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Wednesday News: New children’s lit subscription service, new women’s lifestyle site,...

“Epic! joins a number of recent launches of subscription e-book services but in this case one focused on children’s books for readers 5-12 years old. The service launches with about 2,000 kids’ e-books from major publishers, among them Open Road Integrated Media, Lerner Publishing, and Simon & Schuster. E-books are streamed and Epic! offers instant access along with recommendations, badges and gaming-like rewards, offline reading and time-spent reading data for parents. The Epic! interface also emphasizes reading and does not include the audio, animation and interactive effects usually added to children’s e-books.” Publishers Weekly

“The Window Seat, which will launch on Thursday (30th January), is a “Pan Macmillan branded audience-focused vertical bringing together the best in women’s fiction, as well as non-fiction and lifestyle content targeted at this core group of readers”.” The Bookseller

“Of course, as with any product online there are people out there prepared to exploit the same content digitally, through more unofficial channels. To that end HarperCollins has been hiring anti-piracy companies to remove files and links from the Internet in the hope that unauthorized content will be harder to find. However, there have been unintended consequences.” TorrentFreak

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  1. SAO
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 08:30:19

    The HarperCollins thing is a perfect example of why computers can’t replace a human. They asked Google to take down Apple iTunes listings for the HarperCollins editions. Obviously, the listings had hit some combination of search words and no one had looked at the list.

    I get using computer searches, but I don’t get not running the list past a pair of human eyes.

  2. farmwifetwo
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 15:15:01

    Why pay when you can see free animated children’s books through the libraries on tumble books.

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