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Wednesday News: Free access from Oxford U Press this week, the...

Oxford University Press Gives You Free Access to Books, Dictionaries & More During National Library Week – So while you can’t access Oxford academic journals, in honor of National Library Week, Oxford University Press is offering free access to a number of its texts, including its dictionaries. So if you’ve ever wanted to peruse the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) but don’t have access, now is the time.

Access will be open until the end of Saturday, the 19th. You will be able to read Oxford’s online dictionaries, online scholarly editions, extensive reference materials, and the popular series of Very Short Introductions,. . . (To access the texts, type “libraryweek” as the username and password in the Subscriber Login area. It appears halfway down the page, on the left.) –Open Culture

Digital journalism: we’re still waiting for the third model of news publishing – A provocative blog entry considering the way in which the “studio system” model of journalism is perceived to be more likely to succeed than a “publishing monolith.” Can a platform that seeks to serve many through journalistic content succeed? Emily Bell is not convinced, and her discussion of what she calls “entrepreneurial journalism” is both depressing and engaging.

Long-term commitment and availability of capital are changing how we think about digital journalism. Baron’s conviction that the world won’t end with Klein’s departure is as likely to be right as the idea that Vox will be successful. We are still waiting, though, for a third model of news publishing to emerge. A news organisation that holds institutional strengths, beliefs and resources at its core but allows the rise of the independently oriented journalist some freedom to succeed or fail is still at the drawing board stage. –The Guardian

All of Shakespeare’s Plays, Converted to 3-Panel Webcomics – This might be better than when the plays were converted to graphic novels. Although they’re not ALL three panels. Although Titus Andronicus’s single panel might be my favorite, Henry VI Part 3 in five panels is pretty great, too. –i09

9 Reasons Why Librarians Are Awesome – A cute piece celebrating librarians. –Buzzfeed

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  1. Fallen Professor
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 08:14:22

    Haha, yes, Titus Andronicus is an insane play. There’s still lots of scholarly debate about whether Shakespeare wrote it just to pay the bills, because it was a style that was “in” at the time; or whether it was an over-the-top parody. From what I remember, I think it’s only a few decades ago that it started to be performed regularly, because most companies wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. And yes, there are actually characters who become pie…

  2. Maite
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 11:50:18

    Sadly, as “National Library Week” is a US thing, it’s only valid in the US (and Canada?). Or so it says.

  3. SAO
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 11:53:14

    I’m hoping new newspaper models emerge soon. My state paper is thin on regional and national news. The regional paper is thin on what’s going on in my state and the NYT has zip on my state and little on the region. On the other hand, buying all three newspapers gives me a huge overlap of national news, often from the same wire, not to mention regionless items like style and opinion. Signing up for the bloggers leaves out a lot of general national news and all regional news.

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