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USA Today Bestseller List, Week Ending June 3, 2007


It’s hard to believe that we are in June already and that 2007 is nearing the half way point. I’m behind in my reading (Bonnie Edwards, I have not forgotten about your book) and June’s offerings, other than Demon Moon (Meljean Brook) and Wicked Lovely (Melissa Marr), have been quite a disappointment. I wonder if others are feeling the same kind of reading malaise?

Maybe if I just concentated on positive thoughts as number one bestelling author, Rhonda Byrne suggests, I would be more satisfied with each paperback offering.

There were a few authors making their first appearances on the list such as Robin T. Popp, Rachel Vincent, and Jacquelyn Frank. Vincent and Frank are both the recipients of strong marketing pushes and Popp is connected with a book that made its way on the list last month. It’s interesting to see how the various marketing schemes are working. Random Houses’s back to back releases with Lara Adrian has made her a bestseller and the connected series for Silhouette Nocturne and Dorchester have made those books bestsellers.


Angels Fall, Nora Roberts, (Jove), $7.99, No. 2 (Peak 1 – as a hardcover release). Paperback release. This was the number one book on Bookscan with a total week sales of 44,300. Yeah. Nora Roberts sells more in one week than most author’s print runs.
The Man From Stone Creek, Linda Lael Miller (HQN), $7.99, No. 8 (debut)
Sleeping with Fear, Kay Hooper (Bantam), $7.50, No. 9 (debut)
The MacGregors: Robert & Cybil: The Winning Hand\\The Perfect Neighbor, Nora Roberts (Silhouette Special Releases), $7.99, No. 13 (debut).

Abandon, Carla Neggers (Mira), $7.99, No. 24 (debut). Neggers is an author I’ve always meant to read but haven’t. I think I’ll mosey over to and buy the book today. I’m in the mood for a good Romantic Suspense.
Desperate Duchesses, Eloisa James (Avon), No. 27 (debut). I’m sure James will be on the NYT List. I think she was on the extended list last time. She gets such huge national coverage (magazines, the Today Show) that for her not to be a the list would be a failure of the marketing machine.
Last Look: A Novel of Suspense, Mariah Stewart (Ballantine Books), $6.99, No. 28 (debut).

Summer Pleasures: Second Nature\One Summer, Nora Roberts (Silhouette Special Releases), $14.95, No. 31 (debut).
Sins of a Duke, Suzanne Enoch (Avon), $6.99, No. 40 (debut).
Beware a Scot’s Revenge, Sabrina Jeffries (Pocket) $6.99, No. 43 (Peak 26). Jeffries could have used a strict laydown date. She was 26 last week and 43 this week. If she could have captured all those sales in one week, her placement would have been much higher.
Lawman (STP – Mira), Diana Palmer (HQN), $24.95 (debut).
Susannah’s Garden, Debbie Macomber (Mira), $7.99, No. 50 (Peak No. 4 ).

Gideon: The Nightwalkers, Jacquelyn Frank (Zebra) $6.99, No. 55 (Peak 55).
Into the Dark (The Bodyguards), Cindy Gerard (St. Martin’s Paperbacks), $6.99, No. 61 (debut).
The Midnight Breed, Book 2: Kiss of Crimson, Lara Adrian (Dell), $6.99 (debut). The power of the back to back release works again. Has there been any books receiving this treatment that hasn’t made it on the list? It was a genius marketing idea that still works years after its initial introduction. Of course, it helps that the writing is strong and the material is popular, but still.

The Touch of Fire, Linda Howard (Pocket), $7.99, No. 79 (Peak 79).
The Starter Wife, Gigi Levangie Grazer, $7.99, No. 83 (Peak 75). I wonder if S&S is disappointed with the book sales given that there is a huge marketing push for the TV show developed on the basis of it and whether this moderate interest has some indication of the future success of the TV show. Summer TV means The Closer to me. I love Brenda.
The Viscount in Her Bedroom (Sisters of Willow Pond Trilogy), Gayle Callen (Avon), $6.99, No. 88 (debut).
Immortals: The Darkening (Book 2), Robin T. Popp (Dorchester), $6.99, No. 89 (debut). This is interesting placement. I researched USA Today archives and Popp had not appeared before. The first Immortal book by Jennifer Ashley,Immortals: The Calling, marked her first time on the list as well. If the third Immortal book makes it on the list, part of the success must be attributable to the connected series.

