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Kindle Is Now an Iphone App (w/ International Access?)

Kindle for the iPhone was released into the net during the wee morning hours.   From the Home Screen, you can access the books you purchased at Amazon, but not any of the books you’ve sent to the Kindle.   You can shop via the on either a MAC or PC to buy Kindle books.   You do not need a Kindle any longer to access the low price point of the Kindle books.   Weirdly the Kindle Store is not specially formatted for the iPhone.

The reading interface is very rudimentary.   There is no way to control the type of font, the margin spacing, the way in which the pages move forward or backward (it takes a swipe).   You can’t change the background color or the font color.   The size of the font is controlled by the application as well, providing five different font sizes.   There is no landscape mode at this point.

The individual books will sync the last page read between your Kindle and your iPhone app.   Hopefully the first iteration of the app will be quickly improved and there will be ability to access books and documents sent to the Kindle.

Note: Someone at MobileRead confirmed that if you have an Amazon account with a US address attached, you can pay with a Gift Certificate balance which enables readers to get around those geographical restrictions.

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  1. Jusy
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 08:42:55

    I heard this on the local news this morning about the iPhone and Kindle. This is good news. Another format that is not device dependent. I wish Amazon does it for the other device types, like the Blackberry or Palm.

    Can Kindle format books be read on the PC?

  2. Shannon Stacey
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 09:10:06

    I had neither a Kindle nor a Kindle account, but I loaded the app on my iTouch, opened it, put in my email and password and five seconds later had my first Kindle book open on my iTouch.

    I’m going to be broke in mere minutes. WHEEEEE!!!

  3. Bonnie
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 09:49:23

    I had neither a Kindle nor a Kindle account, but I loaded the app on my iTouch, opened it, put in my email and password and five seconds later had my first Kindle book open on my iTouch.

    Now, that is brilliant!

    What a world. I love this.

  4. Jaci Burton
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 09:49:33

    I downloaded the app, logged into my amazon account and bought a Kindle book, which appeared on my iPhone immediately.

    It’s heaven. I see much click/buy mania in my future. Oh woe is my credit card…….

  5. carolyn jean
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 10:12:25

    Wow! I always love another excuse to buy an iPhone. Seriously, I thought of you the minute I saw this news item.

  6. Sara Rosso
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 15:44:07

    I think their app is circa eReader last july when it first came out. I’m surprised they didn’t check the ereader app page to see the changes they’ve implemented. Rudimentary, but I’m sure it will improve.

    I mentioned a little of this on SMTB, but Amazon’s US-centric approach isn’t very positive for the ebook industry at-large and working towards a universal format, so I’m curious if they’re planning to try and dominate the US market with their kindle-format (not device) and then try for global after the fact.

  7. Julie
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 16:17:34

    Fantastic! I just downloaded Kindle to my iTouch and then uploaded a book – so simple! I love it! My first foray into ebooks!

  8. Nikki
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 17:35:31

    I downloaded it and love it!!!! Now along with Stanza–I can read any book! I have an ipod touch and now this convinces me to jump in and get an iphone!

  9. Evangeline
    Mar 04, 2009 @ 18:18:57

    Hmm…looks like Amazon is bowgarding its way to the top of the e-format war. Checkmate!

  10. Shannon Stacey
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 13:24:14

    I’ve really enjoyed the Fictionwise/Stanza/iTouch relationship, and I don’t see myself using the Kindle app often, despite it’s being so easy to use. (I’m a sucker for micropay. It owns my soul.) But, wow, is the Amazon selection nice. I’ve been desperately waiting for Instant Attraction for weeks on FW (still in vain) and there it is on Amazon. One click. Done.

  11. DS
    Mar 05, 2009 @ 18:09:30

    My Kindle is talking to my iphone behind my back.

  12. Robert Paterson
    Mar 08, 2009 @ 09:45:24

    This, coupled with Stanza, does it all. Sooner or later, I Amazon might open up and let us read everything (they always roll these things out in steps), but for now, Stanza fills the gaps.

    Here’s a poll I made for which apps are most useful – take a look and vote if you have a sec:

  13. Yoko Mato
    Jun 21, 2009 @ 21:59:04

  14. Casey Lindsey
    Jun 29, 2009 @ 12:02:55

    My taste is a bit rough but I enjoyed “The Misogynist” by Emily Downs.

    It can be a bit vulgar at times. Be warned. But it’s cheap.

    I also enjoyed “Lisa Loves Girls”

    Both books under a dollar, awesome.

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