do, it is making your evening fun. During the National Convention, Harlequin throws a big party on Friday nights. It is considered the party of the convention and everyone shows up and I mean, everyone. The food tables were overflowing and the drinks never stopped and there was not one person in the huge ballroom that didn’t have a smile on her face. Isabel Swift and the Harlequin team offers up the fall spotlight so that all of us can enjoy a little party at home.


Fall ’07: What's new for Harlequin Enterprises/Series and Single Title Imprints, all formats. What is HQE publishing ? What is HQE looking to publish?

  • – Information about & HQE looking for (for writers & the curious)
  • – HQE Publishing Program (for readers)



  • As of September 1st, Harlequin is delivering 100% frontlist in eBook format–"the only major trade publisher offering 100% of their frontlist.
  • Spice Briefs launched to great success in August 2007: original, exclusive eBook content.
  • Created "one-click buys" for the passion series for the avid reader & made it available to all eBook retailers (i.e. package all 8 Presents titles together as one unit)
  • Continue to create eBook bundles of selected backlist, for example all of Caridad Pinero's "Calling" titles together in the Calling Collection (October)
  • Creating new eBook product by "chunking" anthologies–each novella with be its own eBook. Part of an Holiday promotion –" 12 Christmas short stories for your digital stocking!
  • New programs are in development!



  • Ongoing program with delivering 5 –" 6 titles (offering both series and single titles, debut and established authors) per month
  • Launching an audio continuity featuring 2 Blaze titles every month for $9.95
  • Ongoing radio program on XM radio: Sonic Theater channel. Our website is ttp://, and Harlequin Romance Radio is aired at 1 am and 9 am Eastern time on channel 163.


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SPICE BRIEFS–" NEW INITIATIVE–" editor Susan Swinwood

SPICE –" Susan Swinwood

Both are fantastic books –" Nancy's is a collection of erotic stories based on a traditional fairy tale; each chapter of the story is devoted to one of the twelve princesses as she searches for the solution to her sexual frustrations.

Sarah's book is the first in her historical western erotica series: the men of Hell's Eight. Each of these eight Texas Rangers are tough, sexy, hardened men– until they meet the women who make them weak.

HQN & LUNA – Tracy Farrell

Fall 2007 –" Top Titles for HQN:

What HQN is looking for:

HQN publishes strong, complex single title romances. Our current focus is on acquiring author who write historical and contemporary single titles, but we are always looking for other romance sub-genres, paranormal in particular, if the material is exceptional.

LUNA Fall ’07 –" Top Titles:

What LUNA is looking for:

We're primarily looking for urban fantasy and otherworld fantasy and are no longer looking for historical fantasy at this time. We're particularly interested in loosely-linked series of stand-alone titles featuring strong female leads, unique storylines and a fresh narrative voice that will appeal to fantasy, romance and mainstream readers alike.

MIRA & Red Dress Ink –" Margaret Marbury

MIRA Fall ’07 –" Top Titles:





For MIRA, we are primarily looking for strong historical fiction and commercial literary fiction

Red Dress Ink Fall ’07 –" Top Titles:

For Red Dress Ink, we only looking at exceptional, smart and funny chick lit.

Sorcery and the Single GirlThe ReincarnationistEyes of CrowRogue AngelThe Widow by Carla Neggers74 Seaside

The imprint STEEPLE HILL – Joan Marlow Golan, with Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, Steeple Hill Cafe; KIMANI PRESS

Linda Gill with Sepia , Arabesque, New Spirit, Kimani Romance, Kimani TRU, GOLD EAGLE

Feroze Mohammed, with the Mack Bolan, Stony Man, Deathland, Outlander and Rogue Angel series and WORLDWIDE LIBRARY with its Mystery series are also part of the HQE family, but are not listed in detail here.

SERIES – Harlequin & Silhouette – Birgit Davis Todd & Mary Theresa Hussey

The fall of 2007 has many of the themes and initiatives that are clear reader favorites and important for the series business throughout the year.

As always, our focus is on finding, developing and publishing "good stories, well-told.” And to get those stories, our editors work with authors through all phases of story development – and then with art and marketing to ensure those stories get the right packages.

We also try to emphasize connected miniseries in our publishing schedule. There are multiple continuities appearing in the series lines, including the conclusions of The Royal House of Niroli from Harlequin Presents, Mission: Impassioned from Silhouette Romantic Suspense, Dynasty: The Garrisons from Silhouette Desire, Montana Mavericks: Strike It Rich from Special Edition, Dark Enchantments from Silhouette Nocturne, Secrets We Keep from Harlequin Romance, Texas Legacies: The Carrigans from Harlequin American, Million Dollar Secrets from Harlequin Blaze and many more.

Harlequin and Silhouette series programs are known for their long-standing commitment to authors, with many authors celebrating 25, 50, even 100 book milestones with us. We work with both new and established authors to develop long-running, successful series with their own characters, as well as encouraging strong, standalone titles that lead new readers to discover new favorites.

As a mark of this commitment, we have multi-New York Times bestselling authors Diana Palmer and Linda Lael Miller publishing in series this fall.

Another strong component of our publishing program is our continual search for new authors. We are one of the few publishers accepting unagented material, and we also run contests to find new authors. Check out the Harlequin Superromance Conflict of Interest Contest at in Writing Challenges. The contest is open to all writers and the deadline is fast approaching!

