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Debut Print Book: HELL ON WHEELS by Julie Ann Walker


Name of debut release: HELL ON WHEELS

Release date: 08/07/2012

Publisher: Sourcebooks

2 sentence summary: A group of ex-military men who pose as simple motorcycle mechanics take on the jobs too hot for Uncle Sam to handle. And Nate “Ghost” Weller, the most dangerous of them all, must fight to keep his dead partner’s kid sister alive while simultaneously battling his attraction for her.

Genre: romance, thriller, suspense, mystery, adventure

Characters: Nate “Ghose” Weller: He’s the strong, silent type. And he’s had a thing for Ali Morgan all his life. Unfortunately, he holds a secret guaranteed to blow her world apart.

Ali Morgan: She’s a simple kindergarten teacher whose entire world gets turned upside down when it becomes obvious someone is out to get her. She turns to the only man who can help her, the aloof, enigmatic ex-Marine Sergeant, Nathan Weller.

What makes this story different: Well, I’d have to say this story is different because it combines two of the most delicious male alpha archetypes: The man in uniform, and the rebel without – or with, in this case – a cause.

It’s suspense and romance and mystery all wrapped up in one delicious, fast-paced read.

Is this a series?: Black Knights Inc.

Why you wrote this book: I wrote this book because the story was in my head! No, seriously, Nate came to me one night in a dream, and wouldn’t go away until I’d told his tale. But as I was writing his journey, I realized all his friends and co-workers had their stories to tell as well. And, just like that, the Black Knights Inc. series was born.

Why is this your first published book? How many did you write before? I’ve always written – even though, gasp!, my degree is in mathematics – but this was the first story that I actually sat down and polished. That I actually entered into contests. That I actually pimped out to agents…

What’s your writing process? Ugh, now this is a difficult one. Because usually before I ever sit down at the keyboard, the story is already written inside my head. Which, honestly, makes it a bit difficult to actually put the words on the page. At that point I’m ready to move on and dream up something new. But I do force myself, everyday, to put my butt in the chair and tell the tale that needs telling. I inspire myself by taping pictures of the setting, the hero, and the heroine around my office. And a good day is when the story suddenly goes down a road I hadn’t foreseen and, once more, my imagination is allowed free reign.

Your next published book. IN RIDES TROUBLE – the second in the Black Knights Inc. series

The last book you read that you loved. GLITTER BABY – by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The last book you read for research. KILL BIN LADEN – by Dalton Fury

The romance book character you most identify with. I probably identify the most with one of the secondary characters in HELL ON WHEELS, Becky Reichert. She’s mouthy, pushy, and little bit too headstrong for her own good. My husband, ehem, would probably say she’s the one character I’ve written reflecting my own image.

Julie Ann Walker

You can check out more about Julie Ann Walker and her books at


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  1. Stephanie Scott
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 12:27:52

    Very cool! I’m only starting to read more romance after joining up with RWA (I’m more of a “story with romantic elements” type of gal). This sounds like it might be told in two points of view, and I like that.

  2. Danielle D
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 12:52:57

    I’m reading this book now and I’m really enjoying it. I can’t wait to read In Rides Trouble.

    Jane, thank you so much for telling us about Sourcebook Discover A New Love, I joined and was able to get this as an ebook early.

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