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New Online Serial by Aspiring Author Bettie Sharpe

ember_cover_med.jpgWith a cover that is good enough for New York, Bettie Sharpe offers up a free novella told in serial form at the website of author, Dionne Galace. The contents live up to the cover and then some. I know that there are editors that read this blog. Please don’t trample each other over in an effort to sign her up.

Sharpe’s first published effort will be released in January from Samhain.

Via It’s Not Chick Porn.

Jane Litte is the founder of Dear Author, a lawyer, and a lover of pencil skirts. She self publishes NA and contemporaries (and publishes with Berkley and Montlake) and spends her downtime reading romances and writing about them. Her TBR pile is much larger than the one shown in the picture and not as pretty. You can reach Jane by email at jane @ dearauthor dot com


  1. Shiloh Walker
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 15:59:32

    Man, I’ve been reading this and I gotta tell you, Bettie has got some serious talent.

    I love this story. But the waiting part? Sucks.

  2. Meredith McGuire
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 16:05:32

    That first chapter is freaky and riveting all at once. I went and checked out her website and all her WIPs look fantastic too.

    Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that paranormal romances seem to be here to stay? It’s like what my twelve year old Christopher Pike-loving self and my fifteen year old Judith McNaught-loving self would have wished for, had they been able to convene for an audience with Fairy Godmother Literatus.

  3. Jane
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 16:09:55

    Funny Meredith. Her second chapter is up at Bam’s blog too so you can read that and be tormented like the rest of us. Serials totally suck.

  4. Angela James
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 16:35:22

    *cough* I already have dibs on first crack on one of those WIPs because I wanted more. Dammit, Jane. Now I may never see it again because I’ll get scooped ;)

    Seriously, though, very nice, Jane. What a great compliment to the author. And, uh, to Samhain for clearly recognizing talent ;)

  5. bettie
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 17:26:02

    Eeee! :jumps up and down: Thanks, Jane! I’m glad you like “Ember” (and I’m also sighing as I reread your kind words about the cover).

  6. bam
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 17:57:57

    Testify, Sister Jane!

    Can I get a witness up in here?

  7. Lorelie
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 17:59:37

    Yep, that story’s rockin’ hot.

  8. Ann Aguirre
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 18:27:59

    Bettie is brilliant. Someone compared her to Tanith Lee, and I agree; she has that same dark, lush sensuality.

    I wish three things: that I had a copy of Ember in paperback, I was reading it right now, and that Bettie would sign it for me.

    I’d also love to know who designed that cover because it too is gorgeous. I might have some layout / design work for that person!

  9. bam
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 19:43:24

    What the shit is going on with your site, Sister Jane?

  10. Jane
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 20:10:22

    What do you mean? Is something wrong?

  11. Meredith McGuire
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 20:29:51

    Her second chapter is up at Bam's blog too so you can read that and be tormented like the rest of us.

    So it is. Thanks for letting me know… I think. I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t found out about this until all the chapters were posted. I’m a binge reader — once I get into the story, it is painful to have to stop! (This may be why I am afraid to start any book after 8PM.)

    What the shit is going on with your site, Sister Jane?

    It’s loading fine for me…

  12. bam
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 20:48:17

    What do you mean? Is something wrong?

    It wasn’t loading correctly for me. It might have been the computer at work.

    N/M. Viva La Bettie Sharpe!

  13. Angelle
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 22:18:25

    The cover reminds me of Stephenie Meyer’s TWILIGHT cover.

    Will have to check out the excerpts since so many of you are saying nice things about ’em.

  14. Janine
    Nov 08, 2007 @ 23:27:56

    Wow! That is some fiercely good writing! If the rest of her stuff is this good, I can’t wait! Um, Bettie and Angela, Dear Author is getting review copies of your upcoming books, right?

  15. Robin
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 00:22:09

    I’ve only read the first chapter so far, but I was hooked on the first page. I love the way the voice shifts so easily between addressing the reader and telling the tale. And what a smart, smart riff on the “spell of love.”

  16. Gina
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 08:43:46

    I don’t know if I should thank you or curse you for turning me onto this Serial so I could become one of those in waiting….[marking Thursday on the calendar with a big reminder]

    When I grow up I wish to have half the imagination Bettie Sharpe has ~G

  17. Bev(QB)
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 13:41:53

    Ya know, it just doesn’t surprise me one bit that it was Bam that Bettie decided to conspire with to make us all crazy and acting like toddlers at a grocery store that want some more of that candy NOW!

    Ironically, Ember is the kind of book I’d like to curl up and get lost in- dark, and sensuous, intelligent and clever- but I bloody well can’t, now can I?!


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