Just this fall, from September to December, we are publishing more than thirty new-to-the-company authors, many of them first-time-ever authors as well. With three new authors in Harlequin Presents, and first-time authors in Silhouette Desire, Harlequin Everlasting, Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Blaze, Silhouette Special Edition, Harlequin Superromance, Harlequin Intrigue as well as in our Kimani Press and single title programs, Harlequin is a wonderful place to be discovered–and some amazing authors have published their first books with Harlequin and Silhouette.

We also have some great programs in place for readers to discover these authors! Along with our marketing and terrific bookstore support, there are a number of digital and hard-copy sampling programs in our future. We firmly believe that if you try a Harlequin or Silhouette title, you will love it! And so we plan to take advantage of as many outlets as we can to start the “addiction”…

We also experiment with anthologies within the series to highlight strong authors and themes, and encourage exploration of innovative ideas and stories to attract new readers.

Do be sure to visit our website at to get the latest updates on word counts and tips from the webhosts as well as from past articles done about writing. We also have frequent visits from editors to talk about their individual lines, and fellow authors are a terrific resources as well.

In short, the fall of 2007 is all about the strengths that writing for HQE Series always displays: commitment to excellent stories by terrific authors, published across the nation and around the world.

Pick up a book and join us!

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Jayne
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 06:37:20

    Did I miss reading any information about Harlequin Historicals? That line isn’t being cut is it?

  2. Jayne
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 07:35:32

    Just headed over to Fictionwise and (I think) answered my own question by buying a new October HHistorical release. Wheeeee, I love ebooks!

  3. Jane
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 07:40:17

    You know that you can buy the HHistoricals a month in advance at right?

  4. Jayne
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 08:49:25

    Yes, I remember that now. I’d forgotten you can buy a month in advance. Ooooh, happiness.

  5. bam
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 09:45:37

    rock on. Harlequin’s doing something right.

  6. Christine Merrill
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 10:22:57

    They might not have mentioned Harlequin Historicals because we’re edited out of the UK. So, technically, kind of Mills & Boon books, although still Harlequin.

    It’s very confusing.

    But they’re still very much alive.

  7. Ann Bruce
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 13:07:00

    My head is spinning at the sheer number of books Harlequin releases.

    And is it just me, or are there a lot of authors who leave Harlequin for a few years, then come back? I’d love hear the stories behind some of the bigger names.

  8. Ann Bruce
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 13:08:07

    Oh, and does anyone know why Harlequin stopped listing their upcoming releases three months in advance? I like making my shopping list early.

  9. Jackie L.
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 14:47:10

    They still do, but the click in is hard to find. You have to keep hitting SHOP until they give you a coming soon click on on the bottom. Irritating and stupid.

  10. Sarah McCarty
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 16:37:00

    Writng for the two mainstream imprints of Harelquin’s (HQN and SPICE) I do have to say the whole editing process from an author’s perspective has been impressive, professional, and fun. Fun because along with an excellent eye for detail, my editors also have a wonderful sense of humor. When I signed I kind of thought my editors might be inaccessible. As you can see Harlequin is BIG, and I worried as a newbie author, I’d be lost in the numbers, but I can’t say I’ve ever had to wait to have a question answered and discussion on story points is always encouraged. So, I’m happy. *G*

  11. Sarah McCarty
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 16:39:51

    *banging head on desk* Writing. I meant writing. *sigh* I so miss the 30 minutes to edit your mistakes feature.

  12. Chantal
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 20:36:43

    That was interesting to read. I love Harlequin. I’m not the type who hides it either. So many of my fellow harlequin lovers tend to apologise when they say they like it.
    I’m not ashamed of liking their books.

  13. Chantal
    Oct 08, 2007 @ 20:38:29

    Sarah, I didn’t even catch that typo, lol

  14. Ann Bruce
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 09:02:06

    Thanks, Jackie.

  15. Sarah McCarty
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 16:31:32


    I wish all my typos went unnoticed. The word count typo still haunts me. *Laughing and shaking head*

  16. Michelle Styles
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 05:44:05

    I am not sure why Harlequin Historicals was not mentioned. But neither were Harlequin Romance, Medical or Modern Heat (Modern Heat is the old Temptation and being released in the US as part of the Promotional Presents) — all edited out of London. HH does not have any major continuity series happening at the moment.
    BUT Harlequin Historicals is very much alive. I know from the Association of Mills and Boon Authors lunch last month, HH has done very well in the ebook format. They continue to have their committment towards Unusual Historicals including the Roman period, Westerns and Georgian/Regency/Victorian. The editors are still very much looking for strong romances set in those periods.
    Several new authors are appearing including Kathryn Allbright in December with The Angel and The Outlaw.
    Oh and I am have my first Victorian Harlequin Historical coming out in December –A Christmas Wedding Wager.

    BTW, Mills and Boon will be celebrating its 100th birthday next year. Lots of things are planned.

    Sorry to be late coming in on this…

  17. Isabel Swift
    Oct 21, 2007 @ 20:16:05

    Belated note to say this was not a laundry list of all the Harlequin Enterprise lines and imprints, but just some highlights of upcoming titles for the the fall. As someone noted, we do a lot, and we didn’t want it to be an overwhelming mass of information, even though it meant leaving things out.

    Thank you to everyone for filling in some of the blanks–often in a much more meaningful and relevant manner, as it’s from the author or reader’s perspective.

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