Stray, Rachel Vincent (Mira), $6.99, No. 107 (debut). This was her debut book and I am not surprised to see it selling well. I was excited to read it. The real test of the series is the second book. How many people, after being disappointed with the first book, will buy the second?
Cover of Night, Linda Howard (Ballantine), $7.99, No. 109 (Peak No. 6). Paperback release. Fell from 28.
Raintree: Haunted (Silhouette Nocturne), Linda Winstead Jones (Silhouette Nocturne), No. 111 (debut). Second in the Raintree series started by Linda Howard.

Born in Death, J.D. Robb (Berkley), $7.99, No. 126 (Peak No. 5).

Hot Stuff, Janet Evanovich, Leanne Banks (St. Martin’s Paperbacks), $7.99, No. 130 (Peak 4).
Master of Dragons, Angela Knight (Berkley), $7.99, No. 131 (debut).
The Witness, Sandra Brown (Warner), $6.99, No. 136 (Peak 13).
The Marriage Spell: A Novel, Mary Jo Putney, $6.99, No. 140 (debut). paperback release of a hardcover.


Out of the list:
The Wrong Hostage, Elizabeth Lowell (Avon), $7.99, No. 39 (Peak No. 11) paperback release.
Captive of My Desires (Malory Family), Johanna Lindsey (Pocket), $7.99, No. 51 (Peak 11) paperback release
Don’t Look Down, Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer (St. Martin’s Press). $7.99 No. 95 (Peak 40).
Don’t Scream, Wendy Corsi Staub (Zebra), $6.99, No. 100 (Peak 66).
Outsider, Diana Palmer (HQN), $7.99, No. 113 (Peak 21).
Raintree: Inferno, Linda Howard (Silhouette Nocturne), $5.25, No. 120 (Peak 40). The sequel sold more copies on the Romance Bookscan list, but apparently not enough to show up here.
Wolf River, Jill Gregory, Bantam, $6.99, No. 135 (Peak No. 75).
When I Fall in Love, Lynn Kurland (Jove), $7.99, No. 146 (Peak 63).
Highland Savage, Hannah Howell (Zebra), $6.99, No. 147 (Peak 59).Still have not purchased said book

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. sherry thomas
    Jun 07, 2007 @ 20:01:05

    Good, a longer list this time. Last few weeks I’d felt a little hungry still after making my way from top to bottom.

    Thanks, Jane.

    BTW, just to help out an ignoramus. Do you have to pay to get the list (and the bookscan data which you sometimes refer to)?


  2. Jane
    Jun 07, 2007 @ 20:05:15

    Sherry, if you are a member of RWA, you can subscribe to the bookscan list online for $50 a year, I think.

  3. sherry thomas
    Jun 08, 2007 @ 08:15:57

    Interesting. But I’m odd about things like this. I’ll put down $50 for a lunch without a second thought, but with everything else I’m really stingy. :-) But I guess that’s a tax deductible expense so it’s only $33 after tax. Maybe I will then.

  4. Jennifer Ashley
    Jun 11, 2007 @ 14:41:51

    The USA Today list is published every week (usually late Wed. night) at this URL:

    Bookscan: If you are an RWA member, you can subscribe to Bookscan for $50 a year, but it’s ONLY the Romance top 100, not the whole shabang.

    I find USA Today interesting because it shows ALL books for the week–hardbacks and paperbacks, non-fiction and fiction, children and adults. It’s like “what American is reading this week.” It’s also more closely based on point-of-sale numbers than NYT.

    I like Bookscan because the romance list shows both single titles and HQ/Sil lines. Many of the line books have the same and better rankings as single titles. But–Bookscan does not include what sells at Walmart and grocery stores (anything distributed by Anderson News) so it’s only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the story.

    And interesting–A book can appear in the middle of Bookscan and make the top 50 of USA Today, while a book can appear in the top 20 of Bookscan and not crack the top 50 of USA Today. That means the high-ranking USA Today book had better distribution at the big retailers like Walmart and Target than the high-ranking Bookscan book, which likely sold mostly at chain and indie bookstores.

    Shutting up now–I’m just fascinated by the lists. They’re wild to watch!

  5. Bonnie Edwards
    Jul 25, 2007 @ 17:23:57

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find this.

    But we’re heading toward the end of July now and I’ve had two more releases hit the shelves.

    I’ll let you off the hook, Jane, no problem,

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