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Wednesday News: Chinese Science Fiction wends its way Westward; EroticaCock excerpts;...


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The FAA is seeking comment from passengers, airlines, flight attendants and the makers of electronic devices on a variety of topics such as procedures for testing and gathering data about how portable electronic devices interact with aircraft systems, how to build avionics systems and aircraft that don’t react to Kindles or iPads, and how to build gadget that wouldn’t cause such interference. The agency also wants passengers to weigh in on topics like whether or not voice calls on aircraft would be distracting or staring at your e-reader might make you less likely to pay attention to the safety briefings at the beginning of each flight.Mobile Technology News

“The Chinese People’s Daily Online reported that Yao Haijun, the deputy director of Science Fiction World (SFW), the world’s biggest selling science fiction periodical, has signed a contract that will make award-winning author Liu Cixin’s “Three Body” trilogy the first full-length sci-fi work to be translated for an overseas audience, calling it “a great leap for the Chinese sci-fi industry.””Publishing Perspectives

““He was like this giant fucking machine, with this huge cock tearing into her, dilating her more than should be possible outside of childbirth.””The Book Pushers

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  1. Lada
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 08:38:22

    I have never understood why I can’t use my ereader on airplane mode during takeoff or landing. If it could possibly interfere with anything just by being on, I need to rethink my transportation choices for my next trip since I don’t trust that the guy in 14C really turned his phone off.

  2. MrsJoseph
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 10:10:31

    O_O My eyes! They burn! The eroticock just…turned my stomach and made me throw up in my mouth.

  3. LG
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 10:15:10

    @MrsJoseph: Agreed. Eww. I hate my morbid sense of curiosity, because some things just cannot be unread.

  4. Rosario
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 11:40:50

    @Lada: Not to mention the many people who just put their computers to sleep mode in their carry-ons.

    Also, WTF?:

    The agency also wants passengers to weigh in on topics like whether or not (…) staring at your e-reader might make you less likely to pay attention to the safety briefings at the beginning of each flight.

    Because staring at your paperback, which is still allowed, is any different?

  5. cleo
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 12:07:58

    I followed the eroticacock link and WOW. I had NO idea. I’ve read a couple stories with peens with barbs (Lora Leigh and Emma Holly) and those were enough for me – more than enough, really. I had no idea double headed peens are so common in SF erotica (so that’s one sub genre I don’t have to read).

  6. Lou
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 12:37:25

    I thought my excerpt was bad enough with furry covered balls and snapping flange peens, but the other girls totally blasted me out of the water with their excerpts.

  7. Shiloh Walker
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 13:09:50

    I…I’m so glad I wasn’t getting ready to write a love scene…

    …huge cock. tearing. dilating….

    Not. Sexy. Not. Not. Not.

  8. Julia
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 21:17:20

    As a frequent traveler, I have only heard one compelling argument for why I have to turn off my non-internet/data/wifi/phone seeking iPod during takeoff and landing, and that was that it would be too hard to determine which was were allowable and which ones were not. I’d be interested in seeing where the FAA goes with this as how would they be able to tell them apart. Would there be any restrictions any longer?

    I’ll have to mosey on over and put in my two cents which always more or less was “If he doesn’t have to stop his digital watch, then I shouldn’t have to stop my iPod because it is pretty much the same thing… except mine plays music.”

  9. Wahoo Suze
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 22:05:34


    No kidding! Every flight I was on in July (4 in all) was entirely peopled by scofflaws! I decided that the whole electronic interference thing must have a critical minimum amount of e-devices on, because people turned their phones back on when the flight attendants weren’t looking. SEVERAL people. It irked me, after I stopped freaking out about it.